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  1. Play with a rogue combo deck, they don't need to have the board filled with creatures in order to win.
  2. So a couple of hours ago, I started receiving messages from complete strangers that asked me stuuf like: "Hey, is the car really free? Because I'm really interested", "Is there something wrong with the car, why are you just giving it away?", "Hey, If you still have the offer up, I'd really like that car, I can come and get it tomorrow if you want" ", etc... After asking one of those people what the hell they were talking about, he told me that I apparently posted something on this website (It's like craigslist but in Belgium). I looked it up and yeah, some guy created an account that had my name on it and he also posted that I was giving my car away for free, with my number in the description of that post. I thought it was a pretty funny joke, after 1 hour I had gotten 21 calls and 12 messages. However, I wasn't happy that my real name was used to create that account, and later on I found out that he also used my private email account that I only use for gaming. I was pretty annoyed by then, my email was swarming with reactions. I knew that there was only 1 person that I trusted with that account, one of my best friends. I asked him and he admitted that he did it. He's always kind of a d*ck to me, and I'm getting real tired of his sh*t. I don't even know why I'm still friends with him. He said that it ain't a big deal that he used my name and email account, because if you want a send a reaction to someone that posted something, you can't see the email address you're sending your reaction to. It's not about that tho', I think if you trust someone with your email address, he shouldn't just go make accounts on your name with your email, he could've just made a new email and gave that account a fake name, the real phone number is all he needed to use. I really want to get im' back for what he did, thing is, I'm not good at these things, I'm not very creative. All I could think of is to tell those stranger to go to "this place" and then just give his real address. But that could end up even worse for me. Please help me think of something, it would make my day.
  3. I've been playing it since the closed beta back in october. It's a great game.
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome!
  7. So, the beta weekend started today and I pre-ordered the game so I could play. My average fps is 10. I looked it up and others had problems too, they said that Dx10/11 was the problem, and that you have to launch the game with Dx9. After doing this nothing changed, I still had an average of 10 fps... I thought that maybe if I got out of the starting area my fps would be better, but no, now I have an average of 7 fps. I'm running the game on the ultra low setting. Playing with a lower resolution doesn't help either...
  8. Welcome!
  9. I didn't know that they made a new one, I haven't played the game since it's officially supported here on the AJSA forums. But like Mondez said, thanks for all the simple inviting you've done.
  10. http://www.craveonline.com/gaming/articles/676171-wildstar-10000-beta-key-giveaway They're giving 10000 beta keys away. I already have one so feel free to use mine: 75W5-8CCL-TQ97-F3HY-E843
  11. I've heard that the game is pay2win, I never tried it myself though...
  12. Welcome!
  13. It's an i5-3230, 2.60 GHz