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    gameing reading books and watching angry joe ^_^
  1. the comments on angry joe vids have been full of trolls for a long ass time just do what i do dont read them and i heard theres a firefox add on to disable youtube comments so maybe look in to that
  2. if your a fan of warcraft i would highly recommend getting the warcraft books and Metro 2033 is also a really good read and one of my fav book series out there is monster hunter international and if your a nerd like me you must read the lord of the ring books
  3. i bet a lot of people are going to think me crazy but i feel like skyrim is overrated imo its not the best RPG ive ever played the past elder ES games were better and i really like the Risen games as well even tho everyone hates them
  4. why in the hell are they working on a 2nd destiny when they said they are going to support destiny for like 10 years or whatever well i guess they are still going to do that or they just lied
  5. the game is still up on steam but its under the new name Infestation: Survivor Stories
  6. now steam just has to remove the war z and day one garry's incident and it will be on the right path to getting rid of all its shit
  7. very true that a lot of overhyped games came out but still there were a lot of good games that came out this year too dont forget that
  8. like others have said on here dont read those things most of them are nothing but trolls
  9. Hearthstone need i say more?
  10. nope not really in to MMO RPGS and if i was going to play a MMO its not going to be this one it looks alright but i would rather try out WoW or SWTOR
  11. i hope angry joe will support the Orks cause they are the biggest and best
  12. thats pretty bad shes getting death threats thats takeing it to far but yet again its the internet anyone whos has a good amount of subs get them so this is nothing new
  13. i too cant wait for this to come out its my fav resident evil game ever now all i want them to do is remake resident evil 2 that will make me forgive capcom for all the crap they did