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  1. Yup and got the platinum.
  2. Just thought I'd let those interested that P FF 14 is on the PS4 Store but isn't playable. Its basically preloaded for Saturday.
  3. what were you trying to play cause last I heard it was there at launch.
  4. Not on ps4 till about march.
  5. March last I heard.
  6. Game looks fucking gorgeous.
  7. Im gonna be a hunter human until i see what the exo and awoken look like. Then I might switch.
  8. Are they still changing the Message room name?
  9. I don't think there from the forums. Can I get an invite to it again though? I don't know how to get back in.
  10. While I didn't care for the Edwards story I think Black Flag deserves GOTY for the PS4.
  11. Resogun for me. Played Black Flag on PS3 but I couldn't care less about Edwards Story or the Assassins in the game.
  12. Its not as good because the ps4 libray isn't big yet. the first year wont be awesome on the ps4 but by the end of next year it should be kicking up a notch. As it is now though you'll get more bang for you buck on the PS3 (Borderlands 2 was free this month and and in January its getting Bioshock Infinte and DMC free). So in short give it some time and youll understand why people love it so much.
  13. In there defence PS+ is awesome and well worth the money.
  14. High demand = low supply
  15. That sounds pretty cool might check it out.