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  1. the2ndlove liked a post in a topic by Shivan in So... SC now has a referral system.   
    Personally i never liked the idea, but lets see what they have:

    So for everyone that registers and pay for a game package, the referred gets +5.000 UEC, and you get a RP.
    At 1 you will get a C-117
    At 3, 2 x C-007 + Gimbal Mounts
    At 5, something useless
    At 10, a Anvil Gladius
    Ill place my referral link here, if i ever get to 10 ill remove it so i dont steal refferal from someone else that needs it.
    EDITED: Removed because i already got the Gladius, use the next referral link below.
  2. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Stellaris - anyone else super excited?   
    This game is increible... one of the best RTS i ever played, and the starting exploration feels excelent.
    Keep a close look at the pre-spaceflight cultures, some very interesting things happen with them.



    Someone knows if joe gona review it?
  3. Eiousx liked a post in a topic by Shivan in You know it's comin yo: Arkham Knight PC port angry rant! + Destiny's pathetic scam.   
    Im just a few years away from become a software engineer and i know very well how this works in the industry, besides, i want to be making my own games in the future.
    Its not about porting a game to pc, UE3 is a full multi platform game engine and Gameworks is fully multi platform too, "porting" a game is petty much pressing a button, re-work the input and UI for the new platform and doing some platform specific optimizations, like on PC you need to work around DX11 because is not nearly as good as the console APIs.
    So, why one whould outsource the "pc port"? because its trivial to "port it", there is no "separated development" involved, that whould increase costs, you use the same UE3 Project, press a button and compile, BUT that company whould also make sure to make the pc optimizations, do the QA for the game and patches, makes sence where you are short on team and money, and why you do that on PC? because its on PC where your game build does not have to be approved for publishing.
    The other mayor problem is the old game engine, UE3 is OLD, its the same game engine used on ME1 to give you some idea, they did make the Asylum game, and them worked on top of it, and thats a bad thing in the long run.
    But there is one thing that cant be easily explained, the crashes, i can understand the bad performance as a result of a crappy team, but the crashes? you are taking the work that is done by a experienced team and suddenly making it crash all the time by just pressing a button, re mapping input and chaging the UI a little? and shortly after released they pull the game from sales on PC? no, im not buying it.
    There is one thing about games, similar to mobile apps, they have a very short life cycle, about 2-3 months, with the peak of sales on the first week, and most sales on the first month.
    So what is WB doing? lets see, release a very crappy PC build, sell it at first, them pull it from sales and allow refunds, so what these people gona do? buy the game on consoles, what the people that did not buy the game yet gona do? buy it in the consoles, what the people that was thinking about buying a video card or a console gona do? buy a console... If you pull the game from sales the first month its like it is a console exclusive, it may be the same in the long run, but on money that almost irrelevant.
    So what i do think? Sony bribed them, give them a few millons under the table to do this, what WB losse by doing this? a PR hit? what PR hit? the game is fine on consoles and they stopped selling it on the plaform that does not work right because "they care".
    And i said Sony because MS does not cares very much.
    THATS what needs to stop, not the ports, because there are not modern "ports" among current platforms and multi platform game engines as it was in the past.
  4. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Shivan in The Witcher 3 Angry Review   
    There are just 2 things wrong with this game, that Joe did not mention them:
    1) one will generally expend most of the time on act 1, act 2 and 3 felt really short, and act 3, specially act 3 feels a little out of place where it develops its short story, kinda looks like the game is missing a zone. And game is alos kinda missing secondary and contracts for high level when you are on act 3.
    2) The character models for the npcs not involved on the main story, it becomes "the clone war" rather fast, as soon someone enter Velen will start noticing it inmidiatelly. Kinda looks like they did the character models for the main npcs and them re-use them for every npc on the world, it starts to bother me, specially with the contract and secondary quest givers.
    Other than that the game is a complete masterpiece.
  5. zawisz liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Is Witcher 3 worth the wait and Should i buy it?   
    Look guys, go to youtube, a 6 year old HD5870 can play it on 1080P on medium even better than the consoles. I can play it on a 750TI on medium on 1080p outout any issue, not sure what else you could want.
    And the game is just a masterpiece, a complete masterpiece, by far the best RPG i played today, it blows Neverwinter Night out of the water. My only complain is that the number of NPC models in the game is very limited, it looks like they did the model they needed for the main history line and them re use them to poblate the world, it becomes "the Clone War" very soon really.
    About stability, I did see some stability issues on 1.02, strange stuff on 1.03, but 1.04 works perfectly.
  6. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Voice Commands   
  7. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Voice Commands   
  8. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Shivan in What ever happened to the good old days?   
    What happen? ill told you what happen, the PS3 and 360 came along and at the moment companies started to target them you need to make a decision, its way too hard, costly and maybe impossible in some cases to have a complex good game, with a "casual gamer friendly" mode, with a lot AND good content and at the same time keeping those shinny graphics that console games targets while trying to cram all of that intro the hardware constrains of a console, and on top of that make it playable with a controller while keeping a more advanced control with keyboard/mouse.
    You just cant have everything, so a balance must be made to fit it in the budget, casual gamer friendly and shinny graphics generally wins, not always.
    Everything was better when consoles where for casual games and pc for more complex and advanced games, what we are seeing right now, is companies trying to mix both on a impossible budget and timeline.
  9. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Voice Commands   
  10. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Voice Commands   
  11. Icazael liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Start your engines ;)   
  12. Joda liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Im the only one getting pissed about DFM delays?   
    I call it liar because i know what im saying, im software engineer and QA tester, those bugs are consistent with internal pre-alpha versions, Robers said the DFM its on pre-alpha, thats OK, but there is no way to be still on pre-alpha almost 6 months after his intended release, its not a beginner doing its first game that had no idea of what its getting in to, DFM will not gona have all the ships either, so what they have been doing in the past 6 months? DFM on December was a lie, if you want to belive him thats fine, but he cant fool me.
  13. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Interplay placing up old Volition games on Steam, price rant   
    As of today, Descent 1 and Descent 2 has been added to Steam, for $6.99 and $9.99... for real? those are great games but also 18 and 19 year old games!
    How much ill expect Interplay gona wants to charge for Descent 3 and Freespace 1 and 2 once they are added if Descent 2, if $9.99?!
  14. islelyre liked a post in a topic by Shivan in X3 Terran Conflict help/advice needed   
    Well the game is hard on newcomers, you literally gets placed in the middle of nowhere and most of the time the only thing you get is a basic fly tutorial.
    First dont use the Assassin start, that for a more advanced gamer, second the "C" key opens comm menu with your selected object, when you start you will see a ship with a lightbob on it called "flyschool", selected and use the C to start the basic tutorial.
    I will recommend you the Terran start, as you get pressed intro the Terran plot quick, thats litterally like a long game tutorial, also the Terrans are simplified compared to others races, you it may help you to get the know the game mechanics at first.
    Others things will be figuring them out with time.
    Ships Classes:
    M5 - Scouts, genrally fast, limited to low power weapons, small energy generators for guns and useless shields and hull.
    M4 - Interceptors, slower than a M5, generally faster than a M3, uses low power weapons with better shields and generators than a M5.
    M4+ - Advanced Interceptors, improved M4s, some of them are on the level with a M3.
    M3 - Fighter, those are the main fighters type on the game, generally can equip weapons for killing others fighters and to take out M6 too, a few of them have turrets, what can be set to "take out missiles".
    M3+ - Heavy Fighters, improved M3, generally slower than M3s, with improved generators and shields, all of them have turrets.
    M8 - Bombers, those ships are anti-capitals, they have 1 turret for defense and they launch a big ass missile Tomahawk.
    M6 - Corvettes, larger, and harder to fly than a fighter, they have better shields, generators and weapons, and turrets, they can carry marines and launch small boarding operations (generally to take other M6)
    M7 - Frigates, this i already a capital ship, and some of them dont have main guns, just turrets. 
    M7M - Missile Frigate, their main weapons are missile, they can take out fighters and capital ships easily, but they need a big missile manufacture complex to keep them armed, they can launch boarding pods to boarding other capitals.
    M2 - Destroyer
    M1 - Carrier
    TS - Small Transports
    TP - Personnel Transports (used for boarding ops)
    TM - Small military transport, they can also carry fighters M5/M4/M3 with them.
    TL - Transport Large, used for station building
    M5/M4/M3/M8/TS/TP can bail, this mean they may abandon the ship if you shoot them, if this happens you can capture them, you need to get closer, and space walk to the ship (shift+e to exit your ship), get really close and claim it, so you can fly, use or sell them.
    M6/M7/M2/M1/TM/TL can be only be captured by boarding.
    The "Y" key opens your own ship menu, from there you can see information, equip weapons to turrets and give them commands, etc.
  15. zawisz liked a post in a topic by Shivan in Freespace 2   
    The year is 1999 and what should have been the pinnacle of space shooters on the level of the X-Wings and Wing Commander (no so much on history), it turns to be the final blow to the genre.
    With a excellent UI in where you always have every data you need for a combat game, excellent targeting controls in where you always find the target you need fast and have every option on hand, no silly auto aim, subsystem and turret targeting and destroy, top level voice acting and increible good visuals and sound effects (for a 1999 game), Freespace 2 was and still is, one of the best Space Shooter out there, its also the most unpopular one as so little people remember it.
    The FS history was completely ripped off and used on Mass Effect saga, Shivans=Reapers, Ancients=Protheans, Bosch=Illusive Man, etc, and if you view all cutscenes videos on FS1 and FS2 it became more and more aparent that Bioware ripped off FS history.
    Abandoned by Volition, the game became open source, and since them has been improved by fans and game engine was used in free games, like Diaspora (BSG oriented game) and some conversions.
    Will leave you with some videos:
    Diaspora: (free game, running on FS2 engine)

    Descent: Freespace (also known as FS1) Cutscenes playlist.
    Freespace 2 cutscenes playlist
    FS2 Gameplay: Walktrought on Insane difficulty
    Conversions, check this guy videos:
  16. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by Shivan in AJ Mission: Pledge to The Mandate! *Contest*   
    Its just my personal POV, i dont like to pay that much to have exclussive access to an unfinished game, the $20-$40 was OK if incluided alpha too, THAT i can accept, but $75 for an alpha access... the other problem of this is, you have no idea of when the game will enter beta after alpha either, what if its a week before release? how many people pledged $40 just for the beta whiout knowing if worth it at all? i just dont support that sort of tactics on any game, and im not going to make an exception here, there better ways to make people want to pledge for more. Then again, its just my opinion, not everyone will agree.