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  1. ThomasTix liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in GAMES BEATEN BY THE AJSA (2020)   
    Game: Gyossait: Deluxe Edition
    Platform: PC
    Play Time: ~45 mins
    I remember playing the creepy Flash game Gyossait back when it appeared on Newgrounds in 2011, but I never actually finished it. Well, apparently the game was re-released on itch.io and was on sale for 100% off, so I seized the opportunity and grabbed it. The main thing Gyossait has going for it is the atmosphere: the art style, sound design and music all come together and create a distinct overall aesthetic that, in my honest opinion, outdoes most indie horror games. The gameplay is extremely simplistic but works well in the game's favor, with relatively few gameplay mechanics. The overall experience is only brought down by two things: the floaty controls and the disappointingly short length.
    Rating: 4 / 5
  2. summercyrus liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in GAMES BEATEN BY THE AJSA (2020)   
    Game: Shantae and the Seven Sirens
    Platform: PC
    Play Time: ~11 hrs
    Shantae and the Seven Sirens was definitely one of my most anticipated game releases this year, and I'm happy to report that the quality at display here is just as great as in the prior entries. The updated art style is top-notch, the animations are spot-on and the soundtrack is head-boppingly good, with the music to Sunken Shipyard being a particular stand-out. The sound design and voice acting are also great. The gameplay goes back to the Metroidvania-esque style of two games ago after the more "detached" progression of Half-Genie Hero, which was ultimately a perfect choice in my opinion. Seven Sirens also does away with transformation dances in favor of "instant transformations", which does a good job of improving fluidity in the gameplay, though certain types of dances do still exist as well. The boss battles are perhaps some of the best in the series yet, with mechanics that really make you utilize your moveset. The only thing that leaves a little to be desired is the animated cutscenes - in what's otherwise a very professional-feeling game, they felt like they were made by amateurs in comparison. Other than that, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is yet another great entry in the series and gets my recommendation.
    Rating: 4 / 5
  3. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in GAMES BEATEN BY THE AJSA (2020)   
    Let other AJSA members know what games you have finished this year. Post a few words about what you thought of the game, a longer review, a video review or footage, screenshots, etc. Feel free to discuss the games we've beaten or to talk to others about them. For a game to be considered beaten either finish the single player portion of the game or, for games without campaigns (MMOs, sports games, multiplayer only games, etc), play to a point where you have seen what the game has to offer. Not going to be counting DLCs as individual games (as that could get confusing) but feel free to post your thoughts on them as that is also the point of the thread. If it is an expansion that was sold separately or stand alone content like Shogun 2's Fall of the Samurai I will count that. Episodic games will count as one game, not a game per episode, but feel free to mention each one if you want to discuss each episode individually.
    If you want to see what people thought of a certain game or see how many people have played it you can use the search function near the top right of the page and type in the game's title, just switch the search option to be for this topic.
    I'll keep track of how many games we each have finished to see who has been playing the most and what our combined total is for the year.
    Total Games Completed: 160
    Games Completed By Member
    Kaz32: 89
    Legolas_Katarn: 64
    Madfinnishgamer38: 4
    awesomefoo123: 3
    Old Threads
    Late 2015 (Completed 225)
    2016 (Completed 626)
    2017 (Completed 371)
    2018 (Completed 302)
    2019 (Completed 251)
  4. MJProjects liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in The Future of YT   
    Nobody's talking about the fact that YouTube plans on removing content that isn't "commercially viable" starting next month?
    That's frankly much more concerning than the COPPA shit.
  5. BigRonO liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Has anyone backed a game on Kickstarter before?   
    I've backed a few games on Kickstarter, with probably my biggest contribution being towards Beautiful Desolation. Also backed Anew: The Distant Light, Life Forge RPG and Evergate.
  6. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Wondering?   
    You needn't worry. You'll be set for a while.
  7. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Games Beaten By the AJSA (2019)   
    Alright, here we go again! First game of the year beaten - on the first day of the year, no less.
    Game: Strider [2014]
    Platform: PC
    Play Time: 7.2 hrs
    I honestly didn't expect to buy Strider at any point, much less play and beat it, but well... Here we are. Now Strider is a game that you can't play too carelessly, which kind of goes against the way I'm wired to play. But that's not to say that the ride wasn't enjoyable, because it was. For the most part. My only real points of complaint are how the controls work in the "zero-gravity" areas, which disoriented me slightly, and the boss battles that utilized them. Other than that, Strider was a fun ride - nice visuals, spot-on sound design, kick-ass music, satisfying gameplay with Metroidvania-style progression.
    Rating: 4 / 5
  8. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Private Bedomy, reporting for duty   
    On my behalf, welcome to the AJSA. c:
  9. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in [SOLVED] Games suddenly lagging after hard reset   
    Yep, a refresh of Windows did the trick.
  10. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Games Beaten By the AJSA (2018)   
    Game: Crash Team Racing
    Platform: PS1
    Play Time: ???
    Ah, the memories with this one... I played and enjoyed the shit out of CTR as a kid. It's a shame that I only got a physical copy of this game fairly recently by buying it off of a friend. Anyway, I really don't have much to say about this classic kart racing game. It's damn near perfect - great visuals, satisfying sound design, top-notch soundtrack and ridiculously fun gameplay. My only real criticism is that the boss races can be annoying with how they spam their respective powerups, but that's ultimately a fairly minor annoyance. I've also got to say that my victory against Nitrous Oxide on my first attempt came unexpectedly.
    Rating: 5 / 5
  11. PlasticFrogCG liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    I haven't lost my social life to gaming. I merely socialize selectively.
  12. PlasticFrogCG liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    I haven't lost my social life to gaming. I merely socialize selectively.
  13. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    No thanks. I'd much rather buy games I actually want instead of a bunch of random (and potentially horrible) games I never asked for.
  14. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    No thanks. I'd much rather buy games I actually want instead of a bunch of random (and potentially horrible) games I never asked for.
  15. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Games Beaten By the AJSA (2017)   
    Game: Ys I (Ys I & II Chronicles+)
    Platform: PC
    Play Time: 7.1 hrs
    I'd been wanting to check out the Ys series for a while before laying my hands on this game, and my initial experience with the series was certainly... okay. Not bad by any means, but the experience was held back by some minor annoyances - details naturally coming up. Anyway, this was a cool little RPG game. I wasn't too focused on the story in my playthrough, but the few bits and pieces I did focus on I enjoyed. Visuals were good and the soundtrack was AMAZING. Sound design wasn't half-bad either. Gameplay was rather enjoyable for the most part, especially with the fluidity of the combat system. I will admit, though, that it did take some getting used to. No major complaints, with the exception of the penultimate and final bosses. The final boss especially was utter BS - easily the hardest boss battle of any game I've ever played - and I felt like it relied more on luck than anything else. I don't even understand how I managed to take him down while only losing about half of my health on my umpteenth try.
    Rating: 4/5 stars
  16. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in What are your thoughts on Quake Champions?   
    What is "Quake's day"? Quake is fun and I for one would love to see a new Quake game, DOOM and Wolfenstein were revivals done well and thus I'm inclined to believe they can handle Quake as well, ID Software know what they are doing. (PS: Sorry Wolfenstein:The New Order is actually NOT developed by ID Software, it's actually from MachineGames) 
    Besides there's plenty of "New games" around, if you don't like the idea of a new Quake for some inexplicable reason don't play it.
    But again, with Halo,Overwatch and DOOM's Call of Duty-like Multiplayer I think Quake is exactly what people need right now, something to remind them what an ACTUAL ARENA SHOOTER is.
  17. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in Difficulty in Video Games   
    This is partly inspired from a comment exchange on Joe's Outlast II Review: ( Time Stamp: 09:43 )
    I think Joe's criticism is completely reasonable but a lot of people actually said stuff like "Well you're playing on the highest difficulty Joe, sheesh modern gamers are so spoiled, such filthy casuals, why play on the hardest difficulty and bitch that it's hard?"
    Now... obviously I took some liberties on what was actually said  and I'm paraphrasing even though the original conversation was lost somewhere between mountains of "Do more Angry Reviews" and "Del is fat" which are all *obviously* valid criticisms and have never been said before and thus need to be repeated, you can still see examples of what I mean:

    It's a relatively recent comment ( 1 week ago ) and has a decent amount of likes, which I will personally see as people who agree with his statement.
    Now with the proper context provided let me try and tackle this criticism, first of all can we all agree that unless the challenge provided by the difficulty is fair it suggests lazy, or bad design?
    Obviously you can make every game hard if you increase every NPC's health and damage tenfold but is that the best design we can muster for the difficulty, is it even good? Specifically in Outlast II that wouldn't make the game harder because, you can't fight back at all, it's run or hide, so how can we make that harder?
    Well I pointed out Thief:The Dark Project (Not the ReBoot )

    , which as the title suggests is a Stealth game, the difference between Normal and Expert isn't "Guards can now see you through walls and hear you even if you didn't make any sounds"
    The differences are much more appropriate, such as:
    Total amount of Gold you need to acquire in the Mission in order to proceed
    Total amount of Objectives you need to complete in order to proceed, for example on Normal you might find a note suggesting there's a valuable item somewhere around that's not essential or tied to the mission's purpose, and you can choose whether to pursue it as it is a side objective, but on Expert you NEED to do it, as it is counted as a main objective
    Total amount of Guards in the mission
    You cannot kill ANYONE, which is largely irrelevant as you literally cannot fight your way through the game, you know... because it's an actual Stealth game... but is an inconvenience admittedly 
    Placement of gems, pouches of gold and amount of gold are altered, patrols may be changed as to prevent easy and convenient routes... Let me provide an in-game example, notice how on anything less than Expert Basso the Boxman is not even mentioned!

    Now notice how none of those changes alter the AI but still make the game's missions harder and longer without creating any sort of "unfairness"? Isn't that objectively a better way to create difficulty? Since it doesn't make the enemies blind and deaf while also doesn't make them like Superman because they have X-Ray vision and super hearing? Doesn't it also cost less of the budget and is generally faster than fiddling with the AI? I suppose there's still a place for such a challenge in the form of handicap, but I think Thief's difficulty is handles much better than Outlast II.
    But one could argue that this method is not flawless, as the AI is still competent on all difficulties so even one guard may prove a challenge too great for someone new to the game or genre, there's always one solution though:

    But in all seriousness I'd counter by asking what being "good" at Stealth games really comes down to? Patience and map awareness, you observe the guard, you take a mental note of his path, wait for him to pass and sneak past successfully, being impatient is actually the source of the so called "bad at stealth" bullshit and people who are impatient are inherently not the targeted demographic of Stealth games, so the problem is non-existent.
    Now with the hiding covered *ba dum tss* we can move on to running, how can that be made harder? Well, that's fairly easy, there's a whole genre based around making running hard and convoluted, platforming:

     Outlast II's take is certainly not as good as it could be, I'm not sure if the confusion on where to run to is intended or not but it's unreasonable to deny it's effect on the difficulty "Oh no, I was seen and now I have to run for my life, oh shit this level is deliberately made like a maze so I don't really know where to run towards" that COULD be fun for a specific level, once or twice but not ALL GAME LONG for sure.
    Why would you frustrate the players like that? Especially when you keep in mind that an angry person is less likely to be scared by the game/movie/ETC, and so your Horror game fails, hard. Why would you create the illusion of open ended levels? I often criticize shitty FPS games like Call of Duty for the linear level design, a literal straight line with one turn along the way with some "enemy intel" and a dead end, but that would have been better for Outlast II, because that path you'll need to run through can have obstacles placed on it, and thus make timing important " Oh I pressed jump too soon/too late and I couldn't get past this branch, now I'm caught and dead... " 
    Anyway I actually wanted to cover more genres of games such as FPS so we could address "Bullet sponges" and such, but I feel this is already too long and most likely boring, but what do you think? Did Thief nail challenge despite being 19 years old? Or am I just overpraising workarounds due to the technical limitations developers had back then, and most importantly, why? Thanks for reading.
  18. StraightUpMelon liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in E3 2017   
    Smart move on their part, far as I'm concerned. Either way, I can't really say I'm excited for anything in particular this year. But we'll see how many games manage to catch my interest.
  19. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Why did the last guardian and FFXV take so long to make?   
    Unless someone writes up a history of development like Starcraft Ghost recently had you won't know everything. Game development is a lengthy and complicated process. Tech changed, people on the projects changed, gameplay elements change, the entire focus and connection to previous titles changed when it came to Final Fantasy XV.
  20. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Rain in Resident Evil 7 Reviews   
    Damn, they went to work reviewing that game. It must have been placed high on the radar to see if the horror "revival" would come to light.
  21. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in "Space Trucker" massive asset rip & copyright infringement   
    True, but it only costs about $100 to put a game on Steam so even when you factor in the cost of development, (which lets be honest in this case,  is practically zero) they would have to make 10 sales or so to start making a profit.  So if you put out 5 games like this and each one gets even a very modest 100 sales you've made about $7000.
    I know it's an open platform that's designed to be more accessible to independent developers than XBox Live or PSN but Steam really needs better quality control.  There's even some that take asset packs from SDK's (Software Development Kit's) and then put them up for sale on Steam completely unaltered!  Crap like comes out all the time and has got to stop!
  22. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in Can modders revive a server in an old online game?   
    I would imagine not, simply on the basis that they would need to set up a server to run it and make sure the game could not only spot it but use it for the multiplayer. Which would require much more than a simple mod. But that is only a guess on my part.
  23. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Dishonored 2's PC port is apparently.... dogshit. Again with this???   
    Pretty glad I don't usually get PC games on launch anymore. Always better to wait for a price drop or some "Complete Edition". By the time that happens, patches to fix stuff are usually out.
    But of course that's no excuse for crappy ports.
  24. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Petition to forever remember Harambe by making him a Pokemon   
  25. IrishRogue liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Petition to forever remember Harambe by making him a Pokemon