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Everything posted by ComradeMacGyver

  1. how about AJS: Round The Table, AJS: Board of Video games?, AJS: The Angry Table, Will come up with more later Makes me want to play firefly again!
  2. They messed it up big time. I didn't really like the second one. But this thing with beastie boys playing! They crash another dam ship into a planet. It looks like planet of the apes with star trek. Do they know that they can have other crew members do stuff as well. Kirk does not have to do everything. Maybe if he commanded the ship once in a while he would crash the dam thing as much. I will not be seeing this film.
  3. Wait until new year or you get it cheap. Its a really fun game but I cant play it just yet because of the server crashes. Mid December and the end of January is when they're Patching the game. No hot patches
  4. Great. I can't wait for them to patch it now. I'm dying to get a good run at this and play it
  5. I am so preordering this and all the dlc and buying the t shirt! Where can I get them!!!!!!!
  6. uplay - ComradeMacGyver Been trying to play the game but having major issues staying connected in a game long enough to finish it. So far been in long enough to win a round twice. With the exception of the situations. Hopefully its fixed soon so I can play. I'd love to get a regular squad going.
  7. FYI from pcadvisor website. Got siege for €22 which I think is a fair price. I didn't get anything in the steam sales so it all balanced out. Although I feel dirty because now I have pre ordered something A HotUKDeals tipster points out you can get the PC digital edition from CDKeys.com for £20.99. Also try the voucher code CDKEYSCYBER10 for 10% off. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/game/tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege-release-date-price-editions-gameplay-release-date-announced-december-midnight-3611548/
  8. The numbers are already falling. I talked to a few guys I work with and some friends who still work in gamestop, people are trading the game in already because they're bored of it and 2 guys I work with have stopped playing it. When the movie comes out it will get a boost in numbers again I'm sure but I don't think it will be to busy come the summer time.
  9. I've been playing a bit of siege, well trying to. I actually like the game when I can play for more than 3 minutes. I will not be paying €60 for it. I will wait for it to go a hell of a lot cheaper. I really hate that you have to be online and connected to their dodgy servers to play lone wolf. It's a shame because the characters they have come up with and the great levels they could of made a great single player campaign. I can't wait to see how it launches. Rainbow six vegas was an ok game but I enjoyed it and played it a few times back in the day. I'm not crazy on multiplayer only games either and there is plenty of free to play ones around.
  10. Battlefront will go the the way of evolve and go no where, shame Any way after the server maintenance I am still having massive trouble staying in a game, get about 5-10 minutes maybe!!! before I get disconnected. I have to admit I am loving the game its very difficult. I'm not a fan of the progression system with the points to unlock stupid skins and parts for the guns etc. but all games have it now and it's not going any where. Hopefully they have a good match making system. I have yet to talk to another English speaker.
  11. I've been playing the beta, or trying to. I've no problem getting into a match but I'm constantly being kicked out saying no internet connection. The connection is not dropping there is nothing wrong with it. It's infuriating. It only happens when I'm in a game and around the menu or getting ready to play the match it never says it. I'll wait until it's released to see if it's fixed. I like the game I was having a great time when playing it. I run away scared trying to shoot those dam suicide bomber guys everytime! It's still alot of money though for online multiplayer only. I will wait until it gets a little bit cheeper and no doubt they will have issues for the first few days/weeks any way.
  12. not surprised at all. I think it was obvious months ago when they said there was no single player along with the long list of other crap. Glad I didn't buy it
  13. I say rainbow 6. Looks interesting except for the usual dlc season pass bullshit that I would stay well away from. I highly doubt there will be anything new in assassins creed recycled what ever. Fly up some buildings in a buggy mess but in London. I'm afraid of what the accents will be like. You can get the same experience with any other assassins creed.
  14. just seen the season pass for this. Kind of pathetic really. 1 week early access for a couple of guys and some skins??? They're not even making an effort any more your cash buys you access to a map and some men 1 week early in January as well. I'm sure I could just wait 7 days. I'll try and get into the beta when it's out but then I won't be buying on day one if I do buy it. Kind of want to though it looks fun.
  15. Even if you look at pretty much all the reviews of this game they all come to the same conclusion, you will be bored of it very quick. Some people saying after only playing some maps two or three times, or after a few hours. I can't bring myself to buy a half a game. I don't want to have to constantly buy upgrades to the game. Even if I bought the base game and after a while I'm playing I will be left behind because as soon as a new map comes out I bet everyone will be on them. It looks great but I can watch twitch or something to see that. I was hoping for some squads, tactics of some sort and great flying battles. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months. I don't think it will have player drop off as drastic as evolve but I can see it happening. So many things disappoint me about this and I'm annoyed because they got the graphics and sounds spot on they just forgot about to apply them to a game! I would rather play a 2d, pixel, dated looking game that plays great rather than have amazing graphics and nothing to do. What the hell is with the stupid glowing circles that magic spawn you into a vehicle? all hope is lost!
  16. I do not share this guys enthusiasm! You might get clones wars as DLC, it's $120 for season pass and game! It's like bf2 with new graphics (amazing graphics) for one quarter the game! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here! Season pass in general for all games is ridiculous! Also Origin urgh
  17. I did not play the beta The thing is EA are learning from their past mistakes but they made money from it so they made an even bigger cash cow to milk. I really wanted this game I loved the first two and play the single player from time to time but I don't like the 'feel' of this game. I don't like this whole card system thing that has been popping up in games. Why can't they just have a class of character so specialize in so everyone is not running around with jump packs and shields. I hate the way you get into vehicles and ships I think it looks stupid, why no two person at-st or atat? why don't the storm troopers spawn in the atat? There's so many little things that disappoint me with this and it's killing me because it's such a beautiful game and sounds amazing. I have never bought a season pass and never will in fact with the exception of one or two things for total war series I never buy those dlc packs it's insane money. I will be waiting for a game of the year edition or something once they're all out or on a steam sale. (bby the time that happenes then the servvers might be gone or have no one on them) I can't wait to see reviews of the full game and the other game modes
  18. everyone I know is already owns it or doesn't know how to turn a pc on
  19. mmmm with a proper hotas winging its way ever closer to me this could be the time to make my comeback...
  20. nope, I never got into portable gaming, except for the original gameboy, I still have 2 working. I got the PSP when I worked in game and never really got into it and didn't like the games. I hacked it, added a sd card and used it to watch movies on until technology caught up and now I just use my phone.
  21. Watching adventure time at the minute. Love it. https://youtu.be/1hudYO_wdFo
  22. It looks good, I read that they were making big changes to the zoom and the camera, seems there was alot of bad feedback on them because they were too close. I like to go back a good bit, not in the style of supreme commander or anything. I am looking forward to the game. I played the first two but not alot, finished the campaign and then that was it. This looks very good and from the notes, the us faction is very weakened from years of fighting wars all over the world so they won't be the best army. The cartel does look like it'll be a high tech GLA which will be fun, I liked the stealth approach. But I will be waiting for reviews before I buy
  23. Looks good I will keep it on the wish list and see how it goes. I loved seeing the old school c&c gates that lower into the ground. I was only thinking the other day I'd love to see a game, say a survivor based game where you have to build your own tanks and stuff. But instead of surviving crap it's a military base C&C style. So you need a load of your friends to come in and build and fight
  24. I got the second one but didn't like it. I must of put 100s of hours into the first one I still have it around somewhere. I moved on the men of war series soon after, highly recommend those games!