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  1. ^ exactly my thoughts. Although the only thing I want from a co-op system is ability to make companies that can own stuff and issue missions.
  2. Does anyone know if NPC interactions will be an expansion or a patch. Also why does every "interesting" mission require looking for USS, it makes them tedious instead. The game really tries to break my immersion at every step, reminds of Skyrim that way. What are your guys thoughts, as someone who has waited for 1.0 to be released I kinda expected more..features, modules, detail in general. Missions and no NPC interactions are what really bums me the most though. P.S.: Dont get me wrong its still hell of a fun game nonetheless, just not for the long run.
  3. Just bought it today and dowloading it now, feel free to explain to me in pm or here on how to even find you guys Will be a complete noob though, I doubt my X3 skillzz will give me any edge whatsoever, from what I learned I wont be able to build Space Farms
  4. Steam Name: zvmcevap how many hours played: 350 hours MMR: just below 2k I think Timezone: central european time? Im an hour off UK time same as Berlin What roles you can fill/are most comfortable with: carry/semi-carry any heroes youd like to play on team/most comfortable heroes: Ember, Ursa, Undying are my best but there are others I can play Will try to learn support one day...
  5. Im actually the most excited about the new roach unit and the infestor change Oh and of course the spiky-ground-hydra-morph thingy haha Locust, siege drop and banshee speed seem the worst though :/ but it could change the game for the better if balanced right. Cant wait to see BC warp though, that one just makes too much sense to be left out in the end.
  6. Holy mother of changes Check out the LotV changes that Blizzard is planning to put in for the multiplayer. Zerg got the most love imo while Protoss seem kinda nerfed hehe, what do you guys think it seems awesome.
  7. Anyone got any tips for noob-friendly Protoss BOs? A tutorial channel on Youtube to recommend would be awesome for learning the A-move race Ive decided to brake from the norm and learn a new race for at least Silver level so I can scout better and know what is what when Im playing with the main race. Honestly I get beaten by the AI and overall Im confused constantly. It just seems weird not to be able to spend 3k min and gas in under 2 seconds...or rebuild your entire force in 10
  8. Yeah Im guessing my connection to the NA servers would be horrible as well :/
  9. Anyone needing a Plat Zerg for a 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4? Ive became obsessed with those this week, cant believe what Ive been missing out A word of caution though, I play like a Bronze Leaguer in team battles..
  10. New maps revealed for season 3! What you guys think, Im pretty happy about it...although if it were up to me the maps would change every 4 weeks or so
  11. Flying an "easy-to-pirate" looking ship is the best pirate hunting tool one could want in a game that features hidden missile docks
  12. I love this idea and have been thinking the same way. Once I get enough money for a Freelancer (hopefully MAX version ) Im hauling as much cargo as possible. Leave the dog fighting to the people with reflexes and missiles My thinking is Id save up for mercantile ships and transporters, basically make a logistics company (or a subdivision of another corp like yours) and hire security escorts for protection. Hopefully make long-term partnership with a security firm for convenience/safety/economic reasons. I only started thinking about this recently with the release of the Freelancer commercial, do any of you know how player run corporations will work? Can you make in-game contracts between players or NPCs, both sort-term and long-term?
  13. I was wondering, do you guys win and lose at regular intervals or do you have winning days and loosing days. I swear to god for a day or two I loose 5-10 games in a row then the next day or week I win 5-10 games in a row. It makes me really annoyed on the off days and I feel like a god on the good days. Makes it hard to classify myself, I feel like Masters league player for a couple of games and like a Bronze league player for the next couple of days :/ All in all the good outweighs the bad with me, mentally and realistically (I am or was #1 in my bracket until the loosing streak again ) but it just seem odd I cant be consistent with my wins and losses. Idk if its the matchmaking or the inherent sport-like design to the game. How do you guys find your wins/losses this season or in SC2 in general?
  14. haha yeah that is actually the best thing ever. Seeing my army melt to Colossi, immortal and sentries then 20 seconds later 30 mutas counter attack is pure gold every time Edit: Although banking 3000 gas is never something to brag about
  15. Yeah your second statement is pretty much why I went with zerg in the beginning. If I manage to setup 3 bases with 4 hatches its non-stop 200/200 supply even when I sacrifice the whole army People complaining zerg units are the weakest and "we need one more base than T or P" pretty much dont get the mentality of Zerg. It was designed so you infest the whole map with bases and creep and units, thats why we have the fastest production and cheaper units.