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  1. The guild no longer exists, but feel free to join the NA guild if you like.
  2. What's your name with the four digits? I will send you an invite.
  3. If you are on a EU server you do not need to change worlds. Will send you an invite.
  4. Hello. We are currently rebuilding but I regret to inform you that we are currently still small. You might want to ask the NA guild.
  5. Yes, it is possible. I will send you an invite.
  6. Congratz!
  7. Your profile seems to indicate that you are based in the States. You might want to check out this thread. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/32295-official-guild-wars-2-na-sign-up-reply-for-an-invite-if-you-are-committed/
  8. Both the EU and the NA AJSA guilds based in Gw2 are looking for recruits. You might want to check out the threads in the forum. : In any case, welcome!
  9. Like Jebby I prefer to wait until I can form a full opinion. But then again, I feel like giving my two cents about the expansion. I am a person who likes to bring out the bad news first and then the good news. So what are things I did not like about the expansion? - The optimization: I understand that the vegetation is lush and the maps are more condensed compared to the maps found in the core game. However any of you may have noticed the drop in performance in terms of fps. - The liquid reward nerf. As most of you know, the economy experienced quite some changes. One of them being the nerf in liquid rewards in dungeons. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand the reasons behind it as controlling the the gold inflation is important. However they claimed they will move the rewards to fractals and raids. Something I have not seen yet in fractals, but time will tell. - I mentioned fractals briefly, but to add to it. I do enjoy the new system behind fractals, mostly however I felt the instabilities were not original and did not feel fresh. - Maps and lfg tool. Seriously, an overhaul of the lfg tool is long overdue. I was hoping they would update it once the expansion would come out. - The story, well told but inconsistent in my humble opinion. Those were the things I did not like. But what are the things I do like? - Masteries. While getting the masteries may feel grindy, I do enjoy the journet of getting those and the masteries do tie in quite well into the world. - Specalizations. Need I say more? REAPER FTW! - Guild missions overhaul. Am I the only one who seems to enjoy them? - Addition of a new pvp mode. At that point I did not care what of game mode would be coming, I only cared about a new pvp mode. - The maps themselves. So far, I enjoyed exploring them, sadly it is hard to explore Dragon's Stand. - The epic soundtrack. Those were things I could think of.
  10. I will invite you as soon my suspension is liften, given no one else in the guild sees your post.
  11. While I am not sure, whether I am able to purchase it today, I wish all who bought it lots of fun!
  12. I will invite you later, once I come back from work. Welcome back and don't forget to represent!
  13. You can either delete all your characters and switch servers or switch servers by paying gems.
  14. Are you back in the EU guild? Edit: Oh my bad. Due to a shitty internet connection, the posts were messed up.