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  1. This actually happened to me the other day. Was working on a project for school when my computer randomly shut down and started "upgrading" to Windows 10. Freaked me out. Luckily, it does allow you to restore your old operating system within 30 days of switching and no damage was done. Turning off automatic updates will help prevent this from happening, but if you're already getting notices about upgrading, then turning off automatic updates won't stop it. Automatic updates installs some program that is responsible for pestering you about Windows 10 and eventually "scheduling" your computer to be automatically "upgraded". That's the problem child. If it isn't removed, it will keep pestering you and will auto "upgrade" your computer. Once removed, turn auto update off so that it doesn't get installed again. I forget what it's name is, but you should be able to Google it.
  2. Here's my guess at what will happen. Kylo Ren is Han and Leia's kid. Kylo learns of his grandfather, Vader, and seeks to follow in his footsteps. This causes Han to feel like he failed as a father and leaves Leia. Kylo comes across the Knights of Ren, who wish to restore the Galactic Empire. He joins them and being a descendant of Vader quickly becomes one of the most powerful of the Knights. Obsessed with Vader, Kylo seeks out his Uncle Luke to retrieve his grandfather's light saber. He finds the planet where Luke has been hiding and raids it. During the raid, storm trooper Finn finds Luke and Luke tells him of the Force and the Jedi. He tells Finn that he has the Force and is to be a Jedi. Luke gives Finn the light saber and then Luke goes to fight Kylo Ren. Similar to Obi Wan, Luke will die at the hands of Kylo and become a ghost of the Force. Finn's faith in the First Order is shaken by this and leads to his rebellion and crash landing on Jakku. Finn runs into Rey who appears to be a scavenger. Secretly though, Rey is actually Kylo Ren's twin sister. When Kylo went dark and Han left, Rey became very lost and ran away, no longer wanting to learn about the Force. She ended up on Jakku, where she scavenged wrecks from the Galactic Civil War to help others at no charge. She found the wreck of the Millennium Falcon, her dad's old ship that was lost during the Battle of Jakku. She fixed it up and was using it as a home base. She was enjoying her simple life. When Han learns of the death of Luke, he goes to find his daughter Rey in order to bring her to Leia so that she can finish learning about the Force. Rey tells Han that Finn has the Force and should take him instead of her. The first order then attacks Jakku after learning that Finn has Anakin's light saber. With out a choice, Rey and Finn leave with Han and Chewbacca on the Falcon. They escape to the New Republic base on the foresty planet. Finn presents the light saber he has to Leia, sorry for what role he played in her brother's death. She then gives it back saying "it's yours now". Before training can begin, the first order attacks in force. The Republic holds the first order back, but then Kylo Ren unleashes his new super weapon on the base. Finn and Rey escape the destruction with some of the Republic X-wing pilots like Poe Dameron. Unfortunately, Han and Leia do not escape in time and are killed in the blast. The republic is at a loss now without Leia leading them. Rey just lost her father and mother. Finn is now also at a loss because of what his order did and now no one can train him. This is when Luke appears to both Rey and Finn comforting them and giving them hope that all is not lost. The Republic then finds the wintery planet where the first order built their super weapon. They make a plan to go and destroy it. During the battle, Finn gets hunted down by Kylo and ends up fighting him with Anakin's lightsaber in the forest. Kylo is much more powerful then Finn and quickly over powers him. Kylo then reveals to Finn that he is the grandson of Vader, son of Han and Leia. He then tries to show Finn why the First Order is right and that they must follow in the foot steps of the Chosen One, Vader. This is when Han and Leia both confront Kylo as force ghosts. They tell him the truth of Vader and that following his dark path is wrong. He will be a pawn just as Vader was. Too far gone to the Dark Side, Kylo doesn't believe them and thinks it's a trick. Finn then attacks catching Kylo off guard. Kylo flees seeing that he has been bested, for now. The Republic push the First Order back and destroy the super weapon. But how many have the First Order built? Why did the Republic not know sooner? Who will lead the Republic with Leia dead? Rey reluctantly takes up the role as leader of the Republic. Finn goes off to continue his training with Luke. Kylo returns to the First Order. He begins to doubt his following of his grandfather. Instead of looking up to Vader, he now hates him. He then hates his mother and father for making him doubt, driving him even farther down the dark side. What happens next? We'll see in episode VIII. That's what I think anyway. Totally a shot in the dark.
  3. With Episode VII coming up, I thought this would be fun to discuss. It's a hot topic among Star Wars fans and one I have given much thought to. You've got Release Order, Chronological Order, Original Order, Alternating Order, Flashback Order, and the Machete Order. Having done my own experimentation and considering several factors, there is an order that, in my opinion, is superior to all the previously mentioned orders. Yes, even better than the mighty Machete order everyone goes on about as "The proper way to watch Star Wars". I call this order the Double Flashback. It is in the category of shorter orders as Episode I is omitted from the main viewing. The order is as follows... IV-II-V-III-VI As you may have noticed, this is only slightly different from Machete. Machete was my go to until I came up with this. I still hold it as second, but I feel it is sub par to this new order. The initial reaction to this proposal is usually along the lines of, "Da heck is that? That'd be confusing as FUUUU..." Hear me out. I do have reasons for it being this way. 3 actually. First up is what I call "Prequel Fatigue". It is a thing. In my marathoning experience I've noticed this take place among the viewers, including myself. It's most noticeable in Release Order marathons where by about half way through Episode II you get "Star Warsed Out" and feel like watching the movies has now become a chore instead of enjoyable. While less common in the other orders, this phenomenon causes many a Star Wars fan to give up midway because it's no longer enjoyable. Even during Machete marathons near the end of Episode III this phenomenon occurs. Episodes II and III have brought you down to the point where you just don't care to see Jedi anymore and just quit. I've discovered this is caused by watching prequels back to back. While the originals will get you energized to watch more, the prequels, when put together, draw more energy than the originals gave you leaving you worn out before the marathon is over. This is one reason why II and III are divide by V, the strongest of the 5 you will watch. The anticipation of V gets you through II and the high you get from watching V gets you through III and lets you enjoy the journey to VI rather than it feeling like work. Pacing is another reason for the structure of the order. While similar to "Prequal Fatigue" this is more for the rhythm of the marathon. One of my main issues with Machete is the jarring transition to Episode II and III. After watching a New Hope and Empire, you're ready for Jedi more than you are watching prequels. It feels like you hit pause on Star Wars to go watch a sub par Star Wars before you finish. By alternating between one story to another, it feels like two stories that blend instead of conflict. They run side by side instead of one jumping in to "ruin the fun". Now instead of feeling jarring, it's expected to go to III after V as that is the pattern established by IV-II-V. Because you already know the characters in the past going into V, you then want to see what happens in III to make all that happen in V. Also between each movie is an implied time span. When watching the movies in order, this passing of time feels lost between movies. By jumping back and forth in time after each movie, your brain more easily accepts that a couple of years/months/days has passed since you last saw these characters. To sum up, it establishes a rhythm for the marathon to follow that builds anticipation rather than a jarring jump back. Finally is Story Arc. This is the primary reason I believe this order to be superior to all others. It lays out the story for the best enjoyment. Anyone who knows how to write a good book knows that the best part of the story should happen about 2/3 through the story. I think most will agree that this moment in Star Wars is the fight between Vader and Luke in Empire. In the original trilogy, this was true as each movie is about 2 hrs flat. That fight happens about an 1:30 to 1:45 into Empire, placing it to be around 2/3 through the 3 movies when played back to back. This is the downfall of Machete. It places this fight in the first 1/3 of the marathon. After this it's all down hill. To place the best stuff in the beginning throws the story arc out of balance and crashes once you watch the prequels. This is why I've moved it to the middle placing it as close to 2/3 as possible without causing more damage. Now you have a strong start, a while not so good second act, it does leave interesting plot points going in to V, followed by the best of the 5 you will watch, then trailing off with an ok movie, and then finishing with a better than ok movie. This order places the highs and lows where they should be for a good, exciting story. All the other orders screw this arc up and ruin the fun fact of going through the story. The only one that gets close is Alternating, but starting with Episode I is such a poor and confusing way to start that it's not healthy for a good engaging story experience. This is why Episode I is omitted and I consider it to be additive, but not part of the main plot, much like Clone Wars or Rebels is. So what do you think? Will you give Double Flashback a shot at your next marathon? What's your favorite order? Vote above and discuss below!
  4. I'll be honest, I never played the Fallout series. I can now pick up Fallout 3 for $5 or $12 with all dlc. Same for New Vegas. What's yalls opinion of the games? Any must have mods for PC? Which of the 2 is better? DLC's a must have or a nice to have?
  5. Here are some before and after pics
  6. How to AJSAafiy any paint scheme with Photoshop: 100% hue the color red on the whole plane. This makes it so the only colors you get are Red, White, Grey, and Black. 50% flow desaturate with the sponge tool over the whole plane. This gets rid of the odd redish hue/pink all over the plane and makes greys grey and blacks black ect. 50% flow burn shadows over the whole plane. This darkens the colors, gives a more dirty/used look and helps remove any lingering pinks on the plane. This isn't a 100% method but it works pretty well 90% of the time. Of course if you want custom designs and logos it takes additional work, but for an AJSA feel with minimal work, this works pretty well. It takes like 10 sec for me to do so if you don't have photoshop and just want this quick convert, hit me up with the files and I can convert it real quick. I'll work on some examples here so you can see what it does.
  7. Imma just post these... Feel free to use AJSA Community
  8. For all yall that want some HD Screens You're welcome.
  9. School has kept me too busy as well. Totally understand this move. I'll go ahead and volunteer to be removed so a more active player can take my spot. I will return once I'm finished up with schooling. Keep flying with honor brothers and see you in 2015. IGN: Vinstar59
  10. Is there a minimum plane rank/nation requirement? Exp: Must have at least 3, Rank II planes in either Germany or Britain.
  11. IGN: Vinstar59
  12. Something I've been doing during February is painting the tails of my planes red to honor the Tuskegee Airmen, being that it is Black History Month here is the US. I've yet to unlock the P-51 Mustang, so I'm not 100% accurate, but it's my little way to honor their service to their country and the role they played in the fight to end segregation. What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpA6TC0T_Lw
  13. MERICA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i6rCele9bM
  14. Ban request sounds catchier to me than ban appeal. Maybe it's an American thing, idk, but if someone was being a jerk on one of our servers, I'd go to one of the higher ups and request he be banned from our servers. To say that I'd go to appeal to the higher ups for a player to be banned just sounds odd. I'm used to hearing appeal when something is nice and pleasant. Banning someone is anything but. Request sounds official, straight forward, and serious. Idk it may just be a different use of English, but request makes more sense to me.