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  • Birthday 07/23/1994

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    Video Games, TV, Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Books, Art, Makeing Music.
  1. so iv been looking for people to play and practice new champs with that dont get angry cause i would like to learn new champs with out getting raged at casue im not pro with them IGN: DeadWhinter
  2. Summoner Name: DeadWhinter Region: North America Areas: Ranked, Unranked and AARAM right now im just lvl 27 but i when i get to 30 i want to play ranked i mostly main as Jungle or support
  3. so i have raptr and i realy want to stream warframe but idk if its working or not or how to even realy start it up... its realy iratateing me can some one help please
  4. Mine would have to be Saryn her AOE is by far one of my fave moves. and she fits my play style vary nicely
  5. what is the team speak info.. im just downloading it and cant find a form for it.
  6. So iv been following the devs who are working on Wild Star a new MMORPG and well from what i can tell its realy cool. and it looks like its realy fun to play, it is P2P but they have it set up like GW2 where you can earn gold in game and trade it for some money type stuff to buy your sub. anyone els been flowing this game
  7. Thank you
  8. so i was wondering if anyone is going to swich over to warframe from the PC to the PS4?
  9. can someone pin up the link to the stream please and thank you
  10. >< wooops dont know how the a got in there and thanks i should be accsepting the invite tomarrow my dorms wifi is too slow to realy play it with out major lag
  11. ign-ElricBloodMona ill be on all weekend starting saterday night
  12. ok i left the clan.i should be playing though this weekend and on for most of the day
  13. ing-ElricBloodMoon
  14. Gameing: Well for gameing its kinda been my life always looking for the next big thing looking out for new players in big mmos or jsut helping people that are new to any game, my first game was pokemon yellow remeber i over played that when i was little, then i got a gamecube played supper smash brothers for a long time beat it though and though to where i got everyone, then played almost all of the sonic games as well that was a blast. then i got WarCraft3 for my PC and thats where my gameing realy started i loved it and i loved games jsut something for me to do after school when i was young.. though i always wanted to make Gameing my life or have my main job do something with Gameing so i got in to Codeing and still working at it my Main goal is to make a MMO that gives people the best, mostly becuase i remeber a Anime called .Hack and i thought WHY DONT WE HAVE THIS AS A REAL MMO... and now Sowrd Art Online and Log Horizon have come on to play and im thinking more and more why oh why cant we have mmos like this. but anyways i have always loved gameing and helping people so iv always taken a nice relaxing turn to gameing to where i strive to be the best and always get to the top lvl and lvl cap just so that i can turn around and help the new people i love running people though dungeons on GW2 who havent done it or need people to fill in. i just like playing with other people. though yeah i do get angry now and then becasue i get way in to a game and start to rage but by thin i take a step back and jsut think what can i do to make it so people more understand what im trying to tell them or what would make this game better to help new people and give older more exsperianced people something new to do in more creative ways... like World or area events or like Guild quests that i come up with my self jsut to have fun and give out prizes and make it soo new and old players can ban to gether and have fun even with that Level gap that seprerates us all form the higher lvls to the lower.. this is normaly what im always thinking of when im playing games like GW2 or Tera (my main 2 mmos) i like to have fun and i love to make other people happy and enjoy a game. Non-Gaming: im 19 still young turning 20 soon i dont try and act like a know it all i know im not all that great at spelling nor do i know every thing there is to know about one thing and i dont try to say i do, im good at math and video games thats all i can realy say. if i start a new game it takes me a hour to learn all the tricks and trades of the game i notice things vary well and i conect the dots vary fast as well... i slak alot and procrasontae as well still liveing with the parents and grand parents but been in college for the past few months but can contiue going becuase its something that i dont feel i want to do... wish i was going to DigiPen but my high school GPA was pretty avrige so i couldnt get in so plan on going to my home towns comunity college for Computer codeing and mathy stuff.. i dont like english classes even though i love to read and learn new things. i know that alot of my friends always ask me what new and cool games they should look for sence im the supper nerd of my group of friends.. other then that im jsut a pretty avrige guy makeing his way though life
  15. DeadWhinter-NA