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  1. Psn :ohnoitsraid Games : neverwinter , battlefield 4 black ops 4 , fallout 76
  2. Welcome to the angry army
  3. Welcome
  4. Didn't know that cool
  5. Free to play MMO with thousands of players able to play on a sever. Play with, or against dc universe heroes , or villains. Choose a mentor superman, batman ,wonder women , lex Luther , Circe , or the joker. All characters or voiced by famous actor. Play in full city of metroplis, or take to the streets of Gotham. . Pros . plenty of open world mission . play with dc heroes and villains . can create a hero or villain . branching story arcs . replablity . choice of five powers to choose from . easy learning curve . legendary membership gives access to all dlcs . very active fan base . co-op and single player mission . 1v1,2v2,4v4,5v5, and 8v8 pvp gameplay . lots of in game armor , and vendor armor so you can make you own suit . Cons . requires legendary membership to found leagues . has a 1500 dollar in game currency cap free memder . if you don't spend 10 you can't trade items or use auction house . requires legendary to have unlimited in game cash . can have a hideout free but without hometurf dlc can't use all features
  6. Won't have WiFi until January but my ps4 name will be scarredprince
  7. Welcome to the angry army
  8. Welcome to the ajsa
  9. I'm a 21 year old gamer, with a job ,just looking to have some fun with my fellow gamers.