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    Member of the gaming community for 20+ years! First console system was my NES but I had old handheld devices when I was smaller. Still gaming to this day and got both xb1 and ps4. Current favorites are 1st P Shooters, action games, fighting games and I am a team player

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  1. Also, Be warned which version you ordered. If you order their most expensive edition ( the one that includes the statue not the digital pre orders ) , it does NOT come with the Season Pass, you will have to pay corporate commander another $35 UPDATE - EARLY OPEN BETA - ATTN: EARLY ACCESS is available for FighterZ who pre-ordered digitally on the X1 or PS4 starts Saturday, January 13 from midnight to 11:59pm PST
  2. Starting Off This Topic, I want to Remind those that Pre-Ordered that the OPEN BETA launch dates: Open Beta Begins This Weekend for Xbox One and PS4 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. is calling all fighting game and anime fans to enter the DRAGON BALL FighterZ open beta from 12:00am PST on Sunday, January 14, 2018 through 11:59pm PST on Monday, January 15, 2018 on Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system.
  3. Speaking of walls, if you noticed in the game: South Park fractured but whole, not only you can’t access past the Canadian wall, but the guy sitting on the wall clearly says: “maybe in the form of a dlc , until then F off”. Also during game play one of your major powers that allow you to shift day:night was accessible ONLY during mission play, but is now grey’d out after you beat the game! But hey We can fork $29.99 for content we already had access to. Ummm Wtf?
  4. Destiny 2 Now Available for Pre-Load / Download! For PS4
  5. Are you kidding me? I'm getting death stranding so I can pretend to be Norman dude from walking dead. Lol. Seriously tho You gotta admit they did awesome facial scanning. Perhaps you could get your face scanned in the game ( or they might have a contest for it ). Games are so overrated considering how gaming has advanced over the years. You and me are like, meh. Been there, done that! What next? Smell o vision? Oh yeah. South Park the fractured Butt Hole lol. I know I spelled it diff. Game is sick! Even with the tested smell device per farts per pewdeepie
  6. I see, well yeah there are many games coming out, Even future ones like Anthem and Death Stranding. my guess for you is your getting "repeat fatigue". Games that come out with part 2,3,4,5 then you wear your heart on your sleeve and have high expectation. Then get let down and hope for the next big thing. It happens to everyone
  7. Cancel and go to PC? Or cancel and just wait till price drops? Or never?
  8. It's common sense that the " Xbox one x " has more than enough power to handle 4k with uncapped fps. For them to allow it on Xbox and not PS4 ( or ps 5 even ) does scream splitting the player base. Between the : no carry over from d1 and fps, one would wonder why ALL the bases didn't jump straight to PC. IF you can afford the cost for the best hardware? personally I would take fps over 4k if they would allow it.
  9. Think of it this way, most people don't have a PS4-PRO and/or 4k Tv monitor with HDR capabilities , They just have the regular PS4 - If Ps4-Pro allowed 60fps/4k: Time/Speed - advantages in PVP, 4K compared to 1080p HD or less - imagine using a scope weapon, can see images way Sharper.... Same for Xbox.. In the PC world - considering it's new, they don't have anywhere near the # of people that are part of Destiny 1 - they left the door open It's not that it can't support it or ( lol hello, extremely powerful ) x box x, they just don't want to or people will bitch and complain about: fairness, balancing, unfair - advantages... How fast do you think their normal Xbox/PS Bases would scream in revolt, overflow the forums here why the 60fps people have an unfair advantage? Perhaps 1 day, 4k tv's will be in everyones home and 4k will be the standard... until then.... no 60fps...
  10. Hmm, hope they don't nurf it too much, might kill PVP and PVE... Im sure they will evaluate and adjust post-beta... They have till late Oct to decide how to proceed at that point. Considering it's on PC, they will be eye-balling cheaters too... and hackers..
  11. You could always just pay the $59.99 and wait to see how it goes before getting DLC's... If anything perhaps you can just get the DLC's without paying out of pocket... I got D2 almost for free by grinding on a well known site that's usually one of those "Earn money by watching video's"... Of the $99 for D2+Expans pcks+addons... I earned $60 from "Swagbucks"... but it took along time <approx 2 months> to avoid having to earn swag without using money to buy things... Just let my computer run vids, went to sleep while it auto ran and earned atleast 100 swag a day which usually comes to 30 days = 3000 swag = $30... But theres a trick to getting through the site to find the right vids to play (it's called Ncrave)... some vids don't work correctly.. (I'm not selling swagbucks since Im not using my personal "click here" earn link, just telling you how I did it fyi ) . After paying the original Destiny plus all Dlcs, I wanted to make sure I didn't get swindled. So if I can share how I got extra money without using one of those stupid referral links then it's my loss but again I don't care. I'm part of the AJSA and proud of it!
  12. You could get a copy for PS4 and/or PC too if you have a lot of time on your side
  13. Smart move as long as you have the pc that can dish out the best it has to offer.. I would of loved to go on PC. Unfortunately I don't have moola for an extreme high end PC with a tripped out video card and a 4k monitor. To attempt it on anything less, you run the risk of being let down by either "frame rate" issues, glitches which are crucial in PVP or other playing issues. Excited to see how the BETA PC runs. HELLFIRE, be sure to comment here about your experience if u notice anything diff.
  14. I hope you get your monies worth. From what I've seen, my head is exploding with so much info and watching the calendar is killing me. Each time they drop a new video it gets my blood boiling. They gave us barely anything in the BETA and for good reason. Not to make the same mistake in D1 Beta launch... I'm excited to customize my weapons with things like Fire-Fly, Army of One, Hidden hand and a type of energy I want like ARC,BURN,VOID.... Is it worth $59.99? yes.... 80+ missions / 50+ hours or more of content NOT INCLUDING DLC's.... I bought the $99 digital version so I could get an early discount on the DLC's so I'm covered through Mid next year and the additives... Ive been part of this since day 1, so I'm devoted to it... Even though there are empty forum posts, on the bungie.net thing there are over 50,000 AJSA players btw
  15. I'll be playing it... Hopefully our glorious PS commander - WITH-A-STICK will too.. along with DEL and AJ and CO. There were some new updated vid's per gamecon's play... Overload of content in my opinion but thats good compared to D1... http://www.ign.com/videos/2017/08/24/destiny-2-exploring-the-edz-with-bungie-ign-live-gamescom-2017 Heres a small latest vid from IGN... exploring the EDZ with Deej... In my opinion, love not hacing to goto orbit, if theres a public event, theres an onscreen timer, you can tag your way point and sparrow there... EXOTIC public events for even better LOOOOOOT... Bosses not TOOO spongy, abilities seem better, I'll keep an open mind though over-all...