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Everything posted by Shivan

  1. The year is 1999 and what should have been the pinnacle of space shooters on the level of the X-Wings and Wing Commander (no so much on history), it turns to be the final blow to the genre. With a excellent UI in where you always have every data you need for a combat game, excellent targeting controls in where you always find the target you need fast and have every option on hand, no silly auto aim, subsystem and turret targeting and destroy, top level voice acting and increible good visuals and sound effects (for a 1999 game), Freespace 2 was and still is, one of the best Space Shooter out there, its also the most unpopular one as so little people remember it. The FS history was completely ripped off and used on Mass Effect saga, Shivans=Reapers, Ancients=Protheans, Bosch=Illusive Man, etc, and if you view all cutscenes videos on FS1 and FS2 it became more and more aparent that Bioware ripped off FS history. Abandoned by Volition, the game became open source, and since them has been improved by fans and game engine was used in free games, like Diaspora (BSG oriented game) and some conversions. Will leave you with some videos: Diaspora: (free game, running on FS2 engine) Descent: Freespace (also known as FS1) Cutscenes playlist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_j99_jD_ls&list=PL36031E852FA14B13 Freespace 2 cutscenes playlist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khIWdolT9xY&list=PL74FB3275EC666066 FS2 Gameplay: Walktrought on Insane difficulty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSAbbg8isII&list=PLF8B61279B870D805 Conversions, check this guy videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/MetalDestroyer77?feature=watch
  2. Last month i decided to do a revisit of Freespace, so i recorded with the last version and newer graphics starting from Freespace 1 to Blue Planet (some people does consider it the unofficial Freespace 3), Blue Planet War in Heaven 1 is specially BRILLANT. Here the playlist.
  3. Today 1.10 patch was released and ME:A is officially dead. No more patches or DLC.
  4. After playing 7 hours, Lets get down the list shall we? ill try not to spoil anything. -Main Character history is amateurish... they are both too young to even be there at all, and their back story is.. "papa made me the pathfinder", thats not only weak, its BS, the main character did not earn its place, Shepard had to go trought a lot to earn is place, someone remember ME1 backstory selection? Shepard also had to earn is place as a spectre too. -Main plot is OK, so far, not great, but OK. -The most interesting character died in less than an hour. The others are not even worth talking to. -Dialogue is BAD, really really bad across all characters... and this looks more like a sitcom than a Mass Effect game... they are making jokes ALL THE TIME!!! They are not taking anything serious... even on scenes when they are about to die, they keep making jokes!!! Since when Mass Effect is a comedy game? -The enemy now has "death animations"... WTH, the Kett has TWO (2) death animations, depending on where you landed the kill hit, if it has on the head, it will drop on their knees, if it was anywhere else, they will do pirouette... is the same damn thing over and over. I played all 3 ME multiple times and i never noticed this repetition, i can notice this on the first mission on Andromeda already. -The Krogan does not feel like Krogan, the design is bad, the krogan female voices are bad, bah, voice acting is on the low side across the board here. -The Asari does not feel like Asari anymore, the faces, their expressions, the voices... they are blue human women, period. -Talking about Asari... besides Peebee there seems to be only 1 generic model, maybe 2 for other important character, what is this, the clone wars?. -This is a crime -Combat: I hate the "shoot behind cover" system... is 100% pure garbage and it should be removed of the game ASAP, seriusly what is this? He is not even shooting at the target, yet, it hits. Also it looks bad most the time. Thats not how you shoot a weapon. -Character models, face / eye animations are all awfull, even ME1 looks better sometimes, definately worse than ME3. Maybe im forgetting something, but im really angry right now, this game does not deserve to be called Mass Effect, the only thing im liking about it is the non-character graphics, it also does not worth $60. I think people is right, this game was created placing high priority on sending some political message than making the game itself, this can not be accepted in any way, i hope joe gives it a 0/10. At this point the main plot is the only thing that is driving me forward and is not even that good, is getting repetitive already, ill finish it, but im not expecting any miracle at this point. And im already hearing bad things about the ending.
  5. Whoa, it took EXACTLY a year, but i finally got to 10 referrals and my Gladius, as promised in removing my link on the op.
  6. Personally i never liked the idea, but lets see what they have: So for everyone that registers and pay for a game package, the referred gets +5.000 UEC, and you get a RP. At 1 you will get a C-117 At 3, 2 x C-007 + Gimbal Mounts At 5, something useless At 10, a Anvil Gladius Ill place my referral link here, if i ever get to 10 ill remove it so i dont steal refferal from someone else that needs it. EDITED: Removed because i already got the Gladius, use the next referral link below.
  7. I think this is the first time that i dont going to agree with Joe here, why he even give it a 5? a 5 for what? not even HG know what kind of game is this, this is exploration? survival? sandbox? they dont even agree on one. The exploration part is mediocre at best, you can only walk, using your ship to explore is punished by a whole 25% fuel usage, there is no other stuff than animals, primitive civilizations onyone? Maybe some new element? ruins of a fallen civ? No reason to explore caves or oceans(other than finding that last "????" species, on every planet), there are advance life on everywhere, with the same structures, everywhere, explore what? everything is already explored. The game really does not give you the right tools or real stuff to explore. You petty much already seem it all on the first planet. The crafting system is just a means to make you grind, to make it easier to grind other things by upgrading tecnologies. Ridiculus design desicions, like being able to beam stuff to your ship, but you cant beam it back or call your ship from wharever it is to your position. The space part is a big nothing, the same station and the same ships sitting still, and a script ramdoly generating ships and cargo to dock here and there, and deleting them afterwards, there is no economy system here. Survival part is just a recharge tecnology simulator. The sandbox part does not exist here, because you cant build stuff or mine the terrain, or build bases, or vehicles, etc. The procedural part is awfull, some planets get some awfull results, the flora tends to repeat itselft over and over, so are the animals, and the animals, for example, I got the exact same "crabs" Joe fighted, so other people, that just means the fauna reapeats itselft in the same way that flora does. So much for procedural generation. This game should be called "Random Flora&Fauna catologer", and after the 5th planet you already seem them all, so it does not even do that right. Then there is all the lies & false adverseting, this game its bad even as a early access game, and a serius candidate to worse game of 2016, not sure why he gived it a 5, if a want a good space economy, ill play X3: Albion Prelude, if i want survival, exploration and sandbox with multiplayer, there are the indies Space Engeniers, Planet Explorers and Empyrion Galactic Survival, and Empyrion is close to the original NMS concept, but it is just 1 solar system. Until SC gets here. Joe seems to think they are gona keep developing the game, ITS NOT GONA HAPPEN, Sony is worse than the corporate man, and HG i think they are already working on another game. Thanks god for Steam, they give me a refund regardless that i played for 18 hours.
  8. This is the best quest on BaW
  9. This game is increible... one of the best RTS i ever played, and the starting exploration feels excelent. Keep a close look at the pre-spaceflight cultures, some very interesting things happen with them. Someone knows if joe gona review it?
  10. On the Aniversary they whould be placing a 1000 Starter packs for $30 with an Aurora MR with full SC and SQ42. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Star-Citizen-Starter
  11. Hi guys, i wanted to update a little, ive been working a little on the map generation. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrxbvxkzdq8wj50/GE_V0.03.rar?dl=0
  12. Hi guys, i wanted to present the project im working on, its called Galaxy Explorers, is a 2D space strategy game. I started with the project initially to learn to work with the Unity3D game engine, i have 2 more games in mind that ill work on after finishing this one. In the "survival" mode, the player gona start "lost" in a big solar system with just a few ships, and it will have to survive, get water and food, build asteroid bases, mine asteroids, populate planets, and its gona have to research new ships, weapons and tech upgrades. Exploration be a big part, a warp holes can apear in your system, and who knows where it will lead or what may let in? The game will be Windows and HTML5 based, but a arcade based android version will come first, that whould be a simple shooter game where you can upgrade you ship in diferent ways to be able to reach a jump gate in time. As a small demo of something i have done, here is a video of making a carrier in the ship creator, AND the ship creator, keep in mind this is very early work, things are just NOT balanced, and there is a lot of unimplemented and half-done stuff, and things that works very horribly like ships stacking on top of earch other and killing performance because of the weapon collision. https://www.dropbox.com/s/swg74rm272ojrds/GalaxyExplorers_CreatorV1.02.rar?dl=0 Ships done in the creator can be shared and imported as a XML file, those are saved inside the custom ship folder, the Carrier on the video is provived with the creator, type "TestCarrier" the "import file name" to import it.
  13. Im just a few years away from become a software engineer and i know very well how this works in the industry, besides, i want to be making my own games in the future. Its not about porting a game to pc, UE3 is a full multi platform game engine and Gameworks is fully multi platform too, "porting" a game is petty much pressing a button, re-work the input and UI for the new platform and doing some platform specific optimizations, like on PC you need to work around DX11 because is not nearly as good as the console APIs. So, why one whould outsource the "pc port"? because its trivial to "port it", there is no "separated development" involved, that whould increase costs, you use the same UE3 Project, press a button and compile, BUT that company whould also make sure to make the pc optimizations, do the QA for the game and patches, makes sence where you are short on team and money, and why you do that on PC? because its on PC where your game build does not have to be approved for publishing. The other mayor problem is the old game engine, UE3 is OLD, its the same game engine used on ME1 to give you some idea, they did make the Asylum game, and them worked on top of it, and thats a bad thing in the long run. But there is one thing that cant be easily explained, the crashes, i can understand the bad performance as a result of a crappy team, but the crashes? you are taking the work that is done by a experienced team and suddenly making it crash all the time by just pressing a button, re mapping input and chaging the UI a little? and shortly after released they pull the game from sales on PC? no, im not buying it. There is one thing about games, similar to mobile apps, they have a very short life cycle, about 2-3 months, with the peak of sales on the first week, and most sales on the first month. So what is WB doing? lets see, release a very crappy PC build, sell it at first, them pull it from sales and allow refunds, so what these people gona do? buy the game on consoles, what the people that did not buy the game yet gona do? buy it in the consoles, what the people that was thinking about buying a video card or a console gona do? buy a console... If you pull the game from sales the first month its like it is a console exclusive, it may be the same in the long run, but on money that almost irrelevant. So what i do think? Sony bribed them, give them a few millons under the table to do this, what WB losse by doing this? a PR hit? what PR hit? the game is fine on consoles and they stopped selling it on the plaform that does not work right because "they care". And i said Sony because MS does not cares very much. THATS what needs to stop, not the ports, because there are not modern "ports" among current platforms and multi platform game engines as it was in the past.
  14. There are just 2 things wrong with this game, that Joe did not mention them: 1) one will generally expend most of the time on act 1, act 2 and 3 felt really short, and act 3, specially act 3 feels a little out of place where it develops its short story, kinda looks like the game is missing a zone. And game is alos kinda missing secondary and contracts for high level when you are on act 3. 2) The character models for the npcs not involved on the main story, it becomes "the clone war" rather fast, as soon someone enter Velen will start noticing it inmidiatelly. Kinda looks like they did the character models for the main npcs and them re-use them for every npc on the world, it starts to bother me, specially with the contract and secondary quest givers. Other than that the game is a complete masterpiece.
  15. Look guys, go to youtube, a 6 year old HD5870 can play it on 1080P on medium even better than the consoles. I can play it on a 750TI on medium on 1080p outout any issue, not sure what else you could want. And the game is just a masterpiece, a complete masterpiece, by far the best RPG i played today, it blows Neverwinter Night out of the water. My only complain is that the number of NPC models in the game is very limited, it looks like they did the model they needed for the main history line and them re use them to poblate the world, it becomes "the Clone War" very soon really. About stability, I did see some stability issues on 1.02, strange stuff on 1.03, but 1.04 works perfectly.
  16. Since its going on Steam sale for the next 2 days ill update a little This is a WIP of the new combat system for alpha 0.9 This is a Freespace 2 Orion Destroyer and a Loki fighter i maded with the creator A Flying Saucer i made to scare the aliens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFsKOUdJVew And this is the Monorail that players can build to travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuRj8xl6U14 0.9 is the next mayor update of the game that devs promised by end of march, with a lot of improvements. The bad thing about the game, apart from gliches and the fact that there still a lot of stuff missing, is the lack of pleople for PVP multiplayer, its really fun in pvp multi.
  17. I wanted to talk about this kinda, unknown, game in development. PE is a indie game developed by Pathea Games, and it was on kickstarter as well Steam Greenlight last year. Building and CreatorPlanet Explorers is a exploration, building and adventure game, with Minecraft elements like block building: Apart of the well know and used in several games block building mechanic there comes the Creator, the creator is a in-game tool that allow to create our own swords, shields, guns, vehicles, tanks, helicopters (and on the future, boats).THe creator is also based on block building with in-game materials and some pre-created parts: Haha, very simple vehicle ive created to move around: Apart from pre-defined materials, the creator allows for importing 128x128 textures making our own looking materials: Going to back world building, apart from blocks, other things can be also be placed, like different types of turrets, fences, and other colony based stuff. ColonyThe colony consist on making and placing utility items/buildings on the ground, for example one that created a shield, a power plant, beds for npcs to live on, repair station, etc. Any npc on the world can live on the colony, and even do stuff like mining, defending, chopping. FarmingConsist on fertilizing the ground and plant seeds on it, nothing ground breaking here. Mineral DetectorThis little tool changes the way of mining minerals, the detector can display the presence of a cavern system and the position of the minerals, but it has a limited range of operation. Other stuff- Glidding- Jetpack- Parachute- Rope launcher- Grenades- NPC "followers" with own inventary and skills. Combat and Graphics:Its pretty much WIP, the game has simple combat mechanics and graphics are not great, grass is 2D, and animation and effects are not that good either, its kinda acceptable, but maybe not for everyone, still dont expect any AAA game quality on it. Singleplayer: Story modeThere is also a Adventure and Building mode, but those are the same as multiplayer.Story mode is a group of Humans, a few born on Earth, others on Mars are crewmember of a ship called "Epiphany", the Epiphany went to a distant planet called "Maria" to colonise it, while on its entry on the Maria atmosfere the Epiphany blows up and its crew evacuate intro "lifeboats" who landed on diferent zones around the planet. Player is onboard one of those lifeboats, once on planet you need to make contact with other survivors, where you also find that Martians and Eartlings hate each other. Story mode is right now used as a long tutorial. Multiplayer: Adventure and Building modesBuilding mode is very simple, a random map whiout NPCs and infinite materials. Aventure Mode:Coop: its a random map with random biomes and stuff on it, like small cities and 1 boss, this mode is far from finished. VS: (PVP mode), player are separated on 2 teams, where players are able to claim ground and able to attack other team ground, this mode gona be very insteresting when the game is finished, as we can build our own fortifications and our own vehicles, tanks and helicopters to fight. This is just a few things, the game stll have a year of development ahead with a lot of more things planned, like a tech tree, fluid physics, boats, finising, etc. The game cost $22 to pre-order http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/order/ and has Windows, Linux and MAC versions, pre-ordering gives access to the alpha. Free Demo Alpha 0.72:http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/download/ Single Player, with Story and build mode, the story mode was cut off compared to the full alpha where we can advance more. These are some Freespace creations ive made in-game with the creator:Hercules Fighter Anubis Fighter Medusa Bomber Fenris Cruicer Medusa in action:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb4P8nlNUxA
  18. When something like that happens i immidiatelly suspect all positive reviews thinking they may be brought, strange thing is IGN grave it a kinda mixed result (6.5), thats like someone forgot to send them the check or they send it and its really out of the charts bad. I think we have to wait for Joe to review it... ill highly recommend against buy it at full price in the meantime.
  19. Someone even took the time to make this gif
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Hid77Nkmk I feels better than in a 300i to me.
  21. The LX Aniversary is really interesting, it comes with 2 year insurance, and the LX comes with a jumpdrive, so its $30 for a 2-year ship that comes with a jumpdrive.
  22. The blocking thing on Gothic 3 does work until you run out of endurance, and makes sence to me. But yeah the combat was mostly broken, i do remember they fixed that on the expansion, where the mele combat became really more dificult and tactical, but it was miles better. And really you cant be complaining about having to get skills in a RPG to be better, if you are looking for Call of Duty with swords and magic you are on the wrong franchise, go and play Gothic 4, thats a textbook example of how to kill a RPG by making it console/casual friendly. And i have no idea how the combat is with gamepad, im just saying ive been having all the issues that Joe was having at first until i figured out how to fight, and if you want to do it fine, but im not going to complain about behing bad in mele combat at first and having to get skills in a RPG. If you ever played a Gothic game, except the 4th, they are all difficult, even in Gothic 3 is not that easy at mele you get killed all the time if you do it wrong, the whole game kill you the whole time if you do anything wrong, in Gothic and Risen you start as a nobody who cant kill a thing and you gona still be for a LONG time, they are all very punishable RPG games who requieres both ingame skills and personal skills to be any good at it, i do prefer that, the other option is a game where you cant get killed, even if you screw it all the time. If you are a casual just STAY AWAY, i did not played Risen 3 in a week and i did not remember how to fight anymore, i played a bit today and i had to read what ive written here! And i do not care about gamepad at all, gamepads just ruins games by having to limit the gameplay to it, if a gameplay is bad on gamepad i do not care, thats the console guys problem, im a PC gamer and im tired of see games over-simplified to be gamepad compatible, you are on the pc section btw. And still, i did not like the game, actually im re-playing Gothic 2 and 3. this is what Gothic 3 combat looks like in case someone did not play it.
  23. Yeah i think that may be a problem, i was having the exact same problems as he at first, but i was able to figure out, the controller think may be a problem because i need to combine mouse look with AWSD for that to be effective, thats a total of 2 direction controls plus about 3 buttons, not sure it can even be done right on a pad. Still the combat is one of the worst i ever see, im going the magic way, so im not exploring it more than the basics, but im hearing that with skills the mele combat gets better, i mean, you are a starter character, you cant really expect to be able to easily kill even the most basic NPCs, go to play Gothic 2/3 and see what happens, there time you need to attack, times you can parry and times you need to avoid, parry and attacks are very limited whiout skills, so you need to avoid a lot at first, mostly its bad because of some things, some NPC do "teleport", its not really a "teleport", it seems that some attacks are not properly balanced the teleport seems to be an "attack" and i love it because thats the time to avoid and hit it from the side, the combat vs more than 1 is really difficult you are mostly rolling all over the place waiting an opportunity. And rolling... wtf, i can roll and roll and roll unlimited and NEVER get hit, i can be rolling towards him again and again while he tries and tries to hit me and it will never happen. Also the 3 hit combo, you need to time the attacks if you try to button smashing you get slower rate, and it only makes sence to try it when the npc is attemping a heavy attack. To me, it seems too many elements stolen from AC and placed where they do not belong.