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About Heaveness

  • Birthday May 9

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    MMO: Spiral Knights, Vindictus, and etc.
    Simulation: Sims 3
    FPS: Killing Floor, Battlefield BC2 & 4
    RPG: Torchlight 2
    Sandbox: Starbound, Minecraft, and etc.
  1. 2013 12 16 00027

    From the album Starbound

    This is my character just standing in front of a campfire on a snowy planet. When I realized that the developers confirmed that there will be at least one more wipe. I thought I should take a screenshot of my main character before it is erased. Now I am just waiting for the world wipe. :\ One hell of a ride.
  2. 2013 12 16 00019

    From the album Starbound

    This is my garden, right now I am growing wheat. I have many kinds of seeds inside those crates.
  3. 2013 12 16 00018

    From the album Starbound

    This is my collection room, it is incomplete at the moment but I will add in more stuff.
  4. 2013 12 16 00016

    From the album Starbound

    The left room is kitchen and the room on the right is my bedroom. I was really lucky to have water next to my bedroom. I wanted to make a water bed for my character.
  5. 2013 12 16 00015

    From the album Starbound

    The bottom left room is the library with a fireplace. The bottom right room is the global studies. The top right room is the furnace when I smelt and forge weapons and armours. The top left room is where I craft things.
  6. 2013 12 16 00014

    From the album Starbound

    This is the central room where it is connected to everything. (incomplete)
  7. 2013 12 16 00009

    From the album Starbound

    The opening roof on the storage building above my underground home. This is the main entrance to my house. The top is where I teleport in and out.
  8. I'm going to buy Starbound today, I would love to join you guys for any game session add me on Steam.
  9. I know this is really late. I hate Sirens the most, I can't pop a grenade and screen shakes when they scream. I always snipe the screaming creatures first out of everything.
  10. Heaveness

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    My old armour used a Vigil armour set with a Pit Fighter Helm. I kind of miss this look, wished I had more inventory space
  11. From the album Funny Stuff

    I saw this when I was browsing in Future Shop, either I am behind in a lot of gaming or Future Shop doesn't know how to look at their own product's front cover.
  12. Can someone get rid of this topic please? I'm sorry I should have put this on the FPS section not here. This topic is closed >.<
  13. My Steam ID is dkao12, add me so we can play some Killing Floor It's gonna be awesome!
  14. Got a question about Rules, for the Third Party tool? What is that? Would modding be considered cheating? For example, Skyrim?