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  1. So who wants to boost fighter jet ribbons? Just message me on XB1.
  2. Let me know if you need someone to fill a spot, I usually play support or lane pusher/tower defender. OzoneKillerb6s4
  3. Now I'm watching that as well. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone played Endless Legend yet? I am very tempted to try it out. http://www.amplitude-studios.com/Articles/EARLY-ACCESS2
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYLWabiSurQ
  6. Yep! It is going to be great, took them longer than expected because of the transfer from one engine to another. Plus it looks like they put a lot of thought into it.
  7. Something I started: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17891-fortnite/?hl=fortnite
  8. Update: There is in game loot that unlock weapon schematics and fort schematics. The game also allows you to change what your characters look like and you can unlock attire pieces for the characters. How the "Home Base" stat booster works, it doesn't just effect your character in the various matches, it effects the whole team.
  9. Comes out sometime this year!
  10. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17891-fortnite/?hl=fortnite
  11. I did some more reading, turns out there is a great feature to this game. You have an account wide home base or fort where you build various rooms such as an armory or lumber mill...etc. When you place a certain character that corresponds with the room type you get certain passive stat boosts for when you are in the game. So for instance, you place the constructor in the lumber mill at your home base you get a boost in gathering speed while using another character. The level cap for the various characters is level 20 even though the game is not out yet. There is also a feature to building a fortress. You can set traps and build mobile and immobile sentry turrets. They also stated that most of the environment is destructible. I was wrong on the engine they are using, it's a new one that will help them randomly generate each terrain and play through. The AI will adapt to how you build your fort, such as sending in various monsters that are best suited to taking out the fort. The game can also be set for various sizes for the maps you plan to conquer. Each map has hex grid squares in which you pick to push back the storm. These grid squares are each a level that you will be playing on when you build a fort. Eventually when you conquer the whole map you win.
  12. Pretty much, you can build a fort where ever you want, they stated there will be more than 4 classes to play as each with various skills to unlock through a leveling system, Zombies of course, different environments....etc. The article in the current Game Informer mag. is huge, haven't even read it all yet. I know I will be getting the game, how can you beat free?!
  13. I can't wait for this!
  14. Fortnite Pros: 1. Free to play 2. Zombies and fort building 3. More than 4 classes to choose from and RPG type leveling Fortnite Cons: 1. Might only be on PC 2. Not sure when it will come out, it has been a working title since 2011. They did however state this year. 3. Only 4 player co-op unless playing PVP then it's 4v4
  15. I forgot to mention, it's free 2 play.