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  1. Your URL didn't work for me for some reason. That's...well, super pricey really there's no other way to put it, and it's only a starting price. Luckily other companies seem to be making more competitively price machines so they won't all be this crazily expensive.
  2. I'd say Blops 2 was definitely the peak and it'll start dropping off now. One of the biggest problems is they didn't bother to capitalise on the new consoles. They've been using the same old engine for years and whilst the games don't look bad* they're lacking certain effects and unable to perform as well as they could because they're just throwing more and more onto this old framework. If you compare it side by side with BF4 it's laughable really especially on the new consoles and PC, you've got small maps with 12 players on that look worse than 64 player maps full of detail and chaos. If the next Treyarch game comes out with an actual new engine created for next gen that looks stunning and an interesting setting to back it up then MAYBE they'll have a chance to capture peoples attention again. But I doubt they will because Activision will still be fawning after that 360/PS3 market so they'll want to keep the same engine until the current consoles are fully dead but by that point CoD probably will be as well. I doubt Acti will care much though, Destiny is their new cash cow. *Random side note: I get pretty annoyed when people say CoD games look "terrible" because the work the artists do in the time they're given is fantastic it's just not fully represented in the game because of the low res textures they still use even on PC (I noticed this loads in Ghosts, at a distance stuff looks fine but if you get close it's a mess), but you can tell that everything is really well made and that it's just being let down by the presentation.
  3. I read that article earlier and I found his points on reviews a bit laughable, mainly because anyone who takes user reviews seriously is completely and utterly bonkers. There are very few games that deserve a 0 rating and yet you'll see 0 scores thrown around all the time on Metacritic, I've seen reviews that say "I really liked the singleplayer, and it looks great. Multiplayer is a broken mess right now though, 0/10" Mainstream reviewers tend to use these weird traits called "logic" and "being rational" when they review games instead of instantly giving it a 0 because they didn't like a single aspect of it or because it was disappointing.
  4. The Last of Us had launch issues with saves, should it be disqualified too? Should Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghosts (not that anyone's voting for that) be disqualified for their online and performance issues? The online stuff in GTA is fixed now and whilst it was annoying to try and play through they were trying to make a weird unorthodox online structure that they'd never done before so it's unsurprising that they had issues. A lot of people acted like the billion dollars they earned should magically have fixed the issues, as if you can just throw money at every problem and it'll go away but that simply isn't true. As for the game itself it was an incredibly fun, goofy action game with a great, detailed open world that I've had in incredibly fun time messing around in online. You can pick a million holes in the game, I could point out plenty of flaws too, but they didn't detract from my, and plenty of other peoples, experience with the game. So yes it DOES warrant game of the year from me, because it was the most fun I had in a game all year. As for other games, TLOU is a close second and a bunch of other games on the list coming in just behind, it's really been a great year for games.
  5. Carbine for sure, they're basically slightly gimped AR's, faster firing, a little less accurate, but still pack a punch at most ranges. The PDW's are only good at close range so they're pretty crap for 90% of the fire fights I find myself in, that being said though if you do get up close the P90 is unstoppable.
  6. I would buy it for sure but it's low down on my list of titles I'd like Valve to make next, I think 2 was a perfect send off if they did end the franchise there. Oh and *insert joke about Valve not being able to count to 3 here*
  7. Yeah I remember seeing this years and years ago and being interested, and then playing the Unity demo thing and being interested again, but it's hard to keep any level of excitement when the development is taking this long.
  8. Do people still get upset about Origin? Apart from it not being Steam and their prices being ridiculous (Green Man Gaming to the rescueeee!) I've never had a problem with it, in fact I'd say it downloads quicker than Steam most of the time.
  9. Yeah the four year old song thing is nonsense, he's a bloody university student he clearly wants it for FIFA drinking games. As for CEX well, I was in the local one yesterday and they had about 6 PS4's and 6 Xbones just sitting there priced at £520 which they'd clearly just bought them to make a profit. So they can stick their "act of kindness" up their arses as far as I'm concerned.
  10. The thing I loved the most about it is that it's someone using the extra power of the new consoles to make something we've never seen before, instead of just using it to make something we've seen a million times already only shinier.
  11. Yes definitely, it was one of those games that was ALMOST great but let down by a couple of things and those are the kind of games I love to see sequels for. They don't always turn out better but when they do they can be incredible i.e. Uncharted 2.
  12. My Stingers must suck then, I've pumped every single one I spawn with into a couple of choppers and they still haven't gone down. Must be those sneaky engineers fixing them up.