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    Well Games I Enjoy most are probably mostly all of the total war series
    and Civ 5
  1. @Anthology1994 sent
  2. Well its hard to say because after playing skyrim hard to like fallout games where I wished in Fallout 3 that I could explore more of the buildings be more life, towns, cities even just something more than there is.
  3. I wish GW2 had more accessible dungeons and a more better leveling system of having to go to different zones of same level to get to next level req. I just got bored so fast whereas wow you could get past zones to the next when you finish the quests and I guess Im not a fan of doing the whole pop up and alrdy out there quests like GW2 did and that you kinda hafta do them.
  4. Well if there was a Fable 4 I would do it before the storyline of Fable 1 and bring back everything INCLUDING inventory.... hated FABLE 3 WITH NO INVENTORY!. also have the storyline follow the guild master guy your parents from Fable 1. In my opinion almost remake Fable 1 and bring in a whole bunch of new things and not take anything out of Fable 1 cuz Fable 1 was fantastic.
  5. Has there been a server chosen yet or factions curious if this still being planned out?
  6. One and only reason im buying the new expac. new character MODELS finally......
  7. I think Rifts great game for those who enjoy the whole button clicking and the raids/dungeons plus with fun events that pop up time to time. Only thing is that when to go from 50-60 it takes a long while.
  8. gawd loved terra just couldn't play it alone cuz none of my friends wanted to play it .
  9. I'd be interested if this happens. I'd def get back into the game.
  10. awesome game picked up for like 5$ 300 hours into very worthy of 5$ for such a great game with awesome moding community can't wait for Banerlord
  11. To me making me have to conquer the whole map to beat the campaign makes me not want to play because when I play, I play to win the thing but with like 10+ other factions and my friends game as parthia took him almost 100 hrs but that was patch1-2. Those games are way to long I just want a short setting campaign .
  12. Yup disapointment from what Rome 1 had compared to jack crap the Rome 2 got. I was really hoping for good intro to factions but they just passed on that and ton of other things.
  13. Black and White 2 was my favorite great game.
  14. It's Great to be here and thanks for the welcomes Hope to have a great time here with this great community of people.
  15. Hoping it'll be open world rpg........ always wanted a lotr game where you could explore Middle Earth but will have to wait for a trailer or somehting i guess to judge its worth if its like most of it predocessors and just another hack and slash game =/.