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  1. You ever watch an old action flick that didn't amount to much more than an over the top macho dude doing tough guy things? Yeah, this game is a lot like that. But seriously; the reason why I find enjoyment out of the COD franchise is because of it's simplicity and decent story. It doesn't take much to be decent at Call of Duty, single player or multiplayer. The controls work well, the gameplay isn't overly challenging ( if you play on anything other than Veteran where you die in like three shots. ) - so it's fun and easy to play. The story is decent and does it job well. To defend the Modern Warfare trilogy, the story is a lot better if you play the previous two titles. I started with MW3, simply so I could play the multiplayer with some of my buds and didn't care for the story when I played it. I went back and played the whole trilogy recently and the story is pretty good ( again, in the sense of an action flick. ). I would say that MW3 had the weakest story, while MW1 had the most solid story. I also enjoy the Black Ops story line, having played only the first two. To seriously defend Black Ops 2 story - they tried something different by allowing some branching story lines. It's limited and amounts to pretty much kill the bad guy or don't kill the bad guy, but again they tried something different. Ultimately, it's fun. People find entertainment in it and shouldn't have to defend why they find enjoyment in something like this. And all of this is coming from a Battlefield loyalist.
  2. Okay, I now agree with all the people who have been saying that Five Nights has run its course. I've played the first game and plan on getting the others but I have zero interest in this game. In story terms ( if you can decipher it ) FNAF 4 told us the remainder of the story. We experienced everything we needed to for a complete experience. I don't see what this game could possibly add to the series ( other then fixing the atrocity that was FNAF World. ) I'll still watch Markiplier or JackSepticEye play this game but I have no intentions to. The series has gone on long enough. Shit.... I completely forgot that they were making a freaking movie about this.
  3. Game: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Platform: Xbox 360 Total Playtime: 12 : 52 : 03 I've recently obtained MGS V and decided, since this will be the last Metal Gear Solid game I ever play ( I refuse to buy anymore Konami products ), that it would be a good idea to play through the entire series again. This is my third or fourth play through of this game ( which I am assuming is okay to add to this thread ), and it still serves to be my favorite Metal Gear game and my favorite sneaking game. I loved the gameplay, although it takes a moment or two to get used to the controls, and absolutely adore the story. The Boss and Naked Snake's characters are so well done. The Boss still, currently, my favorite video game soldier.
  4. The entirety of my Gamecube library. Once my nephew received his Gamecube, he didn't having any games for it. I figured, "Hey, I own a Wii. I don't need the Gamecube games anymore. I'll give these games to my nephew." - The issue is that a six / seven year old mixed with video game discs is not a great idea. Needless to say, those games are unplayable. Not really his fault. He was a stupid kid as we all were. ( I remember making my own Dreamcast unplayable because I screwed up the disc reader. ) And it's not as though I regret giving him these games, I just have a great amount of nostalgia for the Gamecube games. I was ten when the Gamecube came out, so it was the console that I had when I was old enough to truly appreciate these games.
  5. First and foremost, you have to enjoy recording, editing and uploading videos. If you are doing this to get popularity / famous then it is going to be pretty obvious that you are not enjoying what you are doing, and your work is going to suffer because of it. With that out of the way, the best game to play if you are going to do a Let's Play style of video is your favorite game. You probably know almost everything there is to know about your favorite game, so it should be easy for you to talk about for a extended period of time. Again, you shouldn't focus on what is popular. You should focus on what you know and what you can provide interesting commentary about. I would be pretty interested in a series that talks about literary themes and allusions that appear in video games. I haven't seen anything like that on Youtube. The closest thing would be a channel that talks extensively about the lore of a video game. I think that would work out pretty well.
  6. I saw that and I kind of agree with Sakurai. I agree that Smash needs to be first and foremost a "party" game. It needs that aspect so that both casual and hardcore players can get equal enjoyment out of it.
  7. Wow. I'm impressed by it. Great job!
  8. My favorite fighting game is Super Smash Bros. For multiple reasons it is my favorite fighting game. I have so much excitement for Apex 2015. Apex is a fighting tournament that has Smash as the main event but shows multiple others (such as Soul Calibur and even Pokemon.) I would highly recommend looking into Apex and watching the live stream.
  9. I think people are blowing this way out of proportion. I mean, Nintendo didn't say they were releasing a new console in the next year or so. The way I took this announcement was that Nintendo is simply stating the obvious. I guarantee that Sony and Microsoft are also working on a new console. I imagine this to be normal. The Wii U was released when? 2012? It's not that hard to believe that they would start bouncing around ideas for a new console two years after their current platform had been released.
  10. For whatever reason, I love Shadow the Hedgehog. I understand and agree with every complaint for that game but for some reason I enjoyed playing through it. I haven't played it recently so I'm not sure if it was child me enjoying it without understanding/ noticing the faults with the game. Child me did love the shit out of that game, though.
  11. Lindsey Sterling is one of my favorite Youtube magicians, second only, in my opinion, to Miracle of Sound.
  12. So I started to play Spec OPs: The Line and... my god, that game is amazing. Without spoiling anything the game has made me want to stop playing because of how guilty it made me feel.
  13. I have watch the first two seasons but have to watch the third. People's comments on here are making me skeptical.
  14. Let the festivities begin!
  15. 1. Mario (Not nessicarily from Super Mario RPG but more so from the Paper Mario games) 2. Luigi (Because you can't have Mario without Luigi) 3. Link (This is a technicality since the only RPG Link has been in is Adventure to Link, and the only qualification is that you gain experience) 4. Sora 5. Ike (Fire Emblem) 6. Megaman X (From Megaman X Command Mission) 7. The Lone Wanderer (Fallout 3, obviously) 8. Commander Shepard This was harder to come up with than I thought and my party could probably be better if I wanted to put more time into it.