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  1. Destiny sucks balls. I'm sorry you all its the truth. 3 player? The game blows why am I the only sane person calling it like it is?
  2. I stuttered when I was younger, In the late 70's and early 80's. Hey, you want to stop stuttering and get over it and make your life better in like a year? START TALKING ONLINE!!! If I had that "Option or / Tool" Dude, with today's technology you can therapy yourself out of stuttering in no time flat. Trust me man, from a former stutterer. Get on there and start TALKING!!!! You know what else is gonna happen? Your going to make real friends that like and understand you and get a huge list of real ass holes to put on ignore!
  3. I have no horse in this race. I'm not rich but I can buy what I want, when on I want on any system I want, I have like 7 XBOX 360's. I have Wii U , Ps3, PC's all over the house. I have an XBOX ONE. The XBOX One is a piece of shit. I have issues with it working and the reality of it is this. I turn on the PS4 and I get something for free. Every time I turn on the XBOX One it's trying to sell me something! Let me reiterate, I don't give an f who "Wins" but as of right now, Microsoft is completely disconnected with it's consumers and Sony is totally in tune with its consumers and XBOX ONE Sucks balls.
  4. I prefer to use a mic but I have no privacy and I'm always surrounded by people and noise so I never do.
  5. What the hell are you guys talking about?
  6. Your broke as a mother fucker. Play the consoles you got and get AAA Games for like 5 bucks.
  7. I think they are charging people money for demos.
  8. Well, some people are offended by the word "Fuck" as well.
  9. Sid Meiers Pirates. Bethesda's Pirates of the Caribbean. M.U.L.E.
  10. Fez was a queer ass lame game. I played shit on my Commodore 64 that was a thousand times better. Who cares.
  11. I enjoy racism in games. I absolutely love it and thrive on it. That being said I've only ever applied it in game, in character and in MMO's.
  12. Absolutely, just do it before your next review man! Or after...although it would be more manly to do it first.
  13. That would be fun! What's your XBOX Live? TheAngelAquila? I'll add you to my friends list! So do you have a vibe where the bulk of the creators like Dre41 or th3Master82 are headed? I actually hit them up on XBOX Live but never heard anything back. I'm leaning towards Ps4 myself. Have you seen the screen shots of it on Ps4? It is truly jaw dropping Next Gen! I can't wait! Hell I can;t wait for Summer Slam! At this pint the only two games I plan on getting are Shadows Of Mordor and WWE 2k15. I have to break my own rule though cause I will buy 2k15 at launch. Shadows Of Mordor I think I'm going to wait until Black Friday - Seems if you can muster the patience you can get just about ANY AAA Game released for Christmas for $39.99 on Black Friday Weekend and you can normally get them without dealing with the whole 5 am, Standing in line nonsense.
  14. If your willing to wait a year you can normally get any $60.00 game WITH all of it's extra content and Digital Add ons from anywhere from $39.99 to $19.99. You just need to change your Purchasing Schedule on games and stop being a sheep and buying everything at luanch. Which is tough, It will be very difficult for me to resist Starwars Battlefront at launch....everything else, I have had no problem adjusting my purchasing practises to take advantage of this.
  15. As someone who owns all the Systems - System Exclusiveness should not bother me at all. That being said, for some reason it really pisses me off. I don;t mind Exclusiveness when it comes to First Party - i.e. Microsoft making games just for themselves and Sony making Games just for themselves. But when 3rd Party Publisher's go exclusive like InfinityWard/EA or TombRaider/Eidos....I don't like it. Again, really don't know why, I own all systems but there is just something about it that sucks. The Tomb Raider annuncemnet really pissed me off. What's really wierd is back in the day (Ps1/DreamCast/N64) there was a hell of alot more system exclusiveness then there is now but back then it didn't bother me. It was a really big deal when Sony got into bed with all of Nintendo's old time partners and started getting exclusives on all the RPG's and stuff like Final Fantasy.