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  1. I'm wanting to donate, but im trying to figure out if certain accolades are still active. Like, if I donate $100, what would I receive for doing so?
  2. Im on everyday if you're wanting to play smash.
  3. As long as it gets you back and forth thats all that matters lol. And I just realized that the thread has a misspell lol.
  4. Making this post to see what everyone drives in the real world, or a car you are getting in the near future. The picture I posted is a car Im getting in the very near future
  5. I'll have to add you on my other account for gta. I have wayyyyyy more on the other haha.
  6. I'm awake right now so I can send one in the next hour or so?
  7. Iceman2232 Unite! Also i'd like to be added to the chat rooms.
  8. Alright. It's been a while since the last time I was here, but that's because my PC went down and I've went through some things. Anyway, Im doing this to see who all would want to party up and play some games together such as Warframe, GTA V, the new NFS or Battlefield. My gamertag is Iceman2232 and if you wanna party up shoot me a message. If this isn't allowed or there is already another post in the forum about this, I am sorry. -Ice
  9. Sign me up for the clan. The one im in currently sucks. That and why wouldnt I want to be with the ajsa clan? Ahaha.
  10. Dead Space 1, 2, and 3. Beat both games 8 times a piece. Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), Battlefield 3.
  11. Well, here is a game that the series has finally thrown up for a online only purpose. Features a variety of cars to chose from, race modes, and options. Police modes, Race modes, and everything. New to the world? Supercars and drag races. Never before seen race mods: Team Escape and cars specificly designed to run in that mode. Now, the reason I am posting this as a request because I know i'm simply not the only race fan here. With this Free to Play online game, the game also features "missions" you can complete on your own. So, it's both SP and MP. PROS: BIG world to drive around in Huge selection of vehicles and game modes Community race events hosted by EA and clans called "Crews" BEAUTIFUL sceanory and involves the maps from Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) and Need for Speed Carbon A type of reward system on a daily "Treasure Hunt" that gives performance, boosters, cash, power ups, etc. CONS: ALOT of cars have to be purchased with rediculous amounts of In Game Cash or Speed Boost Points, which require REAL money. Some frame rate issues, nothing major on higher end PCs (may just be me) In game chat system is CRAP. My GOD I hate it. Just let me know what you guys think!
  12. This was just an idea as I am a HUGE NFS fan. This game is a free to play online racing community. I'm sure there are a FEW racing gamers out there. This is just an idea. What do you guys think?
  13. It's not a hate thing, but I like both of them. I pick BF over CoD in maps because of the huge array of types of combat you can run through. Especially conquest where you have the FULL map at YOUR disposal depending on what you wish to do with it. BF over CoD in Graphics also. There is more realism in BF because no perks, no unnatural events, etc. The only thing I'd pick over BF is CoDs sense of fast engagements. It's like right off the bat you're aiming your gun down a hallway or through a doorway shooting people. Plus the fact that the knifing system is a lot more extreme then BFs. Just my opinion though. Oh yeah, lets not forget the range of vehicles you can drive in BF3 and BF4.
  14. So these are some user tags I made. I hope you like them: I have two different styles of these, and if someone wants to use them then they can. I just thought id share.