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  1. Oh it doesn't have to be a full costume review and stuff, hell, even a v-log would be cool with some updates on the points he made in his old review and then put a link at the start of his old review on the video that links to that.
  2. I feel like one of the big problems that ESO right now has with getting new players is Joe's old review. At the time, the review was good, but it just doesn't hold up anymore. The game has changed alot, and mostly for the better, it's actually a really good mmo, better then WoW even in some aspects. But alot of people seem to search for a review, find his old one, and decide the game isn't good based on it. Is there any chance either Joe (or someone) edits the review, or he deletes it and uploads a new review of it maybe? The game deserved all the flak at launch, but they have listened to the complaints and fixed a lot of them and one big help would be an update on an outdated review.
  3. Don't pre order it. Don't buy it on release day. Wait for feedback from users on how good/bad the game is and if it's very buggy or not, best way to prevent throwing money away. Patience always pays off, don't get suckered in with bullshit pre order items neither.
  4. Got it, can't even get to menu screen, get a black screen after intros and first loading screen. No solutions anywhere neither despite googling and finding multiple threads even going back to 4-5 months ago with people having same issue in beta. Any game that comes out in a state like this and not having fixed their shit, instant F- rating from me, refunding it right now.
  5. Total war is one of his favourite franchises, so he might. Pretty sure he is gonna play it to see if they learned anything from the complete disaster that was rome 2 and actually did some effort this time around to improve the game.
  6. Kinda agree when it comes to combat. I love turn based games, jagged alliance 2 still one of my favorites of all time, but this system DAO uses is just ... meh. I find the story to be pretty bland though, it's the generic rpg story of evil guys invade, only you can stop them, go grind xp untill you can face the boss. Companions quests can be interesting, and it can be fun to get to know them better, and shale or morrigan banter can be pretty funny at times. Invisible walls everywhere, combat is slow and not very satisfying (fireball is about the only fun spell to use that also makes you feel powerfull), all regular weapon sounds don't look or sound powerfull, some mobs are complete bs (revenants aren't hard, just keep healing the tank, other then that sit back and enjoy 15 minutes of you group bashing on it, barely doing any damage to it). No consitency neither, like everyone is all like "hurr durr, blud mage evul", but you can cast as many blood spells as you want and NOONE will react to it ... wtf?Even the npc's in skyrim at least scoffed at you if you had a spell equipped, aknowledging that the people of skyrim don't like magic, and vigilants of stendarr will bash your skull in if you use certain spells around them. It's a decent/mediocre rpg at best if you ask me, alot of the time I'm also just wondering to myself what the praise of this game is all about and wishing I was playing New vegas or Skyrim instead, which while also having their flaws have actual great parts.
  7. Paradox just informed on their forum that they are stopping work on runemaster as of now, and not sure when or if they will continue work on it. I'm really sad about this, as someone who loves rpg games, this one looked really promising, it looked like they were on the right track too from the interviews and the demo at gamescom. The combat looked good, ui and such seemed pretty standard rpg but solid, world looked really nice, story was really interesting. I'm just wondering if there's anything the ajsa or joe maybe can do, like contact them, give them support to let them know they had a good thing going. I rarely get excited for games these days pre release, but this one looked really interesting, even the music on their trailer sounds awesome, it sucked me right into the right atmosphere for a nordic styled game, I'm really sad they are freezing development, and especially for johan, that guy looks so excited to be working on it too It just annoys me every year we get a generic run of the mill CoD or BF, or a bunch of buggy overhyped messes like watchdogs, but then one game comes along that looks like it could be a hidden gem and it gets frozen :<
  8. Wondering if it's any good. It looks like it's alot like Jagged Alliance 2, which is a game I still love playing from time to time ever since its release. X-com: enemy within did a pretty good job for a turn based game, but it still had some things lacking like proper action points system, skills like heavy weapons, explosives, etc etc ... Is any of this in Wasteland 2?
  9. I'm higghhhhhhhllyyyy sceptical about this. If bethesda confirmed it, it would be on their twitter or facebook or w/e. And most likely fallout 4 will be first anyway.
  10. I think Supreme commander: Forged alliance is way better, even though it's several years old by now. It still has an active following, really awesome mods, tournaments and it's own fan made client (which is like 100x better then uplay) that you can dl at FAF.
  11. Rome 1. Medieval 2 is close though, especially the expansion, that one is worth it just for the Teutonic campaign! Rome 2 on the other hand ... prob one of the worst games I ever played.
  12. And how many elin exclusive classes/costumes/etc etc will it have? It's a decent game, but the elin bias just ruins it for me tbh, it's like the devs don't give a damn about the other races at all :s
  13. One big plus is also you aren't region locked with servers, you can be from na or eu, it doesn't matter you can still hop on each others' shards and play with each other. Hotfixes and maintenance also don't bring down all servers, hotfixes can be applied directly even while the servers are still up and maintenance can be done by simply closing one shard and move everyone to another one so you never have downtime. The only reason the server would be down is big patches or power outages.
  14. Just wanted to let people know it's finally launching! And it'll have some big changes aswell, if you already had an old beta account, you can start playing early access on the 15th, if not you can play completely for free one the 29th, or buy a starter pack for early acces (costs 30$). You don't have to use steam though, you can play through the client just like always (you just can't get steam cards, achievments, etc etc ... if this is something you're interested in) I can tell you as someone who has followed them for over a year now, this is a really cool game, some of the nicest devs aswell that I ever interacted with and the launch updates add alot of really cool stuff to the game. (and yes, even items breaking is gone now, they absolutely listen to their fanbase on suggestions how to improve the game) You can read up on alot of the changes already on their blogs on the news section here: http://forums.firefallthegame.com/community/ Trust me when I say, it's worth taking a look at this one, even for people who left a while ago.
  15. *Crosses fingers to hear Uplay being canned finally*