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  1. I didn't see your edit, I apologise, you did answer some of my questions. You keep saying we didn't talk to you. We did try on the forums and that just created more hassle for everyone. We couldn't in game because you left the clan and not everyone is comfortable with teamspeak or has a mic available. Communication isn't a one way street, you have to try talk to us as much as we try and talk to you. I apologise if we didn't make enough effort to do this but the only people that talked to me about this were people that shared my views or had worse sometimes derogatory views. In hindsight a series of status messages in game informing people of a move, giving prior notice would have been good then it wouldn't have mattered what form the final clan took, but alas none of us thought of that me included. That is what I have seen and have done in previous clans/guilds to ease the transition, be it a server move, a clan switch or something else.
  2. Ok so you think 3 days to a week is too long and I don't. Difference of opinion there, fair enough, not everyone agrees with everyone else all the time. I'd hardly call asking for clarification attacking you, especially given I both apologised and gave you some helpful information.
  3. *snip* The post I was referring to was edited making what I said seem pointless and out of place.
  4. There is more to leadership than just being a good Smite player but it should count for something. It is hard to organise proper training etc when you are still learning the game yourself but conversely being a good player does not mean you are good at organising.
  5. I didn't start the unofficial clan and was not its leader and as stated before didn't even expect to be an officer when made official nevermind the leader, I read the "rules" and knew very well what being official means, and I was also surprised when the procedure listed in these was not exactly followed. Then surprised again by the actions of the new leader shortly after which sparked my posting. As for co-operation I did everything I could, I put a status in the old clan asking people to move over, I messaged MrEpicDwarf asking him to transfer leadership etc, when MrEpicDwarf finally did I gave Magus his rightful rank as leader as soon as I could (I even ended a match early so I could do so, at the displeasure of the people I was in a party with), I didn't personally move over because if I had the old clan would never be able to be closed and would have floated around forever. As for slander, the most slanderous thing I have said is call someone impulsive. Someone that said they would wait a week then didn't, which by my count is impulsiveness or maybe just impatience. I may have disagreed with the new leader and wrote as such but voicing my opinion is not a crime and many others also voiced the similar opinions (the odd one before me) so I am hardly alone. If you want to get technical he slandered me far worse calling me egotistic when I am nothing of the sort. As for the "simple invites" remarks. Please do forget the coaching I did, the helping new players and the organising of games and events and just centre on the fact I invited people to the clan. I hope the people I did help remember my actions for at least slightly longer. On the note of AJSA leadership not knowing who I am, not really relevant as I have stated many times I didn't and don't want the leadership and if offered it I would have politely declined anyway. I am graduating soon and wouldn't and don't have the time available to do the post justice. Nobody ever asked me to join teamspeak until yesterday at which point I explained I am away for the easter break and don't have my mic. Which is why I cannot join you on teamspeak now DamionRayne, well I could but I wouldn't be able to reply. I really would if I could. If you check my teamspeak history in my profile I have a lot of hours on there (over 600), granted in some of those I was afk. And was often in the old Smite channel and even in the new one for a day or so before I left for easter.
  6. I'm leaving the AJSA Smite community, it has been fun. The disbanding of the old clan that still had 80 members was too much for me. The excuse of "officers will have to spend too long sending invites if we keep the old one" is a pure falsehood as there were more members in the old one which means MORE inviting to get everyone across. All I can think is that it was done purely out of malice and a show of power towards the "old guard" of the AJSA Smite community as there is absolutely ZERO logical reason outside this as it is more work for the community and more work for the officers the way it has been handled. If I am wrong and I missed something please enlighten me and I will correct myself. I understand the need for an existing officer to lead the new clan but when I have people messaging me concerned about the leader as they have very rarely seen him in game I get worried (I obviously assured them who the leader is and why he is the leader and not to worry). Why couldn't a long standing member have been chosen that everyone who plays Smite knows (not myself, there are plenty of choices of other active, helpful members)? The rules state than an officers should become the leader, but given how new the new AJSA is and how limited the number of officers is surely an exception could be made. Game knowledge and experience in a moba are so important. Why wasn't the usual procedure followed when making a game official (the public vote etc)? Why wasn't the advice of long standing members of the community taken seriously when we warned about making the second clan instead of being brushed off and ignored? This could have been painless and seamless for everyone. Three days isn't much to ask to contact someone. Why wasn't my complaint to commanders about this whole debacle even acknowledged? I followed what was stated I should do in the rules of this very community. And finally why were things better when Smite was unofficial in the AJSA? We had no problems, no drama, we organised interclan custom games, coaching sessions and more. I don't wish to extend the drama so please just say your goodbyes to me if you wish and ignore my ranting. Until recently it has been good fun and I wish each and every one of you all the best. I spent hours of my life helping the AJSA Smite community grow and I don't regret a second of it, I know the community is stronger than if I had sat idle and helped nobody. If you ever want a game or need help getting better at Smite feel free to add me in game I am on everyday: harderthanfire
  7. They are working on an OSX version of Smite afaik. So one day you can use your Mac normally to play Smite.
  8. Woo great news
  9. I now vote Geb for most annoying. His shield saves too many people, his knockup is annoying, his stupid boulder has a massive slow or a massive knockback. He is just annoying incarnate.
  10. A true warrior deflects blows with their rock hard abs.
  11. Looks good. Great stuff!
  12. Yes
  13. Because typing in each god would take ages and make the poll stupidly large.
  14. I don't think Joe would do an Angry review of Smite but if he did, which god would you like to see him dress up as and why? I would like to see Joe dress as Aphrodite and Other Joe as Vulcan, the perfect couple.
  15. Mine is conquest followed by assault.