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  1. Well, honestly I love it... The opening minutes had me emotionally shooketh from Joels song, just because of how relatable and heartfelt it was (being a father and all that). I do agree with Joe during his stream on the transition from Ellie to Abby was VERY jarring. It hypes you up and sets a good tone for the job you're about to do, only for it to pull out and immediately put you in a situation you have no investment in. Not a very effective, or engaging way to get this plane off the ground. POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW!!!! Now, yes it did have purpose. When THAT thing happened, I was angry/heartbroken/enraged/confused all at the same time. Yes, it exists as a driving motivation and reason for the game to exist. I see people and Joe, Alex, etc just narrow this down to garbage writing and warranted this moment as "UNEARNED". I think they're missing the point & or have not been paying attention to how the world of TLOU works. We have seen MANY characters like Tess, Sam, Henry, and even Sarah come and go, some of which have more than enough capability to survive these crazy situations; but each had that one big defining moment that brought it all crashing down. This world does not care how important you are, how good you were/are, how bad you were/are. When your time is up, it is up. Getting back to the whole "UNEARNED" argument, I can understand how many people would see it that way. Its sudden, early, and like a cheap shot. Thing is, I feel like this moment was "earned" or whatever you want to call it, because we had our time with Joel. The near entire first game was HIS story, we played as him, we grew to love him, then fell to feel indifferent towards him at the ending (mostly because its understandable in a selfish way) We got glimpses into the 20 years between the opening of the first game, to Joel answering Tess at the door in the Boston QZ. Mentions of the terrible things he and Tommy did to survive. Him passively acknowledging him ambushing random people (much like he and Ellie were in that truck), and Tess just outright saying they are shitty people. Everybody made choices and actions that had consequences, and sooner or later they came a knocking. _____________________________ Now, I have not yet completed the game. But what follows along the roads so far is adding up. Yes, I would LOVE to have that dynamic between Joel and Ellie over and over again for the rest of eternity. However, the game has made me grateful for that time I did have. Just right now we are seeing Ellie cope with the loss of the only father figure she had. Im just not trying to take everything I see at face value, I naturally see the deeper meaning behind it and to me its has purpose. Do I agree with every decision? No, not by a long shot. But the last thing I wanted, was a repeat of the last game, or some big cinematic send off to Joel. No, thats not how I see this world working. To me its like Murphy's Law, anything that can happen, will happen. The biggest reason the first game still hangs in my memories to this day, is that EVERYBODY is in danger. There is no plot armor, or some silly hero's sacrifice. I believe that defeats the point of everything this game means.
  2. For this game I felt more attachment than what I felt in Dark Souls. My experience has been more intimate and interesting. With this game I feel like I can move more swiftly and attack more brutally. Whereas in the Souls games, I felt like I had to always be cautious and be patient.
  3. Another thing people should know. Firearms are used for parrying here. Wait until an enemy initiates his swing, right when he is about to bring it down on you--shoot him! This will stagger him long enough for you to get a visceral attack on him and deal massive damage. This works VERY WELL for Bosses like the Cleric Beast.
  4. Ok, first off I will say that I have never finished any Souls game. I did start off with Demons Souls, and then Dark Souls--but never finished them. So when Bloodborne dropped, it took some convincing to get me interested. And boy oh boy did it work! The first moments in the game were something I have never truly experienced and appreciated. This is a TRUE game right down to the core. It is not for casual playing and it is meant to be played by a thinking person who learns by their past failures. Which leads me to a few reasons why this game is amazing! _____________________________________________________________ 1. MOBILITY: As basic as that may sound, mobility in this game literally means the difference in survival and constant death. Enemies are fast, extremely OP which presents a mandatory use of the dodge. Keeping out of reach of their swings or grasp is vital to landing those devastating blows. Especially with the bigger enemies like that big armored guy with the giant axe (that guy at the beginning area). I still have not killed that guy, but I plant to do so once I power up some more... Anyway, I love the blend of aggressiveness and caution playstyle I have quickly adapted to. 2. EVERY DEATH IS A LESSON: Every time I died, it was my fault. Every enemy IS powerful, but it has not made me feel like it is impossible to beat them. With every death, I learned how to attack that enemy from a different angle. I learned their behavior, their attack patterns, and where they always hang around... That is until you meet your first Boss. Lets just say I was not expecting a giant monster (Cleric Beast) to jump off a building onto a bridge. That took me by surprise! After soiling my pants and swiftly dying over, and over, and over, and over again. I learned many things on how that Boss worked and later returned and finally took it down by myself! Absolutely NOTHING in games made feel that awesome! 3. THE STORY IS YOUR OWN: Sure the game has a cryptic story that you can uncover with exploration and its very interesting! But the TRUE story is your journey to conquer all these powerful beasts. Much like the Nemesis System in Shadow of Morder, your encounters as your search for where you are supposed to be next, and the things you fight along the way is a story seared into YOUR memory. Your constant deaths and failures sture something inside you to gather your courage and take revenge! Returning to the spot you died last, wiser and stronger than before and finally striking down that enemy... The feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled. 4. SQUIRTLE, CHARMANDER, or BULBASAUR: Yes I know that is PoKemon... Remember at the beginning of those games you had to pick between three starter PoKemon? Each one was unique and had their own strengths and weaknesses. Same thing in this game, only you will choose between three melee trick weapons and two firearms. Then upgrading that weapon far beyond its original capabilities is truly something. That weapon, sorta gets better like you. Its always by your side, and learning its use will be vital. When you fail, its not the weapons fault. Its just a tool, but a tool that is always at your side. A tool that may look like nothing, but it has the ability to slay monsters of unimaginable strength. ___________________________________________________ As you can see, I am in love. Bloodborne is my favorite game of the year as of now. It has been a while since games have been soooooo right. I would probably do a Review on this, but considering the difficulty--it would take me ages. So if I did, I wouldnt have finished the game.
  5. Awesome! Next up is Mortal Kombat X. I tried to get Joe on board with a collab but he told me he is going on a trip (said in his stream last night). I will be checking out Quantum Break, gotta look at what Neverwinter is.
  6. Pretty much. We share the same opinion to an extent, but I have some others he missed.
  7. Indeed it is! Never going back there.
  8. Had a very interesting night with this... Posted on Battlelog and then a few people decided to get so salty, they tried to lead a dislike campaign against the vid and totally ignore the valid points I made.
  9. You will see some parts with Box Art, and some without. Blame YouTube for that one! Here is a compilation of Game Reviews that I missed this year and one from last year. Just quick thoughts that get right to the meaning.
  10. Made this for fun. It will either be funny, or a total cringe fest. Hope its the former! The actual recipe in here is very good! It makes a steak very juicy and awesome
  11. Yep! Thats my wife in there.
  12. FINALLY done with this Review. The Green Screen stuff is on hold until I get better lighting equipment. Until then, enjoy
  13. Suck at Insurgency? I am here to help you you may have seen this already thanks to Joes stream. But if not, then enjoy!