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  1. Forum VoteYes4Weed1 Gamertag VoteYes4Weed1
  2. i have both as well but chumbry42 is the fighting game sergeant so hit him up
  3. if you got gamestop go drop 5 bucks on the preorder that gets u a beta code http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/games/tom-clancys-the-division/115467
  4. my very first user name got me banned dont remember for how long an couldnt get back on live until i changed it it was ChaseJewDown619 lolololol
  5. get you're wallets ready ladies this game is a must buy
  6. already signed up an this one looks to be great also
  7. chubs arnold stream is the best
  8. GTA V
  9. at the start of the kellogg fight theres some talk but it glitched he kept talking while i shot him dead an his syths
  10. this hasnt happen to me not once an im done with the game
  11. good stuff
  12. im having more fun playing the fable beta then the starwars beta how fucked is that
  13. not impressed at all game went from a must buy to a rent.. maybe rent.. for me
  14. so 300 or 400 bucks? porn better still be amazing
  15. https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/e5a5f3fd-db5e-429e-b73e-1b565977e783?gamerTag=VoteYES4Weed1&scid=9bd10100-b7ab-4e04-a723-6934141ce2c2 lolol i panic