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  1. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in This war of mine best survival game I have played this year   
    Yeah I seen a few reviews of it and I'm dying to get it. Will finish valient hearts first, I have a bad habbit of not finishing games so need to be good!
  2. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Funny game related videos   
  3. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Sk4f4c3 in Private Sk4f4c3 Reporting for Duty!   
    Hello there fellow AJSA Members,
    About me:
    Name: Markus "Sk4f4c3" Müller
    21 Years old
    Gamer since forever
    I play mostly CS:GO and other competitive shooters.
    Why did I join AJSA?
    Well I subbed AJ some time ago and really enjoy his videos. Also Im currently looking for european Players to play CS:GO with either as 5man Premade just for fun and maybe later form a team and i thought this is the best place to start my search.
    I also Stream CS:GO and some other stuff from time to time on my channel www.twitch.tv/Sk4f4c3
    Just a heads up, since Im not a forum person I probably will not be very activ in the forums so its faster to add me on Steam, Sk4f4c3.
    I think thats it for now. If you guys want to know more just ask
  4. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Everybody should check out Melody's escape   
    looks trippy! 
    I'd like to see with playing dethklok!
  5. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Your Wishes for 2015   
    Absolutly, it's been a while since I bought a game that didn't have them and the amount of games now being pumped out free to play is overwhelming. Some of them actually do a good job while others you get the feeling are only set up to make a quick buck 
    I want a game out next year, a single player game that will keep me going for a long time! I'm not into rpg much but I'm thinking of getting witcher two and see what it's all about
  6. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Deadeye_DK in Your Wishes for 2015   
    Less microtransaction bullshit.
  7. crazykidsbite liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in PS2 Op #23: Assault of the Battle-Flashes   
    holy annoying voice that is so annoying!
  8. Chanken HSW liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Aggression in gamers   
    I read this on my lunch today and thought it was quite interesting. I think I would agree with what they are looking for, it's not violence in games that makes people angry but in a simple statement, bad games/mechanics/controls. 
    Not sure if it was put up already but what do you guys think/
  9. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Total War: Medieval 3   
    No matter what they come up with they'll have a hell of a lot less pre orders this time round! And the hype won't mean jack shit until I see it after release. 
  10. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Some one made a music video of sonic free riders opening music   
    Christ I nearly had a seizure after 30 seconds
  11. Zegers liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in New pc!!!   
    It's done!!!
    All the parts arrived and it's built. Now I have the massive problem of deciding what game to play? 
    Finally went for 
    I7 4770k
    GTX 770 direct cu2
    Asus ROG iv gene motherboard
    8gb ram
    240gb ssd
    1Tb hhd
    Coolermaster 412 with corsair SP120mm silent fans cpu cooler
    Bitfenix outlaw case
    Corsair AF120mm fans for case
    Corsair RM650w PSU
    AOC E2461FHW 24 inch widescreen monitorbecause 
    Very happy with the build and quite scared at how quiet it is! even under load I had to look at the fans etc. to see if everything was working ok. Also it's cool I'm still keeping an eye on temps but I'm very impressed compared to the last pc I build maybe 3-4 years ago. 
    I'll stick some photos up later I took some during the build but they all came out crap I'll see if there's any decent ones.
  12. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Well this is strange   
    If it was anticipated, it's not now! 
    Dump that shit and put in a different game. 
  13. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Gone too in Legion of Isidore: Society of Christian Gamers   
    Again, I'm trying not to troll but Christianity is not exactly known for being free of discrimination even nowadays. And if there was a section for Catholics and Protestants then there should be a section for Yoruba, Hindi, Budhists, Norse pagans... And you can probably see the problem with that.
  14. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by forsakenpanda771 in Legion of Isidore: Society of Christian Gamers   
    As people have stated already, I fail to see why religion is needed here... I mean all we are is a bunch of people who talk to eachother and play some games. Religion just...i don't know, further separates us. You don't need to be Christian to aid the sick or donate to charity. As an athiest these are morals I believe in.
    I'm just trying to say that I feel that, in saying you wish to do it with fellow Christians, you're segregating some of us. Religion should not be a factor in how much good you want to do in the world, or who you want to spend your time with. We're all humans here.
  15. Gunz:: liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in EA paywalls   
    I hope a they fail, it's a stupid system that is kept going by stupid people who pay the money for gems or whatever
  16. Vitaly Opposite liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in A new medieval RPG needs Angry Army support   
    looks good I love the idea. I'm not a big RPG fan though but I'd give that a go and just for the combat. If they get it right it'll be amazing. 
  17. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by GalvaZero in Titanfall's beta live now. And you don't need to pre-order. Hurry! Link to sign up here. (Update: sign up over).   
    Whats make me stay away from this game : "Origin" and "EA"
  18. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Worst movie sequels?   
    Every American Pie movie after the first one.
  19. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Mexiguy in RoboCop 2014 Love or Hate?   
    The original Robocop was a pretty interesting satire of it's time and it's still fun to watch today, the new one just looks like a generic PG-13 "gritty" action movie with Robocop's name slapped on it, so I'm pretty skeptical about it.
    You should also check this:
  20. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by The Anti-Santa in Call Of Duty: Why its so hated   
    A; The multiplayer requires no skill at all.
    B; the game is actually incredibly racist when you think about it.
    C; it represents everything that's fucking disgusting in modern AAA game development.
    D; It's incredibly pandering, panting itself as a hardcore game but targets the lowest of the common denominator.
    E; It's online community has pretty much poisoned every online match in every shooter game over the last 5 years
    F; It's done nothing new for years
    H; Activision forces buyers in the UK to pay 5 pounds more for the game just because it can
    I'm starting to run out of reasons, add to this, lets see if we can complete the whole alphabet.
  21. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Nya` in Innovation in a Shooter   
    As a 13 year player and veteran of Counter-Strike I have found a lot of 'innovation' in the FPS genre to actually be aspects which have completely retracted from the raw skill, setup and metagame needed to play and be good at a game. There is too much hand holding, too much going on, in a competitive shooter there needs to be simplicity in form factor but complexity in the metagame and learning curve, that of which I feel nothing these days really has.
    Most games these days you can't really see anything and everything just blends together, 'realism' is overly abused, it's now about hiding in plain sight rather than openly testing your skill versus that of a person you are directly facing. People didn't play Quake and Counter-Strike because of those things, they played them because they were unrealistic and worked amazingly well. Mechanically speaking games these days are very easy, the learning curve is low and the skill ceiling can be reached in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years.
    For FPS to actually move forward and get back into the spotlight I really think it needs to go backwards and the core focus and fundamentals of the past needs to be made the forefront again.
  22. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by ComradeMacGyver in Gamestop and your personal thoughts/experiences   
    I used to work in GAME and didn't mind chatting to people about games (obviously) and PC builds. I agree with Ysnar, I would like to see them special a bit in games a bit more. Maybe sell pc's and components, the upcoming steam machines! At the minute they seem to be selling less and less and really on the big releases every now and again. 
    Before I left GAME and they went bust in Ireland they started selling all kinds of crappy tat! kids teddies, gimmicky toys and other such shit! They need less of that kind of pound shop stuff and start selling proper games. Maybe some table top games as well and go back to being a proper game shop
    I have only every bought one thing in gamestop in Dublin and the guy behind the counter had no idea, he was a senior sales assistant and seemed to come from a supermarket or something because he had no idea of games. Just there to manage the store really. 
    But then that is my sole experience from the one visit I had so I can't say much. 
    I normally get stuff digitally now or from amazon
  23. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by BSB in Favourite Game Opening Sequence.   
    Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific. Favorite poem. 

     And Drakengard; favorite game. 

    And Drakengard 2; because yes.

  24. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by Judge Lazar in Favourite Game Opening Sequence.   
  25. ComradeMacGyver liked a post in a topic by PerfectDork in Aliens Isolation gameplay video   
    The fact that Creative Assembly is making this would be great news if it hadn't come out on the heels of the Rome: Total War 2 disaster.