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  1. Well we do have one player who works in Southeast Asia
  2. If it dosnt suit ur taste not really worth it. Me and my boys play everyday on AJSA Teamspeak 3. See us on the dota channel. We are ether playing dota or something else recently overwatch.
  3. interesting to see how much i know and dont
  4. Everything but the DESP was pretty accurate.
  5. Looks like Apex Spartan nah nvr mind.
  6. How attractive would you be as a fox girl waifu? Very attractive! Duh. How attractive do I need to be? Is the true question.
  7. I'm gonna be a red fox because foxes are red. Who knows what kinda fox I'm gonna look like I am gonna look at these posts for ideas. Defiantly not telling what I'm going to look like, I want no connection to me.
  8. YES! YES! YES! motivation!!!! I am going to do it sorry guys there is going to be no connection to me when i do it but I'm gonna do it!
  9. JK.. no but really. Also how many? Also i am a guy and have red hair. Well hey i guess I can just grow my hair out put some fox ears on and place a tail on. Oh and put bloons under my shirt and woo-la.
  10. Free IQ Test"><img src="http://www.free-iqtest.net/images/badges2/l131.gif
  11. X-play/ aka Adam Sassler Not youtuber but still
  12. War talked today

    War after 2 years of playing with us on team speak she finally got a mic and talked. In the word of Jesus I'm not trolling AM.
  13. Played it for months when it first came out. Still wish they just did a Sw kotor 3. I wanted a more warframe approach to it with the story elements of bioware.