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  1. Yes, but how long until you HAVE to upgrade..
  2. Haven't played either one yet, though I'm probably not going to play Ghost because ..yeah, I don't like CoD anymore. But BF4 i'd like to play.
  3. I'm not really "into" Zelda but I like The Wind Waker and the Twilight Princess a lot. haven't played a Zelda game after Twilight Princess but Skyward Sword seems as much fun and very promising.
  4. Elder Scrolls 6. , a direct sequel to Dragons Dogma (not Deep Down). DmC 2, I like 1 and don't care if you didn't like the reboot. a new Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles would be great, loved the game so much.... so so much
  5. I second this, Dragon Age 2 was... "fun" I guess. But didn't look at it right after I finished it on the 360. Let's hope the next installment is waaay better because it can.
  6. PS3 actually. And I like consoles more because idk, played on them since I was little so why not, I don't feel like building a machine for gaming (costs way to much for me). So I'll stick to consoles.
  7. Bill Gates stole from Apple, that's it. and no one cares anymore because these days everything seems pretty much the same (I hate Windows 8 though). I never used a Mac, nor will I ever, they're too expensive if you ask me but then again I don't want to upgrade to Windows 8. hmmm, companies screwing over customers these days.
  8. Of the ones you mentioned it's Naruto for me, people complaining about fillers shouldn't watch the fillers, simple as that. Also the manga is filler-less so people who hate it should just read it instead. I don't know what my favorite anime is but I guess it would be, Dragon Ball Z because that one made my childhood pretty much. I made a thread about anime a while ago where are my recommendations are and such you should check it out a lotta people commented on it with anime they like!
  9. "feminine men" Never thought of Goku as a feminine character, ha. You've only seen one anime which wasn't to your liking and immediately you dislike anime? it's the same as me starting to dislike TV shows after watching Game of Thrones. You're entitled to your own opinion I get that but still it's weird how you judge it just like that, (even though this was already sort of mentioned in the comments I felt like I had to say something as well). Try watching anime more to your liking, if you wish to not watch anime at all, then don't. I watch anime a lot and several are to my liking (several genres), except for Shoujo (which means a Girl is the protagonist in which it becomes fairly feminine and female problems are discussed more). well thats it edit: check out this one, Ultimate Hellsing, it's gory and awesome if you ask me
  10. I do everything besides going to church
  11. The Netherlands ;D I hate it here
  12. Fable, Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles Beyond Good and Evil Kingdom Hearts
  13. I dont know you but I believe congratulations are in order nonetheless ! Congrats man