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Robin Banks

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  1. I've played YuGiOh for like 8 months so far irl and ehh I guess. I mean, it does has strategy making and playing a deck with an idea in mind, and you should always learn basic combos for your archetype, but it's just so.. luck based? Not only that, some decks are just waaay too good that it requires you to practically side out and win game 2 and 3. Starcraft 2 for example likes to keep the game balanced as possible. This way you can open up more strategic paths. Not only that, but you both start off equally the same as opposed to you getting a god-tier hand, and me getting some shitty hand. And to make matters worse, there's luck cards that practically instant win if you get the roll of the die in your favor (Yo, what's up Sixth Sense). Overall it's strategy, but I don't think in the way like strategy games are represented.
  2. Hello fellow Americans, it is I, your President, John Henry... siiike Hi I'm Robin Banks, and I thought I'd introduce my second post ever by posting here. I'm interested in a decent amount of games such as Day Z, Dawn of War II, just got Starbound and trying that out, some Natural Selection 2, Fire Emblem Awakening, and I might be getting back into PlanetSide 2. Some of my favorite games of all time are Command and Conquer Red Alert, SLAI, Warcraft 3, Fallout 3 + NV, Samurai Warriors, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Starcraft, and Road Trip. Also, here's my dog.
  3. Anyone playing Dawn of War 2? I've been getting really into the whole Dawn of War 2 community a tad bit ago and it seems like a lot of fun. Also, I see no love for the Space Marines. Topest of Heresy.