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  1. Final Fantasy 6 and 7 along with the Mass Effect trilogy are my favorites. The hours I put into those games is probably insane.
  2. I bought me a Logitech headset for 20 bucks at wal mart that I use for my pc and ps3 gaming it works very well.
  3. I dont love COD and I dont hate it. Now during MW2 and black ops I was having a blast with mulitplayer. I just bought BLOPS2 and Ghosts out of hype mainly. Basically if I have somehwere to be and want to get a quick game in ill play 30min COD max or if I have a friend playing with me outside of that not as crazy about it as I use to be.
  4. I'm not huge a fan of anime but there is a few I like. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood by far is my favorite I watched that from beginner to end so many time. The new one made by Roosterteeth "RWBY" is really really good. Also I dont know if the Avatar Last Airbender and Legend of Korra are considered by anime then they would be up there with FMA maybe even my all time favorites of all shows.
  5. I like the commando so far but I'm gonna buy the mechromancer for my solo play she seems pretty fun. I really like the idea of a siren as well, once I learn the game better I'm making a siren I dig healing classes most of the time. Needless to say I'm loving the game so far, I'm trying to get this last Mass Effect playthrough done so I can put my full attention on BL2!!
  6. I'm cool with DLC as long as it isn't story critical. Example of DLC that frustrates me is Mass Effect type DLC because most of those are story line critical and if you dont buy them you will be totally lost about a lot of situations. A good DLC that comes to mind is the DLC from Metal Gear Rising. After your playthrough with Raiden the story wraps up. So they release two DLC were you can play as bladewolf(I love that little robot dog) and Sam. You got to play as other characters and get more of a background on them but it wasn't story critical. As far as FPS games map packs as DLC is fine with me.
  7. A ps4 would be pretty nice since I have too many other things to pay for but that's not gonna happen. So i'll go a little cheaper and take some free drinks
  8. I've been a fan my whole life pretty much. My favorite of all time being Shawn Michaels, every match he was in truly did steal the show. I still watch it but outside of CM Punk not many grab my attention even though I still watch.
  9. Just realized maybe this should have been posted in last gen section, oops lol
  10. What is your top 5 games that was released before the year 2000? Can be any console as long as its 80's or 90's. Also throw in a honorable mention or two if you wish. 1. Metal Gear Solid (ps1) 2. Diablo 1 (pc and ps1) 3 Final Fantasy 3 (SNES) 4 Twisted Metal 2 (ps1) 5 Final Fantasy 7 (ps1) Final Fantasy Tactics is barely left out even though I still play it now and then it's the game that really got me into turned based strategies like xcom. Chrono Trigger and Suikoden are 2 good RPGs i had to leave out. So many great classics it's so hard to narrow it down to 5
  11. It fits I was thinking assassin cause ya know they are kind of shady. I think my first main class will be either mechromancer or commando. When I do make an assassin I'm going to go sniping instead of melee.
  12. Welcome aboard my friend!!
  13. Nah it's soccer in the USA get over it. It's the most popular sport in the USA. Also "pussyfied" is a bullshit thing to say about football I'd like to see you get your head knocked off by one of those beast Linebackers and call him a pussy. Ill be the first to admit Soccer and Rugby are dangerous sports with Rugby being the most violent. but calling American Football pussyfied is straight ignorant.
  14. I love so many genre's but if I had to pick one it would be RPG
  15. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 for me by a long shot, but also the madden games since that's what me and my high school friends always got together to play tournaments for money that was always fun.