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  1. 8 Minutes of abit of gameplay with some talking about mechanics, so glad I backed this one. Also with the teamup with Nordic Games, the last 3 goals have been met. Which is super as art of that caliber needs some voices to accompany it.
  2. yay 1 hour to go and 2mill has been reached
  3. Many years ago, I was really mad at Joe Madureira for abandoning Battle Chasers. I didnt really collect comic books, mainstream x-men was about it. Beyond that I bought the big collection books of Elf Quest (stopped when they didnt color them any more) and the collection book of Battle Chasers (which didnt include all the comics). I was very captivated by the art, Calibretto and Gully with those huge gloves were badass and as a crazy sword fan (to the point that I will use lesser weapons in games if they are cool looking swords) I really dig the sword Garrison has. So here is my rationale for going for "Early Bird Complete Nightwar Digital Edition" at 90$ The game is minimum 25$ as Crazy Bird is all gone. It wouldnt be unreasonable to value OST and Art book at 10$, might even be on the low side. That would leave 45$ for 12 comics, so 3.75$ per comic, which, while digital, isnt all that bad. Yay, Brain: 1 - Wallet: 0 (well - 90$)
  4. I am not a hater, but I will criticize hype without sustenance, in regards to the awesome part, I was refering to the title of the thread. And this is not for talking about new games, because there is absolutely no garanty that a kickstarted game will reach a complete state, it is more to spreading the word and talking about game projects. I am sorry if I came off a bit too harsh, that was not the intention, I do think that the title of the thread shouldve been worded differently and like Eiousx, I think that you should have included more, if not embeding pictures then just text about the game and why you think it would be awesome it if became a reality. The other part was purely aimed at kickstarter games and especially mmos, two things that are plague ridden with high hopes and no solid foundation and with examples of fraud, lying, delays, silence, overhauls/changes and devs that downright state that they are either quiting or putting the project on hold because they want to work on something else, coupled with all the pitfalls of mmo development (top of that list would be overambitious goals and greed, everyone believes they can be the new WoW) makes me skeptical in the extreme, if I seemed to overly bash Crowfall, then that was not the intention either, there is not enough there yet to directly critize, but I do think that Kickstarter+MMO's is about the most fragile mixture I can think off, so many critical ingrediens, so many possibilities for the taste to go absolutely sour. But keep us updated with its progress, I would be very happy if my fears proved unfounded
  5. Calling something awesome, that is still in such an early state is very premature. Especially an mmo. Does it have neat ideas, yes, sure... but while you might get by with a half-assed implementation in a singleplayer game, in todays market, you need to be pretty much spot on with the core of an mmo, just so it can to survive past the first month or two. And even getting the more unique aspects right, might not be enough, if the rest is bad or even just bland. Not only must you try and capture players, who may or may not, already be playing another MMO, you must also ensure that there is enough content, early aswell as endgame and a community that can thrive. MMO's do not have the luxury of time that WoW had a decade ago, it is pretty much hit or miss these days and if you dont have the cash reserve to reinvent, like going F2P, then there is a fair chance that the game will bleed itself dry and die. And as the marked trend is moving more and more towards F2P, ArtCraft really needs to prove themselves as they have a 50$ retail price on Crowfall, a VIP/Premium feature and a cosmetic shop. I've become pretty skeptical about MMO's these days, even with their 2.2mill from 15k backers, I have serious doubts about Camelot Unchained as well.
  6. You are not asking for much, I'll grant you that, but the scarce information and the very poor graphics (calling ugly sprites "retro", does not make them anymore appealing) is a instant turnoff and I would never back it in a million years. I am totally fine with 16-bit, but any lower and you damn well better have some compelling arguments or visual presentation to win me over. But that is what I dont get, it seems to be made in RPG Maker (or very similar game creator/engine), yet you dont use the included assets or some from the 3 previous games you have on kickstarter (which have their own custom sprites, judging from the kickstarter goals). It would have been a much better reprensentation, even if you were going to have someone create proper assets later on (with funding). It was merely idle curiosity that lead me to see what the "proven track record" consisted of and honestly, I could easily see myself playing the two Kingdom Clan's games. I would highly recommend that you flesh out any future kickstarters, take the extra step and think further ahead than just a superfical idea. More info such as what the artstyle is going to be (perhaps rough scetches?), details to the story, because the Roman empire was a big place and I doubt that you could fit Gaius Marius' life into a 5+ hour game nvm, somehow missed the Chimbri-part. Also are you going the historical path? with events preordained or will the player be able to influence the outcome and if so, how? Mechanics?, some thoughts on how the player is going to manage the army, both in and out of combat, would help alot, is the combat grid based (TRPG), do you only control the overall movements of the army, or is unit based and would such units represent maniples or cohorts? and so on. I havent played your games, so I will/cannot comment on how well your combat or storyline have been in those games, I can only judge by the graphics that the other kickstarters include and sincerly think you have done yourself a disservice in the current one. Would I play this?: Sure, I'd give it a go. ------------- Would I play this?: No.. not really.
  7. Also note that it is the same company (Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc.) that did the Projekt Phoenix kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1300298569/project-phoenix-japans-indie-rpg-feat-aaa-talent/posts/957002 As someone who really likes jrpgs and anime, I seriously hope that this kinda thing is not a one-off, if kickstarter can be a viable way for quality japanese game devs or animators to create their stuff AND have it marketed from the get-go to an international marked, that can only be a win-win for everyone. Oh and I like the attention they have on who it is that is helping them fund their projects: For me it doesnt really matter what it is, it is more the thought and appreciation that counts
  8. You were right, 800 backers raised 18k so it ended on 73k.
  9. Yeah, wouldve loved to see this made. It really seems well thought out, I hope they will end up releasing the game one way or another! edit: Sign up for their newsletter here: http://twinsoulsgame.com And according to their comments they will relaunch next year, with improvements learned from this one.
  10. 67 hours to go. Still need to hit the base line for the kickstarter! $55,312 pledged of $60,000 goal Please note this about the stretchgoals for console release: I really REALLY hope that it doesnt fail again... last time was due to poor timing, but this time arround it seems lack of interest is also a factor (2500 backers isnt a huge number). Note that they currently plan to release their level editor and their script language (post release), so people kan make their own stuff!
  11. Midora has just sent out an update, that might interest some of you console folk as some of the new stretch goals are the following https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1867607597/midora-0/posts/880880?at=BAh7CDoMcG9zdF9pZGkD8HANSSIIdWlkBjoGRVRpA%2FeoV0kiC2V4cGlyeQY7BlRJIhgyMDE0LTA3LTE4IDA5OjEzOjEzBjsGVA%3D%3D--4bac8bc9f15f51680a1e7783c9008823480e3179&ref=backer_project_update
  12. Midora has relaunched. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1867607597/midora-0 In their own words it is inspired by SNES games like Link to the Past and Secret of Mana: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1867607597/midora-0/widget/video.html'> There is supposed to be a video above, but preview dont show it, so linking some pictures instead. Besides my love for these type of games, who wouldnt want to play a game where one of the NPCs is this guy:
  13. Alpha has been released, including an update with minor fixes and controller support. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kissltd/project-nimbus/posts I have 3 thoughts about it. - I suck at aiming with a controller - I suck at everything but aiming with mouse+keyboard - I really like it, even though I am terrible, but hopefully that is something I can overcome with practice. It has been years since I've played anything remotely like this.
  14. Kinda neat. Chris Roberts has posted about KC: Deliverance on the front page of Star Citizen: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13577-Kickstarter-Kingdom-Come-Deliverance Also this is kinda interesting:
  15. oh look at this dev vid, real world inspiration, pretty cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAbHmE73p7o