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  1. I'm down for Wargame: Airland Battle or Wargame: Red Dragon for a cold war real-time strategy fix. Alternatively I'm up for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance provided who ever else wants to play is willing to install some mods and preferably a few maps for variety.
  2. Unfortunately the mod I posted about, Tank Inspector, is no more. No news on why.
  3. A statistic tracking site: http://forum.wotlabs.net/ Use the stat tracking to monitor your progress. The forums are populated by quite a few of the best players on the NA & EU servers. Discussions on tanks, crew, play style, maps, patch notes, and so on all occur there for your viewing pleasure. It's a great place to learn. Most questions you can think of have been asked so be sure to search first. I also recommend browsing the official wiki as some top players do contribute and it covers some mechanics in fair amount of depth: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks General tips: Enable server reticle in general settings. All calculations are performed server side and so knowing where server reticle is and your client reticle is can help tremendously in figuring out where your shot will actually land. I also suggest disabling optic effects in sniper & dynamic camera. The latter moves your gun when you shoot and other tanks get ammo racked near you. This makes you less accurate. The optic effects can dramatically drop frame rate. I also recommend in Settings under Marker you set HP display to HP left / Total. This displays how many hit points they have remaining as a whole number and not a percent while also showing how many they had in total. The benefit of the whole number is as you remember how much damage your gun or other guns do you'll more easily be able to figure out how many shots to kill someone. The total health is useful in giving you an idea how ballsy or cautious your opponent is likely to play based on the beating they've taken thus far. In Graphics I personally have FOV to 120 as it permits a wider view of the battle. Not as important as in a first person shooter due to the more strategic pace of this game but helpful nonetheless. In details you absolutely must have Draw Distance at maximum. The limit in game is a 500 radius box around your tank. Dropping it below that means you won't see tanks you otherwise would and means your opponent has an advantage over you. If cost of it being at maximum is all other settings being at minimum, it's well worth it. Extra effects in sniper mode can dramatically impact you frame rate and should be low or off. Grass in sniper mode should be off because it has a huge impact on frame rate, perhaps greater than the other sniper mode options.
  4. I'm going to add some stuff I posted elsewhere: How I sought to improve. This may not be ideal for everyone out there but some may find it suitable to them. Recommended mod which permits you to view the weak spots and effective armor values of tanks in your garage whether you own them or not.
  5. My in-game name is MetGreDKo I highly recommend you guys browse WoTLabs. It's a community of some of the best EU & NA players with tips, strategies, equipment and modules along with skills for vehicles all of which aimed at helping players improve. Otherwise I'll do a toon with one of you at a time to help out.
  6. This is a game which was inspired by one called Chain of Command back in the late 90s, which was hosted and ran by 2am Game club. In 1999-2000 they went bankrupt and were thenceforth dependant on volunteers for staff but after only months long shut down for good. Since then there has been a community of fans keeping it alive through various incarnations (mainly 2). The community has been small since then but it seems things are looking to change. A group of individuals are looking to revitalize the community with a new one as more than a hobby. Gif showing old graphics compared to the new: Gameplay video: I considered going on and discussing it but really I'd be stating more what I recall of the older versions so it wouldn't be appropriate. I will be backing this personally as I did play the original Call of Combat, a spin off of Chain of Command which was also made by them. They have a demo link on their kickstarter. As it is a multiplayer game you'll have to catch it during day time hours. It isn't a major release so you'll find few online late and may not get a match started just yet. I really hope they get funding as they will be having a regiment (AKA Clan) system set up for formal matches with stat tracking. It's something you only need a few people on for and is great for the less twitch type players and the more strategic and tactical of minds. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kavagamestudio/call-of-combat/description
  7. If mods are required to make a game enjoyable then purchasing their product encourages continued half assed development. Their games should not be purchased. Those developers should go under for making subpar products if they refuse to adapt and make worthwhile products. Two examples in this category are Skyrim and Total War. Rome: Total War (the first) is actually one of their worst games in the series, not the best or one of the best. Its AI is at Rome 2 release levels of brain dead. Dancing around open fields and sitting in front of city walls like in Joe's video. Walking around the walls so they get shot at by your towers the whole way. So on and so forth. Walking Dead by telltale while having a good story also possesses gameplay which was distractingly bad, particularly in combat areas. As a result the game is fundamentally flawed and unenjoyable due to lack of immersion. Yearly releases on a title with new textures, maps and reskins is acceptable provided content is not withheld from prior releases in order to milk money. Rather yearly releases of things like sports games should only ever be viewed as a "once in a while" purchase. Steam's popularity is a detriment to gaming for it's popularizing DRM, lack of quality control and refusal to carry games which are given arbitrary age ratings.
  8. Yes, there's been a number of threads about people playing it. What server are you on?
  9. Game probably isn't programmed to handle hit registrations properly when the point of origin is in another vehicle.
  10. Incorrect; it did not ignore the hummel. You were close enough to the hummel that your barrel was clipping into it. This caused your shot to richocet off the interior of the hummel, go through the building and hit another. Essentially because you just sat there after repairing your track your shot glitched. Also what the fuck are you doing with binocs and camo net on an IS?
  11. double post, please delete
  12. Only things to spend money on are garage slots and one premium tank. Beyond that you don't need to spend anything to even be competitive and then you can get a lot of gold just by doing skirmishes. There are enough free tier 1s that you can get, you may get rid of some to work up a line or two for tanks commonly used in them. Learn the game, be active and do well, earn gold, spend that to get the premium tank to make stuff easier to afford and garage slots so you may purchase and own more vehicles at a time. The competitive end for clan wars doesn't pay out much unless you're in a top clan like -G-. The gold went towards tournaments as they are trying to promote this game as an e-sport.
  13. Best of the series thus far is Airland Battle. Naval maps, deck building and campaign are quite poor in Red Dragon where as European Escalation is grindy to unlock units and those with more experience have an advantage in having better units to use.
  14. That's okay, I'll stick with my coffee mug.
  15. HistWar is a Napoleonic Warfare battle simulator. There are plenty of options with battles in much greater scale than any Total War game out there. To put it simply I've fought battles where I've routed the enemy's units three times and still had to route them again to finally clutch the battle. Most losses are not from kills but actually are from routing troops and prisoners. Currently only battles but future versions will have some sort of theater mode. We don't know what it will involve though. Video made by the devs using Les Grognards (older graphics) and 1 graphical model to represent 2 troops. Then you also have Distant Worlds, a space 4x game with greater complexity than most space empire games, including Endless Space which I do have and enjoy on its own.