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  1. Bassist-b0y, Medic, i was in the group message on PSN but i missed a lot of the conversation lol. Anyways I've never played planetside 2 but im really excited to try it out! Ill be combat medic to start but if i am not playing well im probably gonna switch to engi or heavy assault, but ill let you know if thats the case!
  2. Haha im on it
  3. Im so pumped I NEED A RELEASE DATE NOW!
  4. Thats great news! I really hope we can rally up some more members, this could be huge
  5. I enjoy playing them on consoles, so thats how im gonna play them.
  6. Either way if anybody is gonna be playing it when its released on PS4 let me know and add me! it'd be awesome to have a second tehran republic AJSA outfit on the ps4!
  7. They haven't given a definite release date yet but they're saying early 2014. It was supposed to be a launch title but they wanted it to be reliable and well made on ps4. Good guy sony.
  8. I would love to! But im still pretty new i dont know many people in the community yet
  9. Whats up angry army!? im just wondering if the army is planning on making an appearance on the PS4 version of PS2... I have a mac so i can't play with the army but id love to have the army on ps4!
  10. i was one of the winners contacted, i can confirm. Amanda sent the messages out.
  11. For some reason, i love playing the NHL games, I usually play EASHL games, which is like a role playing hockey game, and its online, which is pretty fun.
  12. add me bassist-b0y ill be on later ill help you out
  13. i quit playing this because i got into a guild with not the nicest players. But so far i love the AJSA community and would love to help out newcomers in GW2 if we get a guild going! i was a huge WvW player and would definitely like to get back in it if we can get something going!
  14. Hey big boss! im new too! add me maybe we can play some battlefield or something sometime. PSN ID is bassist-b0y
  15. Hey everyone! New recruit bassist-b0y here! A few facts about me 1. Huge Playstation fan (sorry xbox and pc ) 2. Play mainly Fallout games, battlefield 4, NHL, The Last of Us, GTA, Uncharted, Diablo, Killzone and a few others 3. In a few weeks ill have my ps4, but as for now im stuck with my ps3! 4. Real names Seth, but you guys can call me whatever you want 5. Huge Baltimore Ravens and Washington Capitals fan 6. Been watching AJS for a few years and thought nows a great time to join the army! 7. CANT WAIT for planetside 2 to come out on ps4 8. If anybody wants to play some rounds of battlefield or any other games you might enjoy, my PSN is the same as my username here which is bassist-b0y, i love interacting with others, meeting new people and finding a great group of people to play some games with! Also, if some people can give me a quick walkthrough on how things work around here, that'd be awesome! im a bit overwhelmed by all of these different threads and live streams and other things. Thanks! -Strength in numbers friends, cheers!