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  1. Forum Handle: Tcurry04 Gamertag: Tcurry4 Thanks!
  2. I think I will be buying one. Too many of my friends play on Xbox..I've been on a playstation since the first one but with the PS3 I had no friends to play with..They all defected to Xbox..
  3. lol never mind just saw where this was posted..my bad
  4. what game, sir?
  5. BF3, COD (except Ghosts), and Terraria are games I would like to play with other's. You guys are welcome to add me if you would like
  6. I would love to join you on BF3..I will send you a friend request and anyone else interested can send me one as well!
  7. Also, if anyone here is looking for someone to play minecraft on PC or Terraria on PS3 I would love to join you guys or would love to start a new world with someone.
  8. From what I have seen, people like it in cycles. When they are feeling more creative and imaginative they play minecraft. I have to take breaks frequently because i'm not always feeling creative. People like the freedom it offers and having no obligations.
  9. I'm new as well. It's good to see the enthusiasm here and i'm excited to see where it goes. I'm looking for friends to play with on PS3 or Steam if you are looking for anyone. I'm planning on getting the Xbox One here soon so maybe we can play that as well. Welcome man!
  10. Is this by chance for ps3? i'm looking for people to play with but have a bad feeling that this is for the pc version. I would buy it but i have a mac! If anyone has it on the ps3 add me and we can play
  11. It would be awesome to have a large group of friends to play with on this game. Everyone vote for this so we can have the Angry Army own World vs. World! Most people, in my opinion, wouldn't have an issue switching servers if they knew they had a strong player/friend base to play with. I know I wouldn't!