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  1. R.I.P Gonna miss ya man. What will they do now? probably already filmed a few scenes with him in it?
  2. Most epic battle on BF4 so far hahaha AJSA LETS DO THIS (EOD BOT LEAGUE MATCHES)
  3. I cant decide if I want to back it. The idea is great but it all looks so smalllllllllll I dont wanna fly a ship as big as my fist I want star citizen sized ships. And is it multiplayer aswell? havent seen that anywhere maybe I looked over it.
  4. Im waiting on a sale for sure
  5. HAHAHA thats so funny he should see this rofl
  6. Hmmm rome 2 cuz he stabbed himself in the ballz rofl, and GTA cuz those powerwheels were awesome
  7. I do not have this problem, you could always lower ur brightness on ur monitor.
  8. Same and I definetly will not get the Xbox1. Btw Koromaro we might need to have a talk cuz Sooyoung is mine. ^^
  9. And even tho the game looks amazing it could suck ass. But if it is fun and there will be a pro scene im up for it.
  10. Hey guys, I see that the european is changed to Rush, I dont know for how long or why but wouldnt it be better to have both game types?. People who want to play Conquest right now need to go to a different server, instead of playing on a AJSA server. If it is changed for like a day, I wouldnt mind it too much but I have no idea for how long it will be changed. Schapie,
  11. Hi guys, My name is Barry aka Schapie Love watching Joe his vids like everyone here I guess lol. Im 22 and play alot of games, feel free to add me everywhere.