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  1. Title says it all. The game was pretty legit in beta and now that it's fully released it's a lot better. This is the only game where you get to play a badass mage. There is no other class. You are going to be playing a mage. It's fairly linear. It's pretty much an ARPG in first person, but you play as the mage. There are some side places where you fight a few waves of enemies for some loot to craft more spells. All your spells are crafted from the loot you find. The story is actually pretty good and the voice acting is just amazing. Play it NOW!
  2. This. I feel the quality of games when you actually have to p2p or b2p is a lot higher than f2p games. Like with Rift. All the content that was in the game before it went f2p was great and solid. Then the updates were either really slow and they just didn't really have much. A whole update was adding tiny little events that happened every couple hours. Update 4 for ESO is bring all new quests, endgame trails, dungeons, tweaks and more. They also plan to add the justice system from the other TES games and a few other great things. These are the updates you see from paying games. Updates that actually add something more than tiny random events.
  3. Honestly no. I don't see how this game can be F2P since everything in the game is open for you to get. The only issue is getting a mount, but really you don't need one until you PVP and you shouldn't be PVPing as soon as you hit level 10. You can earn gold fast by selling resources for skills you don't level. The game is fun at least for me. It really feels like Skyrim, but with a multiplayer component. You have all those random little caves and dungeons like in Skyrim, you level up your skills like you do in skyrim and the combat system is the same as Skyrim. Is it worth the subscription? Well that's up to you to decide. I was able to pick up the game from G2A for $25 and used paypals credit system for the first time and got $10 off. Well worth the price and I believe I'm going to be subbing for a while since this is the only MMO to keep me playing for more than a couple of hours. F2P just adds too many problems. I wouldn't mind it being B2P. Also the game is really young. I remember WoW not really having much when it first came out. There are a lot of parts of the map that are not available and are on hold for either free content expansions or paid expansions. In fact in september they're releasing a new update that adds a bunch more end-game content which is great. PvP is the best of any MMO i've played. Feels like I'm playing a fantasy version of Planetside 2. Is it worth a try? Only if you enjoy MMOs AND TES games. You might not like it if you like one or the other. I enjoy a good MMO and I love the TES series so the game is really fun for me.
  4. Yea I never understood why competitive servers benefit people with a potato. You can't play CS competitively if you're running the game at a constant 30 fps. It's not like I don't do good in MM, but there are so many clutch moments that get shot down because it seems that out of the 10 bullets I put into the guy (with no bullet holes in the wall behind him) only 2-3 register.
  5. With GFWL being taken down and no updates about DS1 being patched out idk about the multiplayer for that game. It would be great to get some shit going on for DS2. I'll be waiting until the PC release to get the game since PC master race.
  6. Do I still play them? I just recently bought KOTOR 1 on iOS for $5 when it was on sale. Game is ported over so well. KOTOR 2 wasn't all that great. I enjoyed the fact that it was more of the great combat, but I just couldn't get into the story and characters. I wasn't really ever interested in the story and characters, but you can't really blame them. How can you possibly follow up on KOTOR? To me it's the best RPG ever. It's the only RPG that still has me playing it 10 years after it released.
  7. I don't understand where you're getting a sub fee from, but there isn't. In all honesty if you enjoyed Diablo 2 don't get D3. It's crappy. Always on drm is annoying and is a slap to your face. The game is casual as hell. Remember when you were able to put you stats where you wanted to? Well yea that's not going to happen here. Your character goes a path you can't change. Your abilities unlock as you level with you having no control in leveling them what so ever. The maps are totally linear. By that I means they're pretty much a hallway after hallway after hallway. You'd have more fun if you spent $20 on PoE. PoE is what D3 should have been. You can customize your character like D2, the maps are more open (Other than the prisons and buildings like that) hell even the animations are similar to D2. D3 isn't worth it at $20. I'd say $10 for D3 and an extra $10 for the expansion at most. The game was a slap to the face for D2 fans everywhere.
  8. Is it easier to play with friends? Me and my friends wanted to fight, but it was such a pain in the ass to try to fight each other/join together. Also anyone know if the PC version will have its own matchmaking or would it rely on some kind of online DRM?
  9. That's sad. The idea of being invaded or invading at any time was a great part of the game. Also the PVP was skill based, but thanks to lag it just killed a lot of it. I couldn't enjoy it as much and forgot about it. I hope they fix it since they did promise that there would be no lag.
  10. Just what I want to hear. Really looking forward to the PC release.
  11. Those of you who have the console version would you be able to tell me if it's still as good as Dark Souls 1?
  12. In all honesty Hearthstone is one of the worse card games. It's really simple and it's just bad for people who have played a real card game like Magic the Gathering. Other card games are more complex and have a lot more mechanics and rules than Hearthstone.
  13. That too. ESO is a huge slap in the face to gamers everywhere. It's a huge insult charging $60 plus $15 a month while withholding lots of content to pre-orders and extra editions.
  14. Honestly ESO is way too expensive for what they're offering. The beta was pretty good, but there are a lot of other games that do what it's doing and they're either cheaper or free. GW2, Tera, WoW, Rift. Either free or much much MUCH cheaper. Hell to get the full game you have to pay an extra $20 on top of the $60 base game. I'd start with Rift and the WoW starter edition. Rift is pretty much a reskin of WoW just not as big, which is the reason why I wanna go back to WoW. It's been around longer, has a larger playerbase and it's much much MUCH bigger.