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  1. HELLO GUYS ! LONG TIME NO SEE ! XD and in case of star wars battlefront from ea i still believe it's bullshit.
  2. Thanks Ysnar. I will be careful next time.
  3. Well you know ....I don't want to be an asshole but CD Project has all my respect on this matter. I don't really know why you come with this on the table. Who we talking about is EA, the compagny who has the least respects among developpers and publishers. So at least i'm wrong , it this REALLY NORMAL we must be cynical and i must say we must be cynical with a bully like EA. Am i miss the information CD project or Rocksteady participate in the developpement of Star Wars : Battlefront ? I don't think so . I not say we must be cynical with all the developpers. My point is please let us breath. When this guys saying be cynical with EA is not necessarily mean he must be cynical with all the devellopers.
  4. So in easy speaking , you must buy the game 79.99$ or the deluxe edition for 89.99$ who is obviously incomplete and wait 5 months later to have campaign and galactic conquest modes and paid again a 12.99$ just so you can play them ? This is nonsense. Who the hell someone can defend this game and is philosophie ?
  5. oh comon raizurhk , it's just for fun ! X) At least tell me if you want or not see one of these thing. And to early to say it's ¨fucked¨ up ? In my book all the proofs i see for now it is really gone to be fucked up .
  6. ok everyone here two ideas how AJ must begin is reviews of SW:B . like my post if you like the idea and which idea AJ you want to see go with. 1. ok AJ is cosplaying in Darth Vader and he move is lightsaber everywhere . He face the camera and he say ¨YOU FUCKED UP EA !¨ And OtherJoe cosplaying in a stormtrooper salute AngryJoe in Darth Vader saying ¨Lord Vader ! It's so fucked up we succesfully destroy the rebels ! WE WON !¨ And AJ slaying OJ because he is to much Angry . XD 2. Or AngryJoe is cosplaying in a stormtrooper and he shoot everywhere. He removes his helmet and say ¨YOU FUCKED UP EA !¨ And he threw is helmet on the camera. XD
  7. Honestly and i talk for myself, no question i will pay 79.99$ for the regular copy or 89.99$ for the deluxe copy for a game who is only online with no single player campaign and worst no galaxie conquest. Geez, it's the prices of 2 average games on ps4 and the half prices of a new 3ds. No way i will buy this game. Just wanted to share this info with you guys if i can save some of you .
  8. I understand your views argetlam. I joking on my lates posts but i share the same views has you. 1. I will never consider marvel like a property of Disney. It's already hard on my eyes to see Mickey and captain america together. oh god 2. the only thing i not share with you: in my book star wars is a child tales compared to kingdom heart. The heartless story it's to much complicated has it is. Thats why i don't like this game. Because of the story. Well for me. It's already more mess up than ff 7can't believe this.
  9. oh by the way my surname in smite is MythologyPrime
  10. yup i trying to do this . Example everyone i encounter say they hate Ullr. I try it one day and to be honest i love him. You just have to remember all yours moves and you are ok for all type of encounter.
  11. Nah i'm good with this. Just don't count on me i will buy this dlc because i love Learning the fatality. just give me a tutorial how to do it and put it in the list moves and i'm ok.
  12. Oh yeah i already see this ! ¨Turn to the dark side Sora¨ or Luke Skywalker and is apprentice Sora Versus Darth Vader and is apprentice Rikku. And Palpatine in the league of bad guys want to take the leadership and Jafar saying ¨No Fucking question¨ and Palpatine electrocute him to the death and saying ¨any objections ?¨ and Maleficient like ¨shit i get out of here¨ XD
  13. i would like to join you but i reach soon my amount of Go i can download this month. So i will try to download teamspeak3 or cursed voice or anything i need to play with you guys . just don't bann me in the AJSA NA please ? I love amassing honor points for the clan to .
  14. By the way i will laugh so much if i see one day sora against Darth Vader in a kingdom heart . Prepare youself to see this in the horizon guys. XD Or star wars characters in Disney infinity . XD More insulting
  15. I'm sad to see younger generations dosen't want at least looking to the games we have in the ninety. We have so badass classic has well good stories. Hell even some franchises see they born in this decade and new generations don't want to look at them only because they are to ugly ? Damn. I even got difficulties to push my cousin of 15 years at least just to try 2 minutes of the first Mario bros on nes just for the history lessons.