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Everything posted by KuroSeijin

  1. Wouldn't happen. He'd stop you after 2...
  2. Because Silent Hill is by Konami and Konami doesn't like pc gamers. Look at at Metal Gear Solid as an example, easily their biggest franchise/seller but in 4 generations of gaming they've only ported 2 MGS games to pc(the original MGS on ps1 and MGS:Revengence).
  3. Nope, Vita is region free. Sony hasn't region locked any of their devices since the ps2.
  4. This is the hardest decision I've had to make all year. Sooo many choices... Favorite Male Character : Pervy Sage from Naruto (was almost Haru from Accel World) Favorite Female Character : Goemon from Oda Nobuna no Yabou
  5. I've been looking to get into mining recently, might give this a try. What sort of setup are you using for your miner?
  6. sorry I haven't replied sooner, so much gaming with this steam sale. I'm just looking to get a casual team together, nothing competitive(i'm a little old for pro-gaming anyway). Feel free to add me on steam and we'll get a game together sometime.
  7. Just wondering how many, if any, Aussie Dota 2 members we have in the AJSA. And if you guys would be interested in teaming up from time to time?
  8. Speed Gaming, Na'Vi and Team Liquid in that order
  9. Most memorable name I've seen(I hope I don't get in trouble for this) was Punt_Cumper
  10. I just finished my xmas shopping today and have stuff-all cash... looks like no food for me till xmas
  11. Any of you guys into watching pro games really should watch this match; http://www.dotacinema.com/vods/6386#game2 Won't say too much so I don't spoil anything but this match easily makes my top 3 matches of all time.
  12. I've been meaning to have a go at the 3rd chapter of The Raven for a while now. Perhaps its time
  13. Hi Guys, KuroSeijin here. Just signed up and looking forward to all the fun we're going to have. Not much to say about myself; 29, Australian, been gaming since 4 years old. Peace Kuro
  14. Here's what I have to give away. All on Steam, first come first served; * Half Life 2 * Frozen Synapse [ GONE - Bigony ] * Dungeons - The Dark Lord [ GONE - Seraphyx ] * Nuclear Dawn [ GONE - FluffyZykone ] * Deus Ex - Human Revolution(standard ed.) [ GONE - Commander. Shepard ] * Vessel * LA Noire [ GONE - Rain ] * Don't Starve [ GONE - jan ] PM me if interested (I didn't think these would go so quickly...)
  15. I'm addicted to collecting PVC anime figures. Started 5 months ago and its gotten pretty out-of-hand. So out-of-hand in fact that I miss my drug addiction because it was cheaper and afforded me more of a social life...
  16. I hated it at first(when it was still being made), I thought it was so over-rated. But I went back a few years ago and gave it a 2nd chance, now its one of my favorite sci-fi's.
  17. thx
  18. I stayed awake for 2 weeks once, I wouldn't recommend it. Longest gaming session I've had was on Wow Vanilla. Played for 3 days straight, only stopping for food and bathroom breaks.