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  1. I will be looking for an invite and i have just transferred my characters to NSP. Account name is Millerduo.2938
  2. Good videos to see since i wasn't able to make it
  3. I'm interested in joining from time to time, is there a texture pack that goes along with the mod to help make it look better. I prefer using the HD packs myself
  4. 10/10 Would buy
  5. Everyone in leather jackets and the likes would be pretty slick.
  6. I second this, can we put donations towards this specifically instead of towards the site. It would bring in much more for our cause
  7. Tag me onto your list. IGN Millerduo
  8. I just started going through my first playthrough with someone on the AJSA Teamspeak. Ultimatetime and Millerduo are fresh starters if a couple of you want to join us
  9. It was a decent mod when i tried it. I personally like the survival part better with i was playing with randoms because that seemed to work better in making us communicate. The objective ones require a bit more coordination and with randoms it doesn't always happen so its a bit harder when you dont know whats happening or what to do. None the less, its a solid free title
  10. I prefer having a digital library of games mainly because im moving around a lot while im going through school and the less i have to move around each year the better. I also find it handy because i prefer having a desktop over a laptop and if i want to play something when i make a trip home i just open up my library at home and install it there without having to carry any extra stuff with me on the trip
  11. looks like there are enough people in the beta to do custom games if we are on at the same time. Itd be interesting to organize that. Add me to the list of users in the beta for IC. IC username-Millerduo
  12. Im not sure how much support we could get to make it a full regularly running game but im sure that setting up game nights to play this once a month or every other week would be a viable option to also pursue if it doesn't make it to a full fledged supported game.