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  1. Sure, people like familiar games. However, you're just flat out wrong about the sales and the industry. Innovation, when done well, sells extremely well. I'll give you a few examples of games that sold extremely well and are in no way a copy of what's popular. First off we have The Last of Us. It has a lot of new mechanics. The only "copied" part was that the shooting was similar to Uncharted. The Uncharted series was also far from typical and sold great. Another example is the Elder Scrolls series - which has always sold well. Yet another example is Assassin's Creed - it was completely new and people went crazy for it. And another is Demon's and Dark Souls. I have more. How about Resident Evil 4? How about Fallout? I can go on. I have yet to mention the hundreds of Indie games that give us new mechanics and styles all the time. Ratio wise, many Indie games are far more profitable than the AAA titles. You asked to name any game that rocks the industry with new mechanics. Take a look out there, you'll find dozens. Look at the most profitable games of all time and you'll see that innovation always rocks the industry. Sorry about the rant, but gamers are not mindless sheep. We're not scared of new things. The gaming community is vast, intelligent, and diverse. We welcome innovation and we yearn for it.
  2. Personally, I hate the new trend of making you play as someone who's completely helpless. Why? Because in most situations, I wouldn't be. Also, it's a cheap way of creating fear. It just feels lazy. However, in a situation like Alien, you are pretty damn helpless. Xenomorphs were designed to eliminate humans. So this game mechanic actually makes sense here. The game has a lot of potential and, if done right, will be exactly what Alien fans want. The problem? Creative Assembly... if only a better development team had gotten the project.
  3. This game looks like it's going to be done right. It takes place 15 years after the first movie (while Ripley is in cryosleep). Here's some gameplay footage!
  4. Hello everyone! I have a lot in this post but please read through it. I really want feedback from everyone. I want to know if people support what I'm working toward. I just started a campaign on Indiegogo for my organization. I've been working on Indie Softworks for about 9 months now and I've put a lot of work into it. My goal is to complete the creation Indie Softworks sometime in the next couple months. The goal of the organization is to provide free, reliable software to everyone who needs it. I've decided to go beyond this and provide educational articles and tools as well. Basically I will create articles and tutorials to share some of my experiences in application development with others. After I rebuild my site, members will have the opportunity to do the same. I hope this will create a solid community where people can learn and create together. This organization is not a for-profit venture. Please take a look my campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indie-softworks/x/5934014 A few of the applications I've created so far are below. 1) CBR and CBZ to PDF CBR and CBZ to PDF actually has a lot of support. I initially created this software for myself so I could read manga on my kindle. I decided to publish it in the hopes it could be helpful to others. As it turns out, it was. It has over 17,000 downloads on CNET and Softpedia combined and even got editor's reviews on both sites. 2) EMPU - Enhanced Multilingual Programming Utility This application I designed for personal use as well. I was using Notepad++ and Geany for a lot of my work, but they both have drawbacks. Basically EMPU is a programmer's text editor supporting syntax highlighting for 70 languages, project management, and everything you'd expect from this sort of application (ex. line operations, comment hot keys, compilation, etc). It has a major update coming in the next couple weeks. 3) Windows Start Menu This one is still in the works but will basically be a start menu for Windows 8 and 8.1. Honestly I don't like how the new "start" menu completely breaks you out of what you're doing and brings you to a new screen entirely. It interrupts my workflow. The one I'm creating will be similar to the Windows 7 start menu but designed to match Windows 8/8.1. It also has multiple monitor support. It should be out later this month. I've also developed custom installers for all of these applications. If you're interested, here's one of the articles I've written. I hope to create many, many more - all with both video and written versions. Variadic Functions Thank you for reading my post. I look forward to your feedback!
  5. IndieSoftworks

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  6. Name: Robert Age: 23 Specialties: Programming with C, C++, C#, HLSL, Java, and JavaScript (familiar with several other languages). 3D and 2D level design. Experience with Unity, CryEngine, UDK, SDK, and XNA. I'm also good with GIMP. Time zone: GMT -6 Interests for the project: Writing/story, development/programming in any aspect, level design
  7. Yes, XNA can be a hassle. That's the consequence of having so much flexibility and doing everything in code. Also, Microsoft dropped support for XNA because the framework is essentially complete. It doesn't really need updating. For next gen consoles they're working on something entirely new. XNA isn't dying, it's just geared toward PC and previous gen consoles - which are far from dead. But honestly I'm really glad you mentioned the new Unity update. It's been some time since I last worked with Unity and I didn't know they added 2D support. The new 2D features look amazing. I can't wait to start messing with it. If the features are even half as nice as they look, this would be a very good option for us. Another great thing about Unity is that you can use C# - which is probably the easiest language I've ever learned.
  8. Older is actually preferred for the final character. I mainly just want to see your style and what you can come up with. Honestly, the character for the game is going to be really generic. Customization with armors and things will cover up the character later in the game anyway. The player will rarely even see the underlying model.
  9. What I'd like to see is two basic sketches - a full body side and 3/4 front view of an anime character. The sketches should be the same size/ratio. The character should be male and have short black hair. The theme is some-what medieval so a tunic style shirt and a cloak would be fitting but aren't necessary. Just try to keep a fantasy/medieval theme. If you could have them done within 2-3 weeks that would be great, but if you don't have time or it takes longer don't worry about. Below is a link to an example (Kirito from SAO). Yours just needs to be a sketch though, no need to color it unless you want to. http://static4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120809063813/swordartonline/images/f/fa/Kirito_ACD_1.png
  10. XNA by itself can be used to create both Windows and Xbox 360 games. MonoGame an open source version of XNA and is a really great solution for multi-platform games. This is straight from the MonoGame official site: "MonoGame is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Our goal is to allow XNA developers on Xbox 360, Windows & Windows Phone to port their games to the iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 8 Metro. PlayStation Mobile & Raspberry PI development are currently in progress." Playstation 4 support is also in the works according to an article they posted on 10/14/2013.
  11. XNA is not a game engine, but you don't need a game engine to make a game. A game engine essentially covers up a lot of the code behind a game. An engine provides you with a lot of tools like a drag and drop interface and often includes resources (like pre-made, generic 3D models). The downside to using an existing engine is that there is very little customization you can do. Engines are often designed for a specific game or series and therefore have severe limitations. XNA on the other hand is basically a huge library of classes (as in object-oriented programming classes) that make game development easier. To create an XNA game, you first need an installation of Visual Studio (which is an IDE). The express edition of Visual Studio C# is free. Then you install XNA Game Studio. After opening Visual Studio you create a new project and select XNA Game as the type. This sets up the basics that are needed and gives you a project with the framework in place. Everything done in XNA is done purely in code. This allows for complete customization and flexibility. The only downside is that you need to know C#. Here are two things I've created in XNA. The first is a lighting system with dynamic shadows using HLSL and C#. The second is a proof of concept game to test weather effects, shooting mechanics, and a day/night cycle. These are really rough, basic tests so please don't judge them too hard. Lighting system with concept sketches Proof of concept weather effects and shooting mechanic using a custom particle emitter with collision detection
  12. What I'm looking for is a dark, demented anime style for the player and enemies. The game itself takes a lot of influence from Demon's/Dark Souls, Final Fantasy, and the Tales games. I'm looking to create a creepy, violent, 2D side-scrolling RPG. Visually, think something like Trine or Dust: An Elysian Tail but far less pretty and with a darker color palette. If you look at the video I posted, the character there is a basic sketch of a 3/4 view character in an anime style. Does this seem like something you would want to or could draw?
  13. Honestly, for a small team, I recommend starting with 2D development. Unless you have a team of really experienced individuals with a lot of time, 3D development will be nearly impossible. I have a lot of experience - trust me, it's far more work then you may think. XNA Game Studio is a great set of tools for 2D development (my personal favorite). It's not an engine though, it's essentially huge library of useful classes geared toward game development in C#. Also, there are a lot of good books on it. Not to mention all the tools you need for development are completely free. If you'd be willing to use XNA in 2D development, then count me in as a dedicated and serious team member.
  14. If you're able to draw the style I'm looking for, then I would love to have you on the team. Basically what I need the artist(s) to do is draw each player/enemy three times - one side view, one 3/4 font view, and one 3/4 rear view. Those drawings would then be broken up into pieces (like upper arm, lower arm, head, etc.) and reassembled to create each frame of the animations. If you decide you'd like to join and are serious, then please send me a message or post here to let me know. For a talented and serious artist, I'm considering paying them up front (unless they'd prefer payment based on game revenue). So if anyone is seriously interested, please let me know. I don't have a ton of time with college and everything, but next semester I'm taking a game programming class - then I can work on my game and still feel like I'm being responsible XD But this is a laid back project. There are no deadlines or anything. Ideas are always welcome, but I'm mainly looking for people with some experience. However there are a lot of aspects to a game. Do you have experience in level design? Puzzle design? Music? Sound effects?
  15. Yea, I suppose so. Game development is very difficult though, so I can't blame anyone for being skeptical or uninterested. I'm just hoping to find one or two people who are as passionate about it as I am.