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  1. Invites sent, welcome to the guild. Our PVP officer is on vacation so we haven't decided on a PVP server to play on since that last reset, so you'd have to pretty much do your own thing if your looking for a large PVP grp.
  2. All are sent, welcome to the guild.
  3. Account not found, is that your ESO Account, or just your AJSA Acc name?
  4. Sent welcome Sent Welcome It still says your a member
  5. Invite sent, Welcome. Also I accidentally invited you to AJSA Silver so ignore the AJSA Silver invite, or if your already in there could you leave by right clicking on your name in the Roster and leaving.
  6. No but there is a separate thread for the EU sign-ups XD
  7. Hey, I'm getting the account not found message whenever I try to invite you, are you on the North American Server?
  8. Invite Sent, Welcome.
  9. Inv sent, we're glad to have you.
  10. Sent, Welcome @lordvush
  11. Sent, we always welcome tacos.
  12. @parkillerness @wessaabi Invites sent
  13. Acc: @Gypt Server: NA Early Access?: 5 Days Class: DragonKnight Armour: Heavy Weap: Sword/Shield Combo Race: Imp Gender: M Playtimes: 2PM-1AM everyday, sometimes all day. Rings of Mara?: yes Love?: no