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  1. Sure thing. (It's a bit late but better late than never!) Steam > iMunkeywaxx < G'is a shout when you're up for it.
  2. Altis life has its benefits. Though, I still prefer a bit of wasteland every now and then. ^-^
  3. Well said. Though i'm not going to have a biased opinion. I've played LoL for about 40 hours and didn't like simply because of the community around it. To me, Dota2 is more relaxing. People tend to have more of a laugh playing Dota. In my experience playing LoL, all i've seen and heard is people raging at everyone for "doing something they're not supposed to". To me, it seems that the DotA community is more relaxed and layed back when going into the competitive side of it. Shit only starts hitting the fan if people don't listen to each other and communicate (like all MobA's and Source-based games).
  4. If you're still up for matchmaking as/when, Hit me up: Steam > iMunkeywaxx (Nova1)
  5. You shouldda ranked up before that patch. Yeah, it was a bit shitty, but stopped a lot of people boosting.
  6. From how the new Oddworld game looks, I'm thinking about buying it for mother for her B'Day. (Yes, she likes playing random mind-numbing games as she's completed the entire series prior to the latest addition) Have you played it much? Is it worth the price tag?
  7. Are we talking Competitive maps or Casual maps? Besides from the main Rotation, I don't think there's any that I would like ^-^
  8. See Y'all there!
  9. Hah, this made me chuckle.
  10. Don't forget the Insta-Drow or Insta-Huskar Those two always crack me up.
  11. There's a game-type that might help new guys out. It's called "Limited Heroes". This game-type (in my opinion) lets the 10 players pick from any "Noob Character" (so to speak). But My best Noob Characters are: Drow Necrophos Riki Sniper Bounty Hunter Lich Axe (Because he's broken) Shadow Fiend (Because he's also broken) And any other character on the Limited Hero list. BUT, if you are interested in an extremely nooby build for Sniper, The link can be found Here. (over 100 games) YES I KNOW, SHUT UP.
  12. Honestly, I'd have to say GTAV. It's the only GTA out of the entire series I haven't used cheats to complete!
  13. Turn based strategy games suck! I hate having to wait to die or wait to kill. Although most MMO's these days, have a "time based" combat system meaning you can't use "X" ability for "X seconds" after you've used "X" ability. Using this style of gameplay puts me off most strategy based/time based games. Which is why I prefer Dota over any MMO.
  14. I somewhat agree, Although Playstation is free, it doesn't have as many features currently as its counter-part (the xbox). Which is (in my opinion) better.
  15. This could be handled with the current rank system that has been put in place on the forum? I'd be guessing that it wouldn't be that hard to setup an internal IRC Server and run seperate channels off that, including the moderation ranks, But I could be wrong