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  1. Berserker liked a post in a topic by anubist800 in who has a hangover ?   
    It's ok guys . everyones each have fun on somethings.  after all hobby it's like gaming. it's depend the tastes of peoples.
  2. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in Capcom only has 152 Million US Dollars in liquid assets.   
    Kinda stopped paying attention to whatever games Capcom puts out for awhile now.
  3. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in who has a hangover ?   
    Replying to both Anubist and 2ofSpades;
    Me and my friends, we usually drink to excess. It's a mixture of our culture and getting caught in the moment. No one wants to feel like shit, and dry heave for 20 minutes behind a dumpster, but when the music is playing, the pretty girls are dancing and the big jolly fellow yells "next round's on me!", we just can't say no.
  4. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by 2ofSpades in who has a hangover ?   
    I don't tend to drink enough alcohol to have hangovers. Why anyone would is the question I'd like to know.
  5. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in who has a hangover ?   
    Not likely, everyday's a party for me, and It's always happy hour somewhere.
  6. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Gone in who has a hangover ?   
    I haven't been to bed yet but it is only 3am. 
    Not quite drunk though, just merrily tipsy, doubt i'll be rough in the morning.
  7. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in who has a hangover ?   
    Aye I was pretty hungover. We had a regular ol' feast at my place, so much beer and wine everywhere.
  8. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Amazed by Telltale games O.O   
    They have great stories but I don't entirely feel they deserve to be called GOTY material. Yes they have a great story and yes they have interesting art styles but since they are merely interactive stories they lack in the gameplay department which can make the game drag on after awhile. I did enjoy Walking Dead Season 1's story but I somewhat got tired of the repetitive gameplay since really there is no gameplay besides talking and making choices.
  9. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by anubist800 in I need some help guys please ?   
    Hi angry army ! I need some anwsers to some questions and only you can help me . everyone is welcome to anwsers and to some moderator or and high major active peoples from the angry army respond to me , your are thankfully so many time to take the time to read my questions and to respond me and for my brothers-in-arms of course ! It will be really awesomes of you. Ok here we go :
    1. I wish to begin playing in multipllayer but with a community i can trust. The problem is i cannot give my time 100% in video game. I work very much of my time and make big effort to have social life. Is the angry army only focus on hardcore gamers or casuals gamers are invited to ?
    2. It will not difficult to guess i'm not to good in video games, specially on multiplayers because i don't have a competitive mind, i don't play video games 100% of my time and i try as hard as hell to polish my English skills. I'm ai always welcomes ?
    3. I see angryjoe have many difficulties to deal with youtube, specially on money. It is ok i give little donation to the angry army ? I mean i don't win 1 millions dollars per years but maybe if i can help a little that will help ?
    4.Wich games are you on and wich games will you be to play together the angry army will be interest on ?
    5. For now the most recent console i have is a 360 but i wait some month the time playstation make some upgrades for the ps 4 and on the computer side , my computer is not so bad but it is not the most powerful. it is at least ok to be accepted ?
    And thanks again for everyone to casual visiters to the most person who work so much in the community in the angry army to respond my questions. Don't hesited if you want to become my friends . I try to respond you when i have time and swear the most fast i can.
  10. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by killerfatjoe in I need some help guys please ?   
    Honestly I dont think you could have chosen a better gaming community that you could trust. From everyone that I've talked to in AJSA, they are good people that I've had no problem talking to or trusting them. 
    I suck at games to doesnt stop me at all and probably wont stop the people you talk to. Gaming isnt just competitive but also casual so I wouldnt worry if you are good or not
    I dont think Angry Joe would be disappointed if you donated to the AJSA. If you want you could become a Club Member and that would donate monthly to the AJSA.
    Most games that have multiplier the AJSA plays, I play COD Ghosts on 360 so send me a friend request if you want and we can group.
    I think just as long as you can play with not really bad lag spikes you should be good on the PC part. If you send me a PM I can suggest some really good PC that are pretty cheap. 
    Welcome to the AJSA!!!
  11. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Divergence in Amazed by Telltale games O.O   
    I was raised on the actual Grimm Fairy tales where there was actually rarely a happy  ending.. They where actually twisted over time to be all happy and crap over time, a reflection of society so to speak....
    "Fairy tales" in general where made to induce fear and warn kids not to "do this shit" because it wouldn't bode well for them if they did.
    There's your learnin about "tales" for the day.
    otherwise I really have no comment about the game.
  12. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by JoelMattGarcia in Soldier Anubis, matricule t800, ready to launch !   
    Hello. Welcome back to the Angry Army.