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  1. Hi, sure I enjoy playing in platoons Add me Dvi_rankis
  2. I believe i have dead space 3, not sure about dlc's on it but maybe I could be your co op friend ;D
  3. Still I hope to see some kind of AJSA activity even if all of us have different plans we can still work together
  4. I though about gather worst of the worst, real scum-bags of the universe and create Other Joe Show Army pirates ^^ my i300 (which i will buy this month) should be great for that.
  5. So is there a AJSA tanks clan in EU that I could join? Send me a pm and I will be happy to join you and/or teach you how to be a good tanker. We do need a leader to unite us, and than we can try to participate in battles.
  6. all those games you mentioned are not hard at all. try Nyet 3 tetris - complete it and you will be the God to me. This game is build to slowly kill you from inside.
  7. My very first MMORPG... I was in my 4 or 6th grade. I loved that game, and probably still love it a bit. I do log in from time to time, but Runescape always felt more like single player focused, without pvp, it is a single player with some other people to buy/sell stuff and that is something that annoys me. Recently my friend and I log in to it, and I felt that everything I can do is just brag about what I have and he doesn't until the moment when someone who have even more wealth and bigger skill lever came and started to brag about it to both of us. (Don't want to be rude but part of that Runescape thing just appeared a few posts above ^^ ) In my opinion it is pure EVIL!! And I should somehow quit that game once and for all.
  8. Gothic 1 and 2 - It is old school master pieces for me. Story of both of them flows, you are encouraged to look around for plants and food, talk with NPC's who actually made you live.. and when on gothic 2 you can visit Valley of Minds.. Ohh my Well I can geek out a lot here. Now gothic 3.. It was interesting for a few hours, but it was so repetitive.. I felt like piranha bites just wanted you to hate the game and I attempted to play that game many times, but after certain time limit I just get bored and even my love for previous Gothic games was not enough.. I heard about Gothic 4... but watched a trailer on youtube and decided to ignore it and do not let anyone abuse my nostalgia. Sadly, I am afraid that because of today's graphics and stuff old Gothic 1 and 2 not going to be as enjoyable as it once was for me.
  9. Count me in Though, I am European and it possible that I might have some lags in american.
  10. so, is anyone making a clan? I will probably "retire" from my current clan to join ajsa, or perhaps, list your names and maybe we can try 7v7 or platoon battles? I am Dvirankis - Eu server.
  11. Well I came across one quite fun game: Cube world (link bellow for you to have a look) Game have that old school adventure and explore thing, quite fun for a while. Bad thing is - you must have other people finding this game desirable as you do otherwise you will get bored. Tell me what you think. https://picroma.com/cubeworld
  12. Hah.. Long times. I was really enjoying RP part of it, I think PR-RP was server where I was playing. Well it was awesome, but I gave up on it. Not sure if I want to start it again
  13. Yeah, I was just looking into it and it seems that BNW is not included in gold upgrade. hmm, to spend 30£ on BNW seems a bit much :/
  14. I think both G&k and brave new world cost 10£ on steam, and it is great game to spend cold and wet days with
  15. Hello, I would love to join you in humble Civ 5 battle. Though, tomorrow is quite a bussy day, and I will be available only in evening. Sunday is the day when I can sit down and enjoy fight for good Though, I haven't played dlc like gods and kings or brave new world, but I believe that we will have more than one game of it and it is worth to buy it. Advice for organizing: A table that you should fill in etc.. Communication apparatus: skype, team speak, other - and English only.exact date and time when we going to play: like 2013-11-10 ? 18:00 GMT ? - just an example.expected minimum gaming time, because leaving is ruining game for everyone.Only AJSA members also, AJSA terms, rules apply.Steam name - if different than registered one.How would you rate your self from 1 to 10 on how good are you? etc - I would be 3 as i never played dlc's.. - optional. Good luck, and if you need help just give me a message