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  1. Game: Tick Tock Isle Platform: PC Play Time: ~90 mins Tick Tock Isle is a "platformer" game about a guy trying to fix a clock. The reason I put the word "platformer" in quotes is because I hesitate to classify the game as one. While there are some elements of a platformer in there, the actual platforming is kept to minigames that constitute only about 5-10% of the entire game. The rest is just roaming around doing little tasks. The gameplay is admittedly my biggest problem with Tick Tock Isle - on top of the game world feeling like a maze despite its small size, you have to go back and forth between two different time periods, which can only be done in one very specific place, and that makes the whole thing tedious as shit. However, the game does manage to salvage itself slightly with its sense of humor and audiovisual department. Rating: 3 / 5
  2. Game: Metroid: Zero Mission Platform: GBA Play Time: 4 h 25 min (in-game) Now perhaps shockingly, Metroid: Zero Mission was in fact not my entry point into the Metroid franchise - I'd owned Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime: Hunters for a good while prior to getting this one. However, Metroid: Zero Mission did have the honor of being the first Metroid game I've beaten. And oh boy, was it an experience. The music was a definite highlight for me, with the boss battles coming in at a very close second. Of course, the rest of the game was great as well - at least for the most part. The only thing I disliked was the stealth section that kicked off the second "half" of the game. Rating: 4 / 5
  3. On my behalf, welcome to AJSA. c:
  4. Alright, here we go again! First game of the year beaten - on the first day of the year, no less. Game: Strider [2014] Platform: PC Play Time: 7.2 hrs I honestly didn't expect to buy Strider at any point, much less play and beat it, but well... Here we are. Now Strider is a game that you can't play too carelessly, which kind of goes against the way I'm wired to play. But that's not to say that the ride wasn't enjoyable, because it was. For the most part. My only real points of complaint are how the controls work in the "zero-gravity" areas, which disoriented me slightly, and the boss battles that utilized them. Other than that, Strider was a fun ride - nice visuals, spot-on sound design, kick-ass music, satisfying gameplay with Metroidvania-style progression. Rating: 4 / 5
  5. Game: Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Platform: PC Play Time: 7.7 hrs It'd been a while since I played the original Life Is Strange, so I took it upon myself to buy LIS2 and Before the Storm for myself as early Christmas gifts. And having just finished the latter, I remembered why I loved the original game so much. The emotional impact of BtS, while not necessarily as strong, was very similar to that of LIS1, which was more or less expected given how the story played out. In fact, BtS was similar to LIS1 in more ways than that, which makes it sort of hard to talk about on its own merits. In any case, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm was a great experience throughout. Rating: 5 / 5
  6. Game: DUSK Platform: PC Play Time: ~5 hrs It's no secret that I love me some old-school FPS action. Now DUSK was a game I'd had my eyes on since its initial announcement, and I even purchased it while it was still in Early Access. But I refrained from playing it until it was done. And once I did... Holy shit, did it impress me. You can tell from the level design alone that the game was crafted with love by a team of old-school FPS lovers like myself. But that's by no means all - the weapons are satisfying, the enemy roster is varied and interesting, the sound design is top-notch, the visuals are eye-catching. The game even managed to invoke a legitimate sense of dread with some of its level and enemy designs, which is something I don't experience a lot these days. And Andrew Hulshult's phenomenal soundtrack is the perfect metaphorical cherry on top of the metaphorical cake. I don't hesitate at all to say that DUSK is nothing short of a masterpiece. Rating: 5 / 5
  7. Game: Stories: The Path of Destinies Platform: PC Play Time: 5.3 hrs I went into Stories: The Path of Destinies pretty much completely blind, knowing next to nothing about it and with no specific expectations. And the game turned out decent. The game tells the story of Reynardo, a fox mercenary or some such, as he attempts to save the world through trial and error - quite literally, as it's a central game mechanic, only not in the usual, frustrating way. Essentially, you play through several storylines by picking between two or three different options at key points in the story, and some of them reveal "Truths". Once you've discovered four different Truths, you'll unlock the final "stage" where you finally save the world successfully. While the concept is interesting, visiting the same locales and fighting the same battles for several times in a row does get old pretty quickly, and the combat isn't very engaging either. Thankfully the game keeps you engaged in other ways, namely by means of a crafting system and optional paths, some of which can only be unlocked with a specific sword. The audiovisual department is overall satisfactory. With all that said, unless you're intrigued by the concept of a trial-and-error story in which you have to fail a bunch of times before you can win, I hesitate to recommend Stories: The Path of Destinies. Rating: 3 / 5
  8. I'm just happy that Julia's joining the fray in Tekken 7 as well.
  9. If the author of a book is told to change something in the book, that's usually a responsibility held by the editor rather than the publisher. Even then, I've never heard of cases where the author was told to change the book's contents to a radical extent - whatever changes appear in a book are generally just minor edits, e.g. for clarification or whatnot. That said, there was a time when female authors had to use code names if they wanted to get published, since publishers only published male authors.
  10. Game: Oxenfree Platform: PC Play Time: 4.7 hrs I'll be the first to admit that I'm not quite sure what I expected out of Oxenfree. But whatever I expected or didn't expect out of it, it surprised me positively. I found myself falling in love with just about everything about the game - the visuals, the sound design, the music, the atmosphere, the voice acting, the gameplay, the effects reminiscent of old TVs or VHSs... I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to talk about the game in detail because it was just that awesome. Definitely worth a replay or two as well. Rating: 5 / 5
  11. Game: Shadow Complex Remastered Platform: PC Play Time: 5.5 hrs A decent little Metroidvania. The story may have been slightly clichéd, but I didn't mind it too much. The visuals, while rather monotonous, did their job adequately, and the sound design was pretty good. The voice actors also did their jobs commendably. Music was okay but nothing to write home about. The gameplay was fine for the most part - if nothing else, at least it tickled my Metroidvania itch with its semi-non-linear progression. However, the game was perhaps too "hand-holdy" in the way that it points you to the next objective. That and the bosses were kind of samey and anticlimactic. Rating: 3 / 5
  12. I'm sorry, who are you?
  13. Game: Shadowrun Returns Platform: PC Play Time: 9.8 hrs Now, I like cyberpunk. I hesitate to call myself a huge fan of the genre, however, as it's fairly new to me. In any case, Shadowrun Returns successfully tickled that itch of mine with its presentation. The art style and soundtrack were both excellent and fit together well. Sound design wasn't bad either. The story of the game was interesting - without spoiling too much, you're working for a dead man trying to solve the mystery behind his death. I don't have much to say about the gameplay, though, since Shadowrun's particular gameplay style is unfamiliar to me, but I can say that on Easy difficulty, the game felt admittedly easy but still challenging enough to throw me off guard on a few occasions. Rating: 4 / 5
  14. Game: Blood Platform: PC Play Time: ??? It's no secret that I love my FPS games, especially those of the '90s variety. And Blood is a game that managed to tickle that itch of mine in satisfying ways. The level design, while non-linear, is still admirably straightforward in that I almost never got lost. The only exception to that would be the puzzle in E3M6. The visual style is beautifully grotesque and conveys the game's atmosphere almost creepily well, considering Blood is a '90s FPS title. The sound department is also great, although there's depressingly little variety in the game's musical offerings. The gameplay is, in a nutshell, classic FPS goodness - I'm hard-pressed to name anything particularly good or bad about it. This I can say, though: Blood was a damn good time. Rating: 4 / 5
  15. The natural evolution of video game spec requirements.