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  • Birthday 11/19/1984

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  1. I tried applying way back when you guys weren't accepting applicants. Exile is my name on RSI e x i i e for the profile . (capital i for the L ) I'm concierge, have an Idris, 3 Corvettes and a bunch of other ships.
  2. Thanks I got it!
  3. Multi Orging just opened up today, so sign me up. SC Handle is Exiie
  4. I'm looking forward to screwing around with this and finally figuring out what the best control scheme will be. It can't come soon enough.
  5. I'll most likely be getting the Aegis dedicated salvage ship once it's available, since I've got every Aegis ship I might as well keep the trend going With that being said, if there is a form of salvage operation I'm sure It will come in handy.
  6. Currently, with Imperium as the largest organisation, it would be prudent to make friends with them; lest be branded otherwise.
  7. I understand the need to be cautious, though I can assure you that no backstabbing will occur. I'll keep you all informed of any big changes, but as it stands I fully intend on building a proper alliance with brass in charge of SC AJSA. Talk to you soon.
  8. Avian, I have a question about multi-clanning. I have been part of a community for nearly twelve years, called Synergy. I'm currently building an Organization in Star Citizen for that clan. www.robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SYN At the moment, it's impossible to be part of more than one organization, but that will eventually change; when it does I will be joining up with whatever organization AJSA has at the time, but I need to know if there's any internal regulations against that on AJSA's end. I'm hoping we can work together as allies and of course I would fly on occasion under the AJSA proper. I hope my Idris and other ships can serve both Synergy and AJSA. Cheers.
  9. Update on my ships On top of the previous: Idris-P Retaliator Bomber Constellation Avenger Aurora LN I also have the following: Aurora MR+ Avenger Cutlass
  10. Downloading now
  11. Hmm, I was going to request to join the PS3 crew, but apparently they're inactive according to previous posts. Maybe the forum goers can put together an unofficial Angry Army PS3 crew? Run by active membership?
  12. Sly1RCR I am currently playing GTA V, but sometimes still play RDR.
  13. LastExileLuciola on PC pretty sure my friends list is full though :S There may be a few slots left.
  14. I once had every ship other than the Scythe and Idris. During the last Idris sale, however, I melted down my assets and was lucky enough to get my hands on an Idris-P. As such, my current ship list is as follows: Idris-P Retaliator Bomber Constellation Avenger Aurora LN
  15. The busted avatar was due to my fiddling with getting one up there, It should be fixed now. Placeholder until I find something better. Thanks for the welcome!