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  1. Damn it! I would be working nights when this happened... Hope you made the Smurfs and Barneys run for cover!
  2. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been a part of this PS2 outfit for the last 16 months. I have been proud to be with the Angry Army on PS2 since the relaunch of the Army. While I have my fair share of gripes regarding PS2 (is there anyone who doesn't at this point?), I have way more good memories than bad, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I will also be remaining with the in-game outfit, and look forward to seeing anyone else who feels like playing. That said, I'm glad to have one last chance to show all of the other outfits and players on Emerald why the AJSA has been a force to be reckoned with for the last 16 months. Here's to the AJSA, and the Terran Republic!
  3. Thanks to everyone who participated today in our 25th Op; our first Op of 2015! We had a great showing today, with 4 almost full squads which was well maintained throughout the Op. Although we started on Indar, we quickly redirected our focus to Amerish, where we remained for the rest of the Op. Our initial plan was to set up a pair of Sunderers on the hills overlooking the Northern Warpgate on Indar, home to those corporate slaves, the NC, so that we could then spawn in the rest of the Angry Army. Unfortunately, they spotted us as the Sunderers were first set up, and despite our quick deployment, we were quickly wiped. We then assembled at Zurvan Amp Station, and made a coordinated armor push with Sunderers and Lightnings back to the NC gate overwatch point. We initially overcame light infantry and air forces, but a sudden blitz by NC air and C4 fairies removed us from the point. Deciding that the VS hadn't been harassed enough lately, and remembering our success at sieging their warpgate two Ops ago, we relocated to Amerish, and set up our forces at our favorite mountain overlooking the South Warpgate. Aware that the majority of Vanu forces were on other continents, several members of the Angry Army went to major Vanu battle sites on other continents, challenging them to grow a pair and face us. The Vanu began by considerately sending a few aircraft for our Burster Maxes to annihilate. Soon, the Vanu began hitting us with regular sorties of Scythes, Liberators, the occasional (poorly piloted) suicide Galaxy, and some ground vehicles, but we easily repelled such forces. We encountered some difficulty with C4 fairies, but we were able to easily and quickly replace all lost Sunderers, thanks to some well placed spawn beacons, courtesy of Crazykidsbite. Eventually, the Vanu committed overwhelming air, infantry, and vehicular forces to the assault, and we were slowly wiped out. However, we were undaunted, and moral was high, as we had successfully beat our previous time for sieging a warpgate, lasting approximately 2 hours this time. At this point, we noticed that the Vanu were attempting to siege our warpgate, so we decided to show those amateurs how a breakout is done. We immediately pushed out in full force to Stoneridge Reserve, then Lithcorp Secure Mine, then Ikanam Motor Pool, and finally Ikanam Bio Lab, overwhelming the Vanu at each site, and capturing each in the name of the Angry Army. After the lab, Crazykidsbite took his squad north to capture Ikanam Garrison, Lithcorp Fortress, Northgrove Post, Moss Ravine, and Sungrey Power Hub, while the rest of us pushed down to secure Ikanam Triage Station, all in the name of the Angry Army. Having completely driven out the Vanu from the northern corridor, we then moved to assist the TR forces taking The Bastion (so named because they couldn't quite get away with calling it The Bastard). The TR zerg then followed us forward, evicting the Vanu from Deepcore Geolab and Heyoka Armory. Unfortunately, as we pushed towards Heyoka Tech Lab, the zerg began to disperse, and the Vanu pushed a large amount of reinforcements to the Techplant. We nearly secured it anyway, but with approximately 2 minutes to go before capture, we were wiped and pushed back to Heyoka Armory. The Vanu then armor zerged us, pushing us back to the Bastion. At this point, many of our members needed to go, and given that we had been playing for almost 4 hours, we decided to call an end to the Op. Conan says: During this Op Hunter5988 distinguished himself, thus he will be awarded the MVP award. Hunter5988 demonstrated throughout the Op a clear dedication to the overall agenda of the outfit, by persistently supplying the platoon with countless Sunderers. Stoically pulling new Sundies, he was one of the most important members keeping our front intact. Further distinguishing himself, Hunter5988 also demonstrated an admirable talent for diplomacy. Utilizing his silver-tongued nature (pictured below), he was fundamental in persuading various Vanu from all continents to offer us much desired resistance during the Amerish Warpgate siege. His performance aided the purpose of this Op on so many levels, that he most certainly earned himself this award and the admiration and respect of the PS2 staff.
  4. Remember also that this is coming from an online gaming news site, and a common way such sites drive up traffic is to post seemingly outlandish predictions like this to get everyone talking and checking out their page. This is by no means a definitive outcome for the game.
  5. Thanks to everyone who participated in our 24th Op today; our last Op of 2014. We started out with two squads, and finished with approximately the same. Our fighting was confined to Indar for this Op. In keeping with the spirit of the season, we started off with gift deliveries of spawn beacons at Xenotech Labs, which gave Santa the coordinates to drop the rest of our teammates from the Sleigh. Unfortunately, this was around the same time that the NC pushed from Xenotech into Regent Rock, so we had to fall back to assist. Our infiltrators flipped the Xenotech vehicle spawn, and we gave the NC at Regent Rock many gifts of high explosives, carefully gift wrapped and dropped down their tail-pipes. After re-securing Regent Rock, we again pushed into Xenotech Labs, and overwhelmed the NC forces there. Unfortunately, the NC began to ghost cap Alatum Botany Lab, Alpha squad was redeployed to secure the territory while Bravo went to start taking Crossroads Watchtower. Unfortunately, the TR zerg at Xenolabs started to fall apart, and the NC started pushing more forces into the Botany lab. Due to the increasing NC forces at Botany Lab, Bravo rejoined with Alpha to kick out the NC. After evicting the Smurfs, we went back on the offensive, sending a large group of armor and Sunderers to capture Crossroads Watchtower. We stalemated there for a while, but our newly formed Charlie squad helped the TR Zerg at Xenotech Labs to finally get it together, and with the assistance (read: meatshield-ness) of the TR Zerg, we secured Crossroads Watchtower and pushed down the line toward Broken Arch. Although the NC put up stiff resistance, our forces overcame them at Broken Arch Road, and then at Tawrich Depot. Unfortunately, the TR Zerg lost focus and divided between several surrounding territories, and losses among our own players made it difficult to secure a foothold at the Tech Plant. We fought bravely for about 10 minutes, but the NC poured more forces into the battle, and it became clear that we would not be able to take the Tech Plant. We called an end to the Op, and proceeded to the Valkyrie race. Congrats to Pigface, Robzgamez, Zanturaz, and Stagstig for winning the 25th race. They managed to survive the NC Reaver and Liberator onslaught long enough to reach the finish line. During this event DarklordSilva distinguished himself, earning him the MVP. DarklordSilva provided excellent armor and MAX support, repeatedly holding off NC armor and wiping out NC air assets. Efficiently prioritizing air targets, he blunted the NC air assault at Xenotech labs, allowing us to secure the point and continue our offensive toward the Tech Plant. His performance greatly boosted the death toll we inflicted upon our enemies, earning him the respect of the PS2 staff. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  6. Hunter_5988 here, I have an Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C to start with Edit: I also picked up an RSI Aurora LX
  7. Comunity moniker: hunter_5988 Handle: MaxHunter
  8. As you know, we usually like to announce our presence by making one big push in MAXes or Galaxies or with Armor. Being our 1-year aniversary however, we decided that none of the methods were enough... so we went with ALL OF THEM!!! Alpha squad pulled MAXes and loaded into a Galaxy headed towards Ghanan Tech Plant, while Bravo pulled armor and followed behind. Alpha arrived first, and dropped into the VS held Tech Plant, wreaking chaos on the VS defenses and eliminating a hostile deployed Sunderer. Unfortunately, despite securing the A point, Alpha was wiped out, but their actions bought enough time for Bravo to set up their armor in bombardment positions. After establishing a new beachhead and wearing down the VS, Alpha and Bravo pushed into the base with support from TR pubbies, and secured the base. The opening stage over, AJA forces pushed into Kessel's Crossing moments before the base was secured by the TR. During this, Bravo's Galaxy was attacked by a Scythe that looked suspiciously like a Goomba, so Conan's Galaxy did its best Super Mario impression, and squashed it flatter than the NC's hopes. Moving on, our forces pushed into Hayd Skydock, and secured the A and B points. Alpha and Bravo switched between the points as necessary to hold off the NC counterpush, but the NC eventually retook the Alpha point, and then wiped out the rest of our forces. After this loss, we decided to punish the NC by taking Acan Data Storage away from them, which was secured in the name of the Angry Army! We were then ordered to counter a VS push outside of Roothouse Distillery, where a line battle was waged in the swamps surrounding the base. Despite support from their vaunted Mag-riders, our forces repelled the VS and moved on to Takkon Storage. At Takkon Storage, the enemy excelled at killing our Sunderers within seconds of their deployment, so we countered by deploying from Galaxies. A defensive position was established at the A point, and the spot was fiercely contested until a friendly TR Sunderer was able to push through the enemy defenses. The Sunderer set up near a deployed hostile Sunderer, and was able to destroy it, robbing the VS of a much-needed spawn point while granting our forces access to reinforcements. Next, AJSA forces rushed to defend our base at VTOL Stockpile from the VS, but we arrived just as the base switched ownership. Our forces established a forward position with spawn beacons, and TR armor pushed into the area despite disadvantageous terrain, but after a long battle, we were forced to pull back to Roothouse Distillery. After the initial defense, Bravo was detached to make an assault on Construction Site Epsilon. Unfortunately, they were wiped out, so they returned to the Distillery to save the booze assist Alpha squad in the defense. After re-securing Roothouse with less than a minute to spare, Alpha and Bravo linked up and flew to Construction Epsilon. Unfortunately, as Bravo dropped, their Galaxy somehow clipped the invisible edge of Alpha's Valkyrie's hitbox, wiping out Alpha. Powered by our hate of SOE's terrible coding, Alpha responded by driving a Sunderer into the A point of Construction Epsilon, getting Conan close enough to wipe out the enemy Sunderer located there with a nice Tank-Mine surprise. Without their alternate spawn point, the VS were rapidly confined to their spawn room, and Construction Site Epsilon was secured in the name of the Angry Army! At this point, Alpha was sent to successfully counter an NC ghost-cap of Construction Site Beta, while Bravo was deployed to defend Kessel's Crossing. While Bravo was still defending, Alpha was re-routed to defend Acan Data Hub against an NC push. The capture point switched hands several times, but the NC ultimately secured the base, forcing Alpha back to Hatcher Airstation, where they were joined by Bravo. The NC failed to capitalize on their advantage, and we began a counter-attack. After inflicting several losses on the NC at Acan, the alert on Hossin ended, with the TR holding nearly double the territory of either the NC or Vanu. After a victory party at our warpgate, we redeployed to Esamir for a 3-man Harasser race. Despite disqualifying themselves from winning ahead of time, Conan, Darktemplar, and Puttymon somehow managed to win anyway. Out of jealousy good cheer, the rest of us decided to hunt them down. After a fun round of "Whack-A-Conan," PBAmuffin (driver) and Torozor (gunner) successfully destroyed Conan's Harasser, so they win the racing medal for this Op! Congrats to everyone for a successful and enjoyable Op! One year down, and hopefully many more to go! Go AJSA! And for those who are participating in the Trivia Hunt, the code for today is “Maximum Devastation”
  9. That's drastically oversimplified... they also need to blow up stuff as well
  10. Man, how come none of the harassment workshops I had to at school were like this?
  11. So many MAX puns to prepare, so little time...
  12. Here is a link to the "Read Here" post that Conan is talking about, for anyone who was confused about what post he meant. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/6495-ajsa-planetside-2-getting-started-information-read-here/
  13. This ought to be fun!
  14. Yes! Thank god I took work off today.
  15. I know I'm going to catch hell for this, but my favorite older FPS is Command & Conquer Renegade.