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  1. Shaminar liked a post in a topic by Morphbox in I need your help.   
    These videos are offensive and just down right despicable. I want these videos and these people gone from YouTube. This is just horrible. 
  2. Morphbox liked a post in a topic by Dregnar in YouTube Copyright claim solution   
    If this solution done correctly the videogame channel owners will earn much more money, YouTube will lose almost all of the revenue from videogame videos and viewers will have the best VideoGame content.
    The Idea is simple but needs initiative, commitment and resources. It requires the top videogame channel owners Like (AngryJoeShow, TotalBiscuit, Force Strategy Gaming, Polaris, Rev3Games, MMOHuts and boogie2988  ……so on) to agree on creating a streaming website that only focus on videogames and it will be owned and managed by them.
    Agreement: Most of the top videogame channel owners must agree to do this to endorse the new website and allow it to succeed and they will be the owners and founders of the website. A kickstarter: That project requires a lot of Money at first for (servers, storage, bandwidth, security systems and so on) so a Kickstarter will help in this part. Endorsement:  there must be an endorsement for the website in all of the videogame channels on youtube Content: all of the videogame channel owners must upload all of the videos on the website to create a good content at first. Sales and marketing: there must be a sales and market team to contact the game companies. Benefits: 
    The founders (the top videogame channel owners that agreed, started and founded the project) :
    Although the number of ads on the new website will be way less than in YouTube and of course the game companies will pay less (at first) in the new website because its “new” but the founders will get the 100% revenue from the ads not the very small percentage that Google pays and in the future if the project is successful game companies will pay way more to put ads in the new website. Copyright claims will be managed by the founders and it will not affect them at all but of course there must be copy right police applied to avoid lawsuits for examples:(Game trailers are allowed to be shared by any one unless the game company requested  the claim of the trailer).  
    The other videogame channel owners:
    The website will be owned by videogame channel owners and of course they are not as greedy as google and the revenue percentage should be much higher than google’s. They won’t have to be afraid about unfair copyright issues since the copyright policy is managed by the founders and they like them are videogame channel owners. The Viewers:
    They will find the best VideoGame content on the internet in one place and since the channel owner gain much more money they will be able to make much better content. Since the website main focus is on VideoGames it will have more applications suited for that like (sections for reviews ,lets play, Raw fotage, Trailers .... so on ) and let us not forget (competition, ladder tournaments,cool prizes and even achievements )  Restrictions:
    Of course a Project like that is not free from restrictions and risks (huge risks).
    Slow Start:  At first the project will not create any mentionable revenue to sustain the maintenance fees for this project (to avoid this issue 1st the channel owners don't need to quit YouTube right away, secondly they must keep some of the KickStarter funds to maintain the project at 1st, lastly if the sales team is good they can require good ad deals before the site even started) . Copy Right: It will be almost impossible to stop  a channel owner to upload a Copy Righted material like movies, TV shows and even leaked beta footage.And that might lead to a huge problems that might lead to shutting down the website.​(Regrettably to Avoid this issue there must be a restriction for joining the website, and not letting any one to upload videos, any one who want to have access to upload must submit a formal request that include video material and it should be approved 1st)       Google: Without a doubt Google will be the top Restriction for creating this Project  and it will do any thing in its power to stop the Project. My Thoughts:
    This Idea came to me when I saw AngryJoe's Video Regarding the YouTube CopyRight Claim ID it took me  about 15 mins to wright it down on this forum and after a day I edited it adding other idea's on the project submitted here by other members.
    I Posted this Project because I love VideoGame Channels on YouTube which include but not limited to (AngryJoeShow, TotalBiscuit, Force Strategy Gaming, Polaris, Rev3Games, MMOHuts and boogie2988) and they deserve much better than what google pays and they deserve much more respect from google. and want google to know the value of those channels when losing them and losing millions because of the way google treated their Partners.
    Dear AngryJoe,
    I Hope You see this post and think about the idea and if you like it you should take the initiative to contact the others and convince them about this project.
  3. Morphbox liked a post in a topic by Wheeler Fox in What's up new here   
    Hey everyone my name is Mark you can call me 4WHEELER, Wheeler, or Wheeler Fox. I'm from Arkansas I love to play FPS (not Call of Duty) , Platformers, and Flight Combat Simultors. Just a heads up I'm a furry. I'm also on YouTube and I'm part of a group co-founded by two of my friends MorphBox and The Cinemaster. Come check us out once we get eveything underway. I'm looking forward to meet everyone and to play games. 
  4. Larry liked a post in a topic by Morphbox in Funny Moments You Had While Gaming.   
    I was playing Fallout 3 and I had all the companions with me due to the glitch. Anyways I was walking around the Mobile Base Crawler  in the Broken Steel DLC and well Butch started spazing out everywhere. Basically what happened was the rag-doll physics went ape-shit and the best part was he still made every shot when the enemies were on screen. So far that was the funniest thing to happen to me.