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Everything posted by cottonsw0bz

  1. I don't know if its just something wrong with my game or what, but 9 times out of ten when i try and play conquest i get stuck in a black loading screen with nothing but the line in the corner moving, i can here the game going on in the background, but i cant do anything but sit in a loading screen for what seems like forever until it kicks me for inactivity or i exit the game completely. I don't know whats up but its annoying to pay 60$ for a game when i cant even play it. I'm on PS4 and PC by the way and iv ran into this issue on both
  2. I dont exactly hate the game, i think they are for the most part very well made and good for first person shooters, what ruins them for me is the community. and if you have ever played a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2 you will know what i mean
  3. I dont think its connection issues because ever single other game i have works fine.
  4. Usually what will happen is it will show the map while loading then cut to the black loading screen and just sit there on that, sometimes it will be long enough where it ends up kicking me out of the match then sometimes it will connect me to a different game. and sometimes it works perfectly fine and loads like normal. Its really annoying :L between that and all of the in game bugs and problems i really regret buying this game.
  5. Feel free to add me! PSN: Cottonsw0bz So far i have Battlefield 4, Assassins creed:black flag, Resogun, contrast, Flower, and Warframe.
  6. As much as i doubt it will come back, i would do just about anything to have a reboot of the Knights of the old republic series. Also id really really like to see a new crimson skies game.
  7. Cottonsw0bz add me up, fairly new account and don't have many people to play anything with
  8. Hey hey! long time viewer here and pretty much a gamer my entire life. Decided to finally make an account. My name is Logan, I'm 19, my main platforms are are ps3, ps4, and PC. I enjoy pretty much all genres aside from sports and music games :s My PSN is Cottonsw0bz, feel free to add me! i dont have a ton of online friends on psn v.v My steam is Cottonswobz and i also play several mmos (WoW, Guild wars 2, Tera) And im pretty laid back and friendly so dont be a stranger I dont bite...well...unles you bite me.