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  1. Game: Descent Platform: PC Play Time: ~7.5 hrs I didn't know much about Descent prior to jumping into it, other than it's a series that made its beginnings in the DOS era. But I ended up quite enjoying the 6DOF space shooter. Now I played the DOSBox-powered Steam version of the game, and one thing I have to say is I'm surprised how fluidly the game controls for a DOS game from 1995. The feel really was spot-on. The soundtrack was the game's uncontested highlight, followed closely by the delightfully crusty early 3D graphics. Gameplay was fun for the most part, counting out some dickish design elements in some levels - a particularly frustrating example was having to somehow weave between a dozen homing rockets with next to no cover - and a couple enemy types that caused insurmountable amounts of grief. The two boss battles weren't particularly fun either. At any rate, Descent was overall a pretty fine package, and I'm looking forward to playing the two sequels. Rating: 4 / 5
  2. Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Platform: GBA Play Time: ~7 hrs (in-game time) Ah, Castlevania - another classic franchise I'd been meaning to try out for years. And Aria of Sorrow had the honor of being my entry point into the franchise. Overall, the game turned out to be quite enjoyable and had a damn good audiovisual department to boot. Perhaps my only real criticism towards the game is that it seems to be pretty reliant on grinding in order to make any notable progress, but other than that, I enjoyed Aria of Sorrow thoroughly. Rating: 4 / 5
  3. Game: Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Platform: PC Play Time: 5.2 hrs I jumped into Beatbuddy knowing next to nothing about it, and what I found was a decent 2D side-scrolling adventure game with a flair of delightful uniqueness. In Beatbuddy, you swim around, collect things, solve puzzles and kill the occasional enemy, all the while listening to an admittedly catchy soundtrack that dynamically adapts itself to what's happening in-game. Next to the music, the visuals and sound design are also quite good. The gameplay I have mixed feelings about; while it was mostly fine, I wasn't a fan of how some gameplay gimmicks were introduced in a few of the levels. As for the puzzles, they were mostly fine as well, but there were a few that frankly overstayed their welcome, and there was a particular section in the final level that caused me more deaths alone than the rest of the levels did combined. My biggest gripe, though, lies with the few sections in the game that relied on being as fast as possible - which isn't helped at all by the fact that the "fast-swimming" controls are incredibly slippery - and seemed to rely on trial and error to boot. Speaking of trial and error, one of the puzzles in the game involved picking out the correct "key" from a pile of them (all of which were identical as well) and placing it in the "hole" in order to progress. That puzzle made me facepalm and is a prime example of bad game design. With all that said, I honestly hesitate to recommend Beatbuddy, as much as I would want to because the game's audiovisual department is worth the price of admission. But not so much the gameplay. Rating: 3 / 5
  4. Game: Her Story Platform: PC Play Time: 1.6 hrs For once, I'm at a loss for words as to how I felt about Her Story. All I found myself doing in this "game" was half-mindlessly typing words into a search box and watching a bunch of video clips - there's no actual gameplay to speak of here. I didn't even pay much attention to the story. I guess there's some sense of enjoyment to be gotten from filtering all of the useless bullshit and actually putting it together, but honestly, Her Story has a chance to become incredibly tedious unless you know what to look for. It certainly did for me. Not giving this one a rating yet, but I might do when/if I play it some more.
  5. Game: Gyossait: Deluxe Edition Platform: PC Play Time: ~45 mins I remember playing the creepy Flash game Gyossait back when it appeared on Newgrounds in 2011, but I never actually finished it. Well, apparently the game was re-released on itch.io and was on sale for 100% off, so I seized the opportunity and grabbed it. The main thing Gyossait has going for it is the atmosphere: the art style, sound design and music all come together and create a distinct overall aesthetic that, in my honest opinion, outdoes most indie horror games. The gameplay is extremely simplistic but works well in the game's favor, with relatively few gameplay mechanics. The overall experience is only brought down by two things: the floaty controls and the disappointingly short length. Rating: 4 / 5
  6. Game: Shantae and the Seven Sirens Platform: PC Play Time: ~11 hrs Shantae and the Seven Sirens was definitely one of my most anticipated game releases this year, and I'm happy to report that the quality at display here is just as great as in the prior entries. The updated art style is top-notch, the animations are spot-on and the soundtrack is head-boppingly good, with the music to Sunken Shipyard being a particular stand-out. The sound design and voice acting are also great. The gameplay goes back to the Metroidvania-esque style of two games ago after the more "detached" progression of Half-Genie Hero, which was ultimately a perfect choice in my opinion. Seven Sirens also does away with transformation dances in favor of "instant transformations", which does a good job of improving fluidity in the gameplay, though certain types of dances do still exist as well. The boss battles are perhaps some of the best in the series yet, with mechanics that really make you utilize your moveset. The only thing that leaves a little to be desired is the animated cutscenes - in what's otherwise a very professional-feeling game, they felt like they were made by amateurs in comparison. Other than that, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is yet another great entry in the series and gets my recommendation. Rating: 4 / 5
  7. Game: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Platform: PC Play Time: 11.4 hrs Ori and the Blind Forest grew to be one of my all-time favorite games back when I played it in 2015, so my expectations for the sequel were astronomically high. And I'm happy to report that Ori and the Will of the Wisps met them and then some. The game looks just as beautiful as its predecessor, the music is just as great (if not better even), and the gameplay, while not necessarily an improvement over the original formula, is just as fun. I was positively surprised that the game even introduced boss battles, all of which were a fun and engaging challenge. The only thing I didn't enjoy as much about Wil of the Wisps were the escape sequences, which bordered on the bullshit on occasion. Overall, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a damn great sequel to one of my favorite games of 2015. Rating: 5 / 5
  8. Game: Neversong Platform: PC Play Time: 4.3 hrs Disclaimer: I backed this game on Kickstarter. A new game from the guy behind 2017's Pinstripe, Neversong (formerly known as Once Upon a Coma) follows a boy named Peet as he looks for his lost girlfriend Wren. The game has a very pleasing art style, and the sound department is also rather good. The soundtrack does its job adequately, although it isn't particularly stellar. The gameplay was mostly enjoyable, with only a couple minor annoyances: first off, having to go back to the piano in Redwind Village and play the songs you acquire in order to obtain new items got slightly tedious, and second, there was one particularly frustrating enemy I didn't really care for. The amount of camera shake in the final boss was also slightly obnoxious - an option to turn it off would have been greatly appreciated. Overall, though, Neversong was a fairly fun, if quite short experience. Rating: 4 / 5
  9. Game: Ys Seven Platform: PC Play Time: ~19 hrs Ever since I got into the Ys series, it has slowly grown to become one of my all-time favorite game franchises. The quality at display across almost all games has been shockingly consistent, and Ys Seven is no exception. The story was great, albeit with some less-than-pleasant plot twists, but the ending made up for those by making me cry, which is a rare occurrence for me as far as video games go. Audiovisual department was top-notch, and the gameplay was simple but satisfying. Highlights included a puzzle involving lasers in the Well of Souls, the Dragon Sanctums and the final boss. All in all, Ys Seven was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and it's easily tied with Ys Origin for my favorite Ys game. Rating: 5 / 5
  10. Skins are mere cosmetic enhancements. They have no impact on the gameplay itself. And if they do, they're not skins.
  11. Considering the likelihood that the delays are for the sole reason that the developers can slap an extra layer of polish on these games, I'd say this is anything but a tragedy.
  12. Hello and welcome! c:
  13. Game: Vampyr Platform: PC Play Time: 12.8 hrs Man, what an adventure this one was. Vampyr gripped me instantly with its setting and story, which is something that doesn't happen very often. Set in early 20th-century London, you assume the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a human-turned-vampire who takes it upon himself to find out what's going on in the city and eventually cleanse it of the vampire epidemic running rampant. The gameplay seems to be a combination of basic hack-and-slash action with some RPG elements, most notably the skill and level-up system. While the combat system is nothing to write home about, it did feel intuitive and forced me to strategize every so often, if relatively rarely. The game's audiovisual department, though, is simply top-notch. The soundtrack in particular complements the game's atmosphere perfectly and has a few stand-out tracks to rival the most popular Final Fantasy tunes. The only major drawback to me is that the engine isn't as well-optimized as it could be, as my framerate dropped well below 60fps in more than a few places, but the game was still plenty playable despite that. Thanks to the anonymous person who gifted me this! Rating: 4 / 5
  14. Nobody's talking about the fact that YouTube plans on removing content that isn't "commercially viable" starting next month? That's frankly much more concerning than the COPPA shit.
  15. Either that or an oddly specific bug.