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Everything posted by JoelMattGarcia

  1. I once loved Valve. As of recently however, I've decided that I don't care much for them. They're a company that cares only on how much money they can make. They don't care about their community. I came to that conclusion based on a few things. For example, Valve has yet to fix it's Greenlight system. They don't care what kind of shady shit happens on Greenlight and they don't care what games get on Steam, despite the increasing pile of shitty products that continue to make their way onto the storefront. Probably because Valve gets a cut of the profit, idk. Instead of focusing on adding meaningful changes to their multiplayer games, they prefer to shit out more and more virtual skins onto those games. Lastly, it took ten years for Valve to decide to add a refund system to their storefront. Since 2005, there had been no proper refund system in place; and no having to go through Valve's trash customer service for the refund doesn't count. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, if anyone can add something to that list, please let me know. My biggest problem is how people let Valve get away with this kind of stuff, yet if a different company like EA or Ubisoft tried pulling stunts like Valve does, they would get destroyed by people. Why the hell does Valve get a pass? Oh wait, right, Valve is that company that made that Half-Life game, has that one fat guy as head of the company, and has four big sales every year, so yeah they can do no wrong. It's that attitude is has made Valve arrogant enough to do this kind of stuff. Because Valve knows that they can do stuff like that and get away with it, scot-free. Remember that poorly implemented paid mod thing Valve tried to shove down our throats? Yeah, me neither. I also think it's ridiculous that when Valve does make actual improvements, it's only when the controversy is too much and they try to save face. And when they do that, people praise the fuck out of them. Again, if any other company tried to do that, they would get destroyed. For a company that gives two shits about the community that made them as big as they are today and only takes action when it's in their benefit, Valve gets a lot of undeserved love. The "Valve can do no wrong" attitude needs to stop. When that happens, Valve will begin to think twice about how they conduct their business.
  2. I'm not criticizing the quality of the review. Joe's reviews are honest and informing, there's no disputing that. Joe is putting out less reviews, when he used to do them more regularly, yet the quality of the show has largely remained the same.
  3. I'm hoping it gets me hooked like New Vegas did.
  4. I mean, if Joe is going to be making a review every other month or so, the least he could do is put more effort into them. The show hasn't seen any major improvement and it's been going on since 2009. And no, a better camera doesn't count.
  5. You're also less likely to get robbed.
  6. That refund policy took ten years to be implemented. Every other storefront has that by default at the VERY BEGINNING. Even EA's Origin had the refund policy at launch. And just because there is a refund system to refund shit games, that doesn't make the fact that Valve allows those shit games to be on the storefront or on Greenlight any less ridiculous. I didn't say they were still charging for mods, my point was that Valve can try to force shit systems onto their community (such as the poorly planned paid mod system) and if they get too much flak because of it, all they have to do is get rid of the system and everybody forgets it ever happened. If any other company did that, no one would be as forgiving as they are to Valve.
  7. I doubt two people not giving Valve money will change much, considering the millions they make. I'm suggesting that the community that surrounds Valve changes it's attitude towards the company: don't let them get away with the kind of stuff you wouldn't want other companies doing and stop acting like they can do nothing wrong. I have no problem spending money on Steam, Valve will do what they please whether or not I do.
  8. Many achievements in games are skill-based or require lots of grinding, such as PD2. Those kinds of achievements aren't worth the time and dedication needed in order to achieve them.
  9. Robot voice throughout the entire playthrough or you're a fraud.
  10. I was thinking of learning to play the guitar. Anyone in the community play those things? Got any tips for a complete noob?
  11. I want to play to pick up chicks, because apparently they like that stuff. I like listening to EDM, rock, and doo-wop.
  12. I fail to see their benefits. Sure they're cool looking and some even glow, but they're incredibly expensive because of features that don't seem beneficial to me. I use a standard keyboard that came from a five year old computer that belonged to my mother and it works fine, don't see the point in retiring it for a "gaming" keyboard. To those of you who actually paid and own these "gaming" keyboards, what makes them better than standard keyboards? Do you regret your purchase or was it worthwhile?
  13. Sounds interesting. Have any idea when the first video is going to be up?
  14. You ever do a pacifist run, Shep? Basically, go through the game without killing anyone or being the cause of someone's death (i.e. having your companions kill someone, dialogue choices). I always fail at those because I get bored without killing anyone.
  15. Gearbox isn't a company I really trust with the IP. Now if it was a developer like Bethesda, maybe.
  16. The weapons are locked based on level, again? I don't get why they don't just keep the BO2 format for weapons and equipment. It's a terrible idea to force people to grind just to use the weapon they want.
  17. I am using a regular keyboard. I even mentioned in the original post that I was using one and have no plans of switching. Please, if you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the topic, don't bother posting.
  18. Do you keep it when the game launches?
  19. Solution: Don't upgrade to Windows 10. Win7 is still my preferred OS. I don't see any benefit by upgrading to 10.
  20. Since the success of Ark and The Stomping Grounds, I've noticed many games moving away from zombies and more towards dinosaurs. Has anyone else seen this trend and what do you think of it? Is it good or bad? Personally, I just wished developers would stop following such trends and be more creative.
  21. Every other month or so, I decide to install Fallout NV and find myself having a lot of fun with it again. You're not alone, bruh.
  22. Even those can be misleading. Bad Rats has a rating of "Mostly Positive" and that game is complete crap. Of course, it's due to people who think their jokes are exceptionally comical and must be heard.
  23. User reviews are a waste of time. Go to pretty much any game's store page on Steam and scroll down all the way to the bottom. You have entered a different dimension - a dimension full of dank memes and bias. Steam user reviews are the very definition of pointless. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of users being able to make reviews of games on Steam - get the gist of a game from somebody who has actually played the thing and isn't an IGN or GameSpot. But of course, people have to ruin it. A significant portion of user reviews are, but not limited to, people attempting to be funny, people posting dank memes (i.e. IGN 11/10 and the like), people reporting issues with the game (which is good and all, but that's not a review), and people giving bullet-point reviews, you know - because those are specific. The list of drivel goes on and on. User reviews should not be used in these ways. I feel that it was meant to be helpful and convenient; you could just look at the store page instead of searching for a review of a game on a completely different site. When you post pointless jokes, you're not helping anyone. Go post your memes on 4chan or something. It frustrates me to no end how many user reviews consist of just the same 11/10 and IGN jokes over and over and over. Time spent making that joke could have been used to make a review of the game. Valve even implemented the option to rate a user review as "Funny". That is ridiculous, things like the "Funny" rating only encourage such crap-posting of user reviews, when you should encourage actual reviews. I think that Valve should put user reviews through a verification process: if the review is insightful and helpful, it will be shown on the store page to the public. If it's not, it's deleted. If that were to happen, I feel user reviews would be a thousand times more useful and purposeful. Unlikely Valve will even bother to improve Steam's user review system. It can't even bother to fix it's more prominent issues, but that's a different topic. What do you guys think of Steam user reviews? Do you like the joke posts or would you like to see more actual reviews? Please, discuss if you want. Very interested in your thoughts on this, if any.
  24. My favorite mission is the "Matter of Taste" one because it's just so fucking true and hilarious. How about you guys?
  25. Hey! I was wondering if it was possible to move everything from my internal hard drive on my laptop to my external hard drive. I want to do this because I am building a PC and want to be able to boot it from the external. Thanks in advance!