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  1. i still cant belive they have mkv support finale
  2. overall i never used the dam ratings to pick a game. hell i played games on console that where never reviewd for a good reason
  3. ps4. even when got a one also. so much stuff for it on the 4
  4. i also got it for 40 and worth it on the one. but the dlc needs to be a bit cheaper
  5. magus a ps2 port to a ps3. and i some how broke the game engine simple playing it
  6. i always get 100 watts more. but big thing quilty psu
  7. 7 even witout the kinect.
  8. drug wars. it simple a broken game. boot game up and move around in menu screen and crashes .
  9. 1 love the story hated the guns play. 2 everything i love if all dlc was inculded and 3 love it till end and also hated the dam over price dlc not on sale on consoles
  10. same been once since it started. psn name is in profile
  11. for ps3 and ps4. no ever game on ether console i thinking whole time on sp dont crash till next save point. then it does and online i only been able to play 3 online game till the end
  12. still would like one
  13. lol i luck out on one on ebay the price of it instore the guy was selling it for
  14. need for speed,killzone, the one game i wanted was bf4 till i played beta and found tons of bugs. that show up on all platforms and are still trying to be fix